Cancerslug - Real Alabama Hardcore

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Cancerslug - Real Alabama Hardcore

Post by BigEd 45 on Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:30 pm

"Who is Cancerslug?" Asked nobody. Your loss. Cancerslug is the brainchild of "Wolfman" Alex Story. Alex hails from Huntsville, Alabama. This dude grew up listening to great punk like Misfits and Black Flag, and with the help of many musicians over the year, he's channeled his raw and sincere hate for all the world into his punk rock act Cancerslug. This isn't pussy emo-punk, but it's not really metal either. It's just really angry rock and roll, and that's the best kind.

Have a taste, won't you?

"I found you lying on the floor, in a puddle of piss and shit and blood, there were cum stains on your face. I wondered if you have died or perhaps were still alive, then a sound came so sweet it almost brought me to my knees; you started crying, it's fun to be here when you're dieing, Oh Nadia~~"

"In dreams the hollow things you say to me don't mean a thing, but, i can't believe that you are here with me IN MY Dreams I love to hold you tight, cut the darkness from the night, here in my WOOOAHHH"

"Everything I've done is wrong, waste the night and face the dawn, everyone i've loved is gone, everyone i've loved you--there is nothing left for me, just a shit filled agony."

"Take a baby out for a treat tonight, fuck her up the ass with a switchblade knife, don't know if it's love but it's alright, death is knockin' at your front door, using you up like a two bit whore, hear the Raven's cry of nevermore--TWICE as FUCKING LOUD AS BEFORE!"

"Wakin' up in your own blood, AN EMPTY SORROW. Every night I have to give it up until TOMORROW. Leave me alone, don't fucking give it to me, it's just the WOMEN and DOPE that are driving me to the brink, and there's a lot more of them both that i'm gonna do today."

"You coulda been anything, but you ended up in a tissue beside my bed, but I love you, my dead babies! You coulda been anything but you ended up a stain on some whore's dress, but I love you, all my dead babies! Farewell, farewell my nightly friends, we'll never know what might've been."

"Waist deep in blood, with a box cutter by my side, and in my life I've done wrong, but it's how I survived, and in my life I've seen enough of anything that I don't have shit to prove to ANY human being."

"We can make the beast with two backs baby, with a heart black as my love, I'll wrap my anger inside my pain until it shakes the skies above, we can make the beast with two backs baby, I can hold you in my arms, I suffer to see the monster that I can be, but never meant you any harm."

And, finally, for those who stuck with me here, the first Cancerslug music video. A fun little diddy called:

"Girls chained up in the basement