Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The3Eds Edition (Warning: Language/Violence)

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The3Eds Edition (Warning: Language/Violence)

Post by The Villain of Scams on Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:26 am

*Chapter One – An Abrupt Awakening

*Written by Bleach Behemoth.

A flash of sunlight shined into the closed eyes of a sleeping Pokemon, causing it to roll around before groggily opening its eyes. “Ugh, I thought I closed the blinds before I went to bed,” muttered the Pokemon as he looked around and observed his environment. It took a few seconds for the Pokemon to realize that he had woke up in a entirely different area than we he went to sleep the night before. “Where the hell am I!” exclaimed the Pokemon, shocked as he got up and started to run.

The Pokemon ran throughout the taiga forest he found himself in. It was a young forest, with many of the pines, spruces and larches not being higher than eight feet at most. There was some moss, lichen, grass, fungus and stones on the woodland's floor, which the Pokemon felt oddly content with. Moist air could be breathed in, with dew on many plants and parts of the ground which the Pokemon liked as well. On the other hand the taiga seemed rather chilly to him, only being at fifty degrees Fahrenheit, which the Pokemon was not fond of at all.

Just then the Pokemon tripped over a root as he ran and fell face first into a puddle. Looking at his reflection, he was greatly aghast and backed up into a tree. The Pokemon was almost about to pass out from shock after seeing what his appearance was. Taking deep breaths, the Pokemon slowly regained his composure and went to view himself in the reflection again. “Why the hell am I a Snivy?” asked the creature as he continued observing his reflection in the puddle.

Snivy is a bipedal, serpentine reptilian Grass type Pokemon with a slender build. Most of its body is green with a cream underside with a large, palmate leaf with three prongs on the end of its photosynthesis producing tail. A yellow stripe runs down the length of its back and tail, and it has yellow markings around its large red eyes. Two curved yellow structures that resemble leaves protrude from its shoulders and bend backwards. Its slender arms have three fingers, while its tiny feet have no digits whatsoever. This certain Snivy seemed to be smaller than other Snivy, standing at only one foot and four inches compared to others of its kind who stand at two feet tall on average.

“Hey you two, stop right now!” ushered a voice in the boreal. Turning around, the Snivy saw even more Pokemon running in the distance. What surprised the Snivy even more was how he could understand what they were saying. Of course being a Pokemon himself, it probably shouldn't have surprised him as much as it did that he could understand what other Pokemon were saying.

“What the hell did we even do to you three?” asked a Torchic that was being pursued. Torchic is a small, avian chick Fire type Pokémon with stubby, downy, yellow wings and its body is covered with orange feathers.  An orange and yellow crest on top of its head resembles a flame. Its two thin legs and short beak are of a light brownish yellow, and the feet have three toes in front and one in the back. However, this Torchic seemed to be of a darker shade of colors than the average Torchic. Likewise a male Torchic such as this one will have a small black speck on its rear that is not present in females.

“Yeah, this is ridiculous!” exclaimed the Froakie who was also being chased down like Torchic was. Froakie is a quadruped, amphibian frog-like Water type Pokemon. It has light blue skin, white hands, and a dark blue stripe from the center of its oval head to its nose. Its eyes, which have yellow sclera, black irises, and white pupils, protrude vertically from its head due to their size. Froakie produces a large mane of bubbles from its chest and back and has two small bubbles on its nose. The delicate yet flexible bubbles are called Frubbles, and they reduce the damage Froakie takes from attacks. The blue frog also has three fingers and two toes on its hands and feet. This particular Froakie was taller than the average member of its species, standing at one foot and eight inches compared to many other Froakie which only stood a foot tall.

“In the name of the Swords of Justice, you two shall face a swift execution!” roared the Timburr who was hustling to capture Torchic and Froakie. Timburr is a bipedal, gray rodent-like Fighting type Pokemon with a dark purple nose and dark grey oval shaped eyes. It has bulbous protrusions extending from the front and lower parts of its head. Pink, vein-like bulges are present on the back of its head, which also seem to be of pure muscle. Similar pink muscle bands adorn its shoulders and thighs as well. It always carries a four-by-four plank of wood and uses it to fight with.

“Death to all those who oppose the Swords of Justice!” shouted two Tyrogue who were assisting Timburr in trying to kill the Torchic and Froakie. Tyrogue is a humanoid Fighting type Pokemon with a predominantly pale purple body and brown hips and feet that resemble short pants and shoes. It has three blunt protrusions on top of its head, yellow eyes, and circular sections on each side of its head that resemble protective padding. There are white bands resembling bandages on its torso and wrists which give it protective body armor in those areas. With a jogger's type body, its limbs have a wiry, muscular appearance and its hands have three fingers each.

“The Swords of Justice, now why does that sound familiar?” asked Snivy as the Pokemon started to run in his direction, causing the snake Pokemon's eyes to widen. Before he could run away himself, the Torchic crashed into him, followed by Froakie as the three Pokemon collided with a nearby pine tree, Pine needles dropped onto the forest floor, covering the three Pokemon as the Timburr and two Tyrogue had the Snivy, Torchic and Froakie cornered.

“Freeze fiends, for your crimes against soldiers of the Swords of Justice, the punishment is death!” proclaimed the Timburr as his two Tyrogue cohorts chanted with blood lust.

“Beat the blood out of them!” screamed one of the Tyrogue as he jumped in the air, eager to assault the three Pokemon.

“Let's put their heads on sticks to show others our might!” exclaimed the other Tyrogue as he licked his face with anticipation.

“Hey, I had nothing to do with whatever these two did!” Snivy shouted at the Timburr and Tyrogue, hoping that they'd leave him alone at least.

The Timburr approached the Snivy and stared at him in the eyes menacingly, causing the Snivy's guard to drop unexpectedly. “For all I know, you could be a third accomplice who wants to run away like a coward knowing that whatever dastardly plan you had has backfired,” Timburr replied as he shoved Snivy to the forest floor.

“Yeah, what a snake in the grass, literally!” exclaimed a Tyrogue as he began to chuckle.

“What a bunch of pussies,” the other Tyrogue stated, pointing and laughing at the three Pokemon.

“You know, something about you seems off, like really off for a Pokemon,” the Timburr said as he walked in circles around Snivy. “The smell you're giving me is just so weird! I've seen others of your kind before and they don't give off the same odor as you do. Are you even from this land?”

“I bet he's a deserter!” one of the Tyrogue assumed.

“Yeah, that makes sense!” the other Tyrogue said, backing his comrade up.

“You two may be onto something here,” Timburr said to his two subordinates as he lifted his wooden plank above his head. “Alright Snivy, did you so happen to slither off from any army, like the Swords of Justice for example?”

“Honestly, my memory is really foggy right now,” Snivy replied, rubbing his head. “Just awhile ago I woke up and found out that I was a Snivy! I don't remember being one of those before!”

“I think this guy might be insane,” one of the Tyrogue said.

“Yeah, if you weren't a Snivy, what were you?” the other Tyrogue asked.

Suddenly, a jolt of memory kicked into Snivy's head. He remembered himself from the previous day, as a human boy who came from a great city. The last thing he did before going to bed that day was talking to some of his online friends over a computer. He could not recall anything else however, and soon he shook his head, staring at the Timburr and two Tyrogue. “I was human,” the Snivy told them, causing the jaws of Timburr, the two Tyrogue, Torchic and Froakie to drop.

“A human?” one of the Tyrogue asked, flabbergasted.

“Hey Timburr, what's a human?” asked the other Tyrogue.

“Humans used to roam the planet eons ago,” Timburr told his fellow warriors, causing the Snivy's eyes to widen. “No one has seen a human in ages, and they're probably extinct or in hiding nowadays. Not many of their relics have survived into the present, which isn't that surprising. After all, legends have it that members of the Timburr family like myself had to teach humans the basics of construction thousands of years ago just so they could survive. Of course they could never be as great as us at building structures, probably one of the reasons they aren't around anymore I think.”

“So how could this Snivy be a human?” one of the Tyrogue asked.

“Is he one of those shape-shifting Pokemon or something?” asked the other Tyrogue.

“Honestly, I think this Snivy is insane!” exclaimed Timburr as he raised the wooden plank he was carrying above his head. “But maybe a little bonk on the head will get this Snivy to regain some sense!” the Timburr shouted as he swung down his piece of wood at the Snivy, pounding him in the head.

“Ouch, that was uncalled for you stupid meat head!” Snivy exclaimed as he shook his head and then got back up.

The Timburr started to scowl at the Snivy as his face turned red with anger. “Oh great, that dumb Snivy's done it now!” one of the Tyrogue exclaimed.

“Yeah, Timburr hates being called stupid or anything like that,” the other Tyrogue stated.

“I'll show you who the stupid one is when you're six feet under and a corpse!” Timburr shouted with rage as he charged at Snivy to strike him with his wooden plank again.

This time Snivy jumped out of the way as Timburr crashed into the pine tree, stunning himself as some pine needles fell on top of him. Snivy then rammed his body into Timburr's, slamming the muscular rodent up against the tree. The snake Pokemon got in a couple more tackles on the Timburr before the pissed off muscle rodent dodged the next incoming attack and tripped Snivy with a Low Kick attack.

“We better back up Timbur!” one of the Tyrogue exclaimed as he pulled up Snivy and tightly held on of its arms back.

“Come on Timburr, show this punk ass a lesson he'll never forget!” the other Tyrogue shouted as he grabbed hold of Snivy's other arm to restrain the reptile.

“That's perfect boys, now watch as I show what happens to those who defy the Swords of Justice!” Timburr ushered as he rapidly bashed Snivy with his wooden plank. Bruises started to form on the serpentine Pokemon as some green blood was even trickling out from the cuts inflicted by the Timburr's repeated blows.

“This is starting to look ugly,” the Torchic said as he gazed at Snivy getting clubbed by the brutish Timburr. “I feel like we should do something.”

“Yeah, this is our fault for getting him involved,” Froakie replied as he too was started to feel rather unsettled by the violence inflicted by Timburr. “Stand back, I'm gonna use Bubble now,” Froakie told Torchic as his friend stood behind the blue frog to protect himself. Releasing several clear bubbles from his mouth, the bubbles flew in the air and then popped when they hit Timburr, making small watery explosions when they did so.

“Oh you're gonna get it now to ya slimy ugly monster!” Timburr yelled as he turned his attention to the Froakie and rushed after him with his wooden plank.

“Look who's talking!” Froakie exclaimed as he jumped in the air, dodging Timburr's attack. He then hopped down and slammed his body into the muscular goon, stunning the Timburr as it fell to the forest floor.

“Hey Timburr, are you okay?” one of the Tyrogue's asked as he felt something poking at him from behind. Turning around the Tyrogue was suddenly scratched in the eye, causing the fighter to yelp as it released its hold on Snivy. Torchic then continued to claw at the Tyrouge with his talons, leaving many cuts that oozed out blood as the Tyrogue cried in pain.

“I'm gonna-” the other Tyrogue said before Snivy bashed his body into Tyrogue's, which resulted in Snivy being freed from both of their grasps now. As the Tyrouge caught his breath, the Snivy rushed up to the Fighting type Pokemon and tackled it to the ground. The small serpent then got on top of the Tyrogue and unleashed an unrelenting barrage of punches and smashing blows on the fighter's head. Soon Snivy got in one last hard hitting attack, knocking out the Tyrogue as its face was completely covered in bruises and open wounds.

“Nice one!” exclaimed the Torchic as he got done mauling the other Tyrogue with his sharp claws. He picked up and then tossed aside the now unconscious Tyrogue, who was covered in blood from all the cuts he received from Torchic. The fiery bird Pokemon then approached Snivy and said, “Good thing we saved your ass from getting turned into a dead body.”

“Yeah, took long enough while I was getting beaten up by those thugs because of you two,” Snivy said with a strong tone of ire in his voice.

“Well, they're knocked out now, so that's all that matters,” the Froakie said as the Timburr then swiftly swept the Froakie from under its legs with a low kick, causing the amphibian to flip in the air before crashing down onto the ground.

“Get low!” roared Timburr as he got up and then swung his wooden plank onto the Froakie's face. The Timburr managed to hit the Froakie so hard that splinters flew off his weapon as they covered the Froakie head to toe. Yelling with rage, the Timburr then shouted, “I'm coming!”, as he proceeded to whack at the Froakie again, sending more splinters into the Froakie's body with every blow.

“You're fucking dead Timbutt!” Torchic shouted as he charged at the Timburr, only to get whacked in the face himself by a strike from the wooden plank. This caused the Torchic to collapse to the ground as Timburr turned his attention to the young chick Pokemon.

“Any last words thief?” the Timburr asked as he raised his wooden plank with one arm.

“Fuck you!” Snivy exclaimed as he tackled the Timburr into the ground and started to wail at the small brute with his fists and body. With each delivering blow filled to the brim with wrath, the Snivy would not stop in its attack on the Timburr that had assaulted him, Froakie and Torchic.

“Hold up there Snivy,” the Torchic said as he nudged the reptilian Pokemon out of the way. Torchic quickly scratched at the Timburr in the face a few times with his talons, wanting a bit of revenge himself for the damage this brute had done.

“Stand back you two, I'm gonna finish this tool off!” Froakie exclaimed as he got back up and stood on top of the Timburr. Firing a rapid fire of bubbles from his mouth, Froakie only stopped after he had used up all of his energy for the move. Tumbling back a bit to catch his breath, Froakie then observed that the Timburr that was once about to kill him, Torchic and Snivy was now nothing more but a bloody body lying on the ground. “Piece of shit,” Froakie said as he kicked at the unconscious Timburr in the head a couple of times before Torchic pulled him away with his beak.

“Froakie, it's over,” Torchic told Froakie as the the blue frog was starting to calm down. “I mean shit, you used up all your power on Bubble just out of rage!”

“You're right, but man that Timburr and his two Tyrogue were assholes,” Froakie stated as he took in a deep breath to regain his composure.

“Um guys,” the Snivy muttered, grabbing their attention. “What are we gonna do with these guys anyway? Like finish the job or something?”

The Froakie pondered for a bit before saying, “Nah, I think we'll leave these goons alive. Who knows, they might learn not to be so damn barbaric after this.”

“I don't know, I think they might get more Pokemon after us if we do let them live,” the Torchic responded. “I mean they're out cold, so it's not like they'll be awake to feel us killing them.”

“Shit, looks like we need you to break the tie Snivy,” Froakie told him.

Snivy looked at the unconscious Timburr and two Tyrogue and the state they were currently in. As much as he was upset at these Tyrogue for holding him and how Timburr brutally assaulted him earlier, a part of him said that it would be a little much to end their lives. “I say we let them live,” the Snivy replied, with Froakie smiling while Torchic looked down in disappointment.

“Man you're soft,” the Torchic commented, laughing.

“Come on now, killing them would have been over the top and you know it,” Froakie replied.

“Okay, well we're not killing them so don't get your vagina in a knot,” Torchic shot back.

“Oh man I have so many questions,” the Snivy said as he sat down, trying to comprehend all that had happened to him in the past half hour since he had woken up. First he woke up in a cold woods, discovered that he was no longer human but a Snivy now and had got involved in his first Pokemon battle which turned out to be a lot more vicious than he imagined. “I've only been a Pokemon for probably not even thirty minutes and already things have been way too eventful.”

“Hey now, just relax, we can play the twenty questions game while we try to get out of the Boreal of Beginnings,” the Froakie told Snivy.

“Yeah, but I think it would be nice if we knew your name first,” the Torchic said. “I'm Dusk, and the Froakie over here goes by Gokua.”

The Snivy thought hard a a bit before moaning in frustration. “I can't even remember my own damn name!” shouted Snivy as he pounded his fists into the ground.

“Well, we can always give you a name if you want,” Dusk told the Snivy.

“No, I don't want it to be anything retarded or something,” Snivy replied as he scribbled around in the dirt with his finger.

“Hey, what are you writing?” Gokua asked as he looked at what Snivy was doing with his finger.

“I don't know,” the Snivy said, still upset that he could not remember what his human name was.

“It looks like you're writing “Scams” down into the dirt man,” Dusk commented.

“Really?” the Snivy asked. He had no idea that he was writing in a language that Pokemon read and wrote in. “I mean, I wouldn't mind Scams as a name I guess, it sounds cool.”

“Alright, Scams the Snivy it is,” Dusk exclaimed as he started to walk off from Scams and Gokua.

“Hey, don't forget about us Dusk!” Gokua exclaimed as he hopped behind Dusk to fallow him.

“Where are we going anyway?” Scams asked as he too followed Dusk.

“We're finding out where the fortress-monastery for Guild Warded is,” Dusk answered to Scams. “Look, I'll explain everything while we travel through the Boreal of Beginnings to find it.”

“Please do,” Scams replied. Now the three Pokemon continued walking through the taiga forest in hopes that they would find this mighty citadel for Guild Warded. Scams himself had many questions to ask Dusk & Gokua, and as they traveled through the cold woodlands, he hoped to receive as many answers as possible.
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The3Eds Edition (Warning: Language/Violence)

Post by Phoenix Brave Hideki on Wed Aug 13, 2014 4:43 pm

Looks like a good start so far.
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The3Eds Edition (Warning: Language/Violence)

Post by Tech097 on Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:13 am

This chapter does some solid setting up of story and descriptions, introducing the characters, their personalities, and the dynamic on how they will interact with each other.  I really feel like this is a Pokemon world not just because there are no humans, but just that the scenario seems like something that a group of Pokemon would do: use their abilities to get their way.

As an introduction I feel it does a great job, but regarding the tone itself well, it just feels like a little much.  I can understand describing a violent Pokemon battle, considering the fact that since there are no trainers, anything can go (heck after playing a demo of Mystery Dungeon for the 3DS, you apparently KILL Pokemon since they dissapear after you KO them), but I feel there's a difference between descriping bruises and maybe broken bones, as opposed to open wounds and bloody faces.  I mean it sounds like a chain gang war, I started cringing at points. Not to mention the profanity sorta makes this seem more over the top then it does something serious. It hurts the writing's quality if it's overdone as well, like, with a mixture of the swearing and violence I kept expecting a driveby from a car full of Scrafties, something intense but silly at the same time.

Not to say that a darker Pokemon story CAN'T be done in a Pokemon fanfiction, but this is a pretty heavy stuff for a first chapter.  If the purpose was to help set the tone I get it, but I feel maybe sticking to bruises and scrapes (maybe a broken bone or two if necessary?) could have done just as good a job.  After all, sometimes less is more.

Despite that I still am interested to see how this story plays out and what will happen with the characters, so here's till the next chapter!


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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The3Eds Edition (Warning: Language/Violence)

Post by Mr. Dusk on Thu Aug 14, 2014 9:16 pm

I tad violent for my tastes, and swearing seems a bit unnecessary but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I'm interested in the kind of world it's setting up.
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The3Eds Edition (Warning: Language/Violence)

Post by The Villain of Scams on Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:34 am

*Chapter 2 – Questions & Answers

*Written by me.
*Proofreading/Editing by Bleach Behemoth.

"Okay, so... what's Bor-oh-eel of Beginnings or whatever?" asked Scams, obviously curious about wherever they were going. He, Dusk and Gokua were still walking throughout a taiga, and Scams still wasn't quite sure where he was going or what he was getting himself involved in. Yet the Torchic & Froakie ahead of him were the only two beings Scams could trust so far in this new world, and to the young human-turned-Snivy, he felt that it was best to stick together with these two for now.

"Boreal of Beginnings is a forest that's also a Mystery Dungeon and it's located relatively close to where the guild should be,” Dusk replied. "Now I bet you're wondering what a Mystery Dungeon is, right?" Scams nodded at this and Dusk continued, "Well, in simple terms, a Mystery Dungeon is an abnormal geographic location. First off, they're both breeding grounds and homes for barbarian Pokemon, so you can never leave your guard down in one. Second, now here's where it gets crazy... they change their geography all the time. The layout for a Mystery Dungeon never stays the same, one day you could be walking in a straight line down one, and the next day you're running in circles. I know the concept of Mystery Dungeons doesn't make a whole lot of sense and truthfully they're a more recent phenomenon, only being around for a little over one hundred years according to what historians say. Researchers claim that Mystery Dungeons started to pop up due to a combination of natural disasters and the destructive powers that are the result constant Pokemon battles that can easily change a landscape."

Gokua interrupted in a low voice, "Eh, I don't believe that's why Mystery Dungeons are around.” The blue frog then said, “I'd say it's the same reason those damn places are a breeding ground for barbarians; some sort of magic or foul energies."

Dusk shrugged. "Eh, believe what you want.”

“Wow, so how many of these “Mystery Dungeons” exist in the world?” Scams asked.

“No one's quite sure truth be told,” Dusk answered, having more to say. “It seems like a new Mystery Dungeon comes about somewhere once a year, and sometimes they disappear completely or revert back to a normal landmass.”

“Wow, how do you know so much about these Mystery Dungeons anyway Dusk?” Scams asked, being filled to the neck-up with questions, as was to be expected of the human-turned-Pokemon.

“Eh, what can I say, I've done a lot of reading as a kid,” Dusk replied nonchalantly.

“Also Scams, I've been meaning to ask you something,” Gokua asked, getting the grass snake Pokemon to perk up. “Were you really a human once, or was that just a trick you pulled in an attempt to get those Swords of Justice zealots stumped or something?”

“No, I do have some faint memories of being a human,” Scams confirmed to his companions. Gokua's mouth and eyes widened, while Dusk rose an eyebrow. “I mean if what the Timburr said earlier was true, it sounds like there are no humans around this world. Have you ever read up much on humans before, Dusk?”

“Sadly no, that marauding Timburr was actually right about how human civilization is but a a myth to many Pokemon now,” Dusk responded. “Did Pokemon exist where you came from Scams?”

Scams tried his hardest to remember what impact Pokemon played back in his human world. They were known to exist in some form, for as Scams was able to recognize that he was in fact a Snivy upon seeing his reflection in a puddle earlier. Pondering about the subject, all Scams could conclude was, “Well, I guess they're as mythological in my world as humans are here.”

“Sounds like a parallel dimension!” Gokua exclaimed, still hopping about as he and Scams were following Dusk.

“It would seem so Gokua,” Dusk stated.

“Also, how come that Timburr and those two Tyrogue were chasing you guys?” Scams asked as Dusk and Gokua stopped moving.

“All me and Dusk wanted was some food,” Gokua said, slightly shaking just by the mere discussion about them.

“Yeah, and we found this apple tree back in the taiga, so me and Gokua were gonna take some of the fruit for food,” Dusk told Scams. “Then that Timburr came waltzing in and claimed that the tree belonged to the Swords of Justice. We argued with him saying that it was finders-keepers, but that just got the jacked up rodent pissed off. Then he called for a couple of his buddies, those two Tyrogue, and then they started to scream and chase us, yelling how we were dead for defying them or whatever. Soon enough we ended up bumping into you and well, I think you know the rest.”

“Oh wow they sound insane,” Scams commented.

“You should know, you've dealt with them like us,” Dusk said as he then started to step forward a bit. In front of the Pokemon stood an entrance, surrounded by small pine trees clustered together tightly enough to form a wall. “Anyway, we've finally arrived at the Boreal of Beginnings, so it shouldn't be too much longer till we reach Guild Warded.”

“This shouldn't be too bad, right?” Scams asked as Dusk already entered the Boreal of Beginnings.

“Stick close to me and Dusk and everything should be okay,” Gokua said as he too entered the Mystery Dungeon, with Scams hustling behind him to stay together.


So the team entered their destination, the Boreal of Beginnings. It, like the surrounding taiga outside was a cold, young forest filled with small pines, spruces and larches. Stones, grass, moss, lichen and fungus also covered the woodland floor. In fact, besides the thicker density of trees surrounding the area, it was practically indistinguishable from the rest of the taiga around it. For the most part the Boreal of Beginnings was a quiet, peaceful Mystery Dungeon and the perfect place to start any adventure.

"Alright, we're in... stick together and keep up your guard," Dusk proclaimed, taking the first steps forward.

Gokua nodded and Scams gulped in a bit of nervousness. Scams may have just had a really violent encounter half an hour ago, he had never done any of this “mystery dungeon” exploring before. "You said these Mystery Dungeons are breeding houses for more barbarians?" Scams asked, speaking up. The uneasiness in his eyes showed how nervous he was about the whole ordeal.

"Yep,” Dusk confirmed, nodding. “Wild Pokemon are usually dumber than those Swords of Justice lunatics we fought earlier though. Honestly we should be fine, unless we find ourselves getting ambushed en mass."

The team continued walking forth throughout the Boreal of Beginnings, with Scams finding a berry on the ground. Picking the fruit up, Scams observed the berry, which resembled a small blue orange fruit in appearance. “Is this safe to eat?” Scams asked, with Dusk looking at the berry.

“That's either an Oran Berry or its toxic lookalike, the Oren Berry!” Dusk exclaimed.

“So how can we tell if it's the good or bad kind of berry?” Gokua asked his friend.

“Oren Berries tend to have a rancid odor to them,” Dusk replied as he sniffed the berry to see what kind it was. “Thankfully, this is an Oran Berry since it gives off more of a “fruity” smell.”

“Nice, so I can eat it,” Scams stated as he was about to devour the Oran Berry before Dusk grabbed his arm with his claw.

“I'd save that for during or after an intense battle,” Dusk told him. “Oran Berries have a healing effect to them when consumed, so I'd recommend only using them when you're feeling close to fainting or something.”

“Okay, I guess I'll just hold onto this for now,” Scams said as he grasped the berry within his leafy tail.

The three explorers kept walking about the Boreal of Beginnings until they reached a fork in the path. “Alright, it looks like we're at a crossroads here,” Dusk stated as the three Pokemon stood in front of where the path split into two separate directions. “So which trail should we take, the left or the right one?

"I'm going right," said Gokua, and as such he immediately went hopping towards the right path.

"I was expecting more of a vote... so much for that," Dusk muttered, and so him and Scams followed behind Gokua. The trail they'd chosen was long and narrow, taking a few minutes until they finally reached a more open clearing in the boreal.

"How much further until we reach this Guild?" asked Scams, already tired and sweating from this adventure. Scams did not remember this, but as a human he'd usually just stay holed-up in his room all day, so walking for extended periods of time was not something he was used to. That and the fight from earlier took quite a bit of energy out of Scams, so needless to say his stamina could use some vast improvement.

"I don't know,” Dusk answered. “This forest isn't very large, but Mystery Dungeons can be complete mazes sometimes. Let's just hope we didn't take the wrong way," replied Dusk, his voice betraying his doubt.

"That way," Gokua said, pointing to another linear path that the three began to make their way through. However, as the team reached a corner in the Mystery Dungeon, they could hear some rustling on the forest floor. Looking around, the group then saw a Pokemon called Scatterbug approaching them, with malicious intent.

Scatterbug is a small, black, worm-like Bug type Pokemon with a large head that takes up most of its body. The head is bisected by a line that runs from the forehead to the mouth, where it splits off. It has large light brownish-colored eyes with square black pupils that have no visible sclera. One tooth pokes out of its small mouth, and there are three white hairs on top of its head. Scatterbug has a three-segmented abdomen with two small, light brownish-colored nubby legs on each segment. A white ruff of fur runs around its neck and there is a large beige spot on its rear.

"I'll handle this!" proclaimed Dusk, puffing up his chest and taking in a deep breath. His body was suddenly covered in a red aura for a few seconds and his muscles grew larger. This move was called “Focus Energy”, and the technique allowed for the user to have an easier time finding an opponent's weak spot and striking it for massive damage, performing a “critical hit” as Pokemon would say.

This mean-looking Scatterbug jumped towards Dusk with the intention of tackling him, but Dusk swung his talon at the neck of the caterpillar Pokemon. The scratch delivered a critical hit and knocked back the Scatterbug several feet into a nearby rock. Dusk then began to run towards the barbarian bug to finish it off. Yet Gokua quickly jumped on the Scatterbug and pounded it on the head with his fist, knocking the larva Pokemon out cold.

"Thanks for stealing my kill," Dusk sarcastically complimented, unamused by Gokua's sudden interruption. Gokua shot back a cocky grin while Dusk rolled his beady eyes.

“Wow, how did you do that?” Scams asked the fiery chicken.

“I think I must have grown strong enough to perform that move,” Dusk replied as Scams paid attention to his words. “Originally I was going to simply growl at the Scatterbug to lower its attacking capabilities. But then instead of exhaling, I ended up inhaling and I was able to tighten my focus for once. That allowed me to pinpoint a good location to strike that stupid insect right where it would do a lot of damage. It's about time I grow strong enough to learn some more moves.”

“So the stronger a Pokemon gets, the more moves it can learn?” Scams questioned.

“Precisely,” Dusk confirmed. The group started to walk about for several more minutes until they reached a dead end. There was no open space in sight except an endless wall of clumped trees surrounding them, besides the path behind them. "Are you serious, we've been walking for like half an hour and we got nowhere? We shouldn't have listened to you, you moron!" yelled Dusk, frustrated that his blue frog companion had got him and Scams lost.

"Hey it's not my fault, I didn't know, okay," Gokua said, trying to defend himself.

"Maybe next time you should think about waiting for us to voice our opinions where we want to go instead of you just following your gut!” Dusk remarked sharply, infuriated with Gokua's incompetence.

Gokua just sighed. “I'm sorry Dusk, now come on, let's just go back and get out of this place.” With Gokua proceeding to backtrack, Dusk too sighed as he followed the blue frog again, with Scams hustling not too far behind as well.


Tensions grew as the three continued to make their way through the Boreal of Beginnings. Although the team had made some progress trekking through the forest, they were starting to grow hungry, and irritated. “So, how much longer till we reach this Guild again?” Scams asked as his stomach growled for food. He gazed at the Oran Berry he was carrying, debating with himself on if he should eat the berry to ease his starvation or not.

“For the millionth time Scams, we'll find it when we get there,” Dusk shot back, starting to loose his patience with Scams constantly asking him questions nonstop.

"This looks like the place where we beat that Scatterbug," Gokua commented as the group entered a clearing in the woods.

"Yeah, looks like it,"Dusk agreed. "Then again, everything in this stupid place looks the same."

Just then, a rustling noise could be heard through some of the small trees. With their guard up, the three Pokemon braced themselves for another battle, only for a shrew-like Pokemon to appear walking out from the thick forest walls. “Oh hi there, looking for me exploration team?” the Sandshrew asked in an accent that sounded Eastern European.

Sandshrew is a bipedal mammalian Ground type Pokémon with characteristics of a shrew, armadillo and a pangolin. It can stand on its two hind legs, but prefers to run on all fours. Sandshrew have a sand-yellow hide that is dry, tough, blends in with desert sand, and has a brick pattern, but its underbelly and muzzle are beige. It has blue, almond-shaped eyes, a pointed snout, and triangular ears with white insides. The tail on Sandshrew is thick and conical, only being able to move up and down. It has two long claws on each foot and three sharp claws on its forepaws, which are used to burrow.

“Who the heck is this Pokemon?” Gokua asked, confused by the Sandshrew's sudden appearance. “It doesn't seem like it's from around here.”

“You're right Gokua, he's not from around these parts,” Dusk said as he stepped forward and approached the Sandshrew. “Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to be Compent the Sandshrew?”

“Sounds like you've seen my wanted poster before,” Compent said, confirming his identity as a wanted outlaw. “Tell you what exploration team, I am on my way for another Mystery Dungeon. In the meantime you Pokemon can have fun with some of the local tribals I have rounded up.” Rolling up into a ball, Compent then launched himself straight through Scams, Dusk and Gokua, knocking the three Pokemon to the ground as he rolled out of the Boreal of Beginnings.

Scams rubbed his head and got back up, hearing and seeing the young pines, spruces and larches shake with more Pokemon coming out from them. Besides a few Scatterbug, there was some Hoothoot, Sentret and Cherubi in this gang of tribal Pokemon that inhabited the Boreal of Beginnings.

Hoothoot is a round, owl-like Normal and Flying type avian Pokemon with two stubby wings and a short, fan-shaped tail. It has large red eyes with beady pupils, and its feathers are mostly brown with a beige underbelly. Hoothoot has a large black, mask-like crest, which encircles both eyes and covers the face. The crest has two protrusions at the top resembling the hands of a clock. The parts of the crest below each eye have notches resembling the teeth of a clockwork gear. Hoothoot has a small, hooked beak and two feet with five digits. Although it will typically only stand on one foot at a time, it alternates between the two at speeds too difficult to track with the naked eye.

Sentret is a small, furry mammalian Normal type Pokemon with a big round body, stubby arms, and two small feet. The paws on this Pokemon have three digits each with retractable claws. Its fur is light brown, and it has a tail with dark brown stripes that it uses to stand on to see if there is danger nearby. Sentret has long dark brown ears with red insides, a white ring on its belly, and white paw pads.

Cherubi is a small cherry-like Grass type Pokemon with a round, deep-pink body with two stubby feet. It has beady eyes and a purple-red stripe running down part of its face. Cherubi has a short stem with two big, green leaves and a second, much smaller head growing out of it. This second head is vestigial in terms of function, but it contains nutrients that contribute to Cherubi's growth as its initial source of food.

"Oh fuck, it's a monster house!" Dusk shouted as he got back up and bolted it.

"Just our luck huh," Gokua said as he too got up and started to run, with Scams following him not too far behind.

The three began to run through the monster house, but not without taking some damage from the attacks along the way. They had no choice, as the path they came through was a dead end, of course. However, when they made it through, they ran and ran and ran without looking back. In fact, they eventually lost sight of the monster house, soon making it out of the Boreal of Beginnings completely. Yet at this point, the trio collapsed on the woodland floor and had finally passed out from sheer exhaustion.

A much larger striped horse Pokemon that was galloping by soon noticed the three unconscious Pokemon lying on the grassy ground. He looked down and picked them up with his mouth, placing them on his back. “I better get these three back to the Guild and fast,” he said, turning around as he rushed back to his Guild. With his lightning fast speed, this Pokemon ran as he balanced the three smaller Pokemon on his back, so as to not accidentally drop them off. He had to be quick, not just he needed to make sure that the Snivy, Torchic and Froakie he was transporting didn't die, but also because he simply loved to run fast.
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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The3Eds Edition (Warning: Language/Violence)

Post by Gokua on Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:35 pm

I'm pretty happy about this fic so far! Keep up the good work!

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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The3Eds Edition (Warning: Language/Violence)

Post by SkullDevil on Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:06 pm

Loving this. Can't wait to read the next chapters!

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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The3Eds Edition (Warning: Language/Violence)

Post by Iggy on Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:00 am

I'm loving this! I can't really think of any unique things to say about it but I'll be waiting for the next chapters!

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Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The3Eds Edition (Warning: Language/Violence)

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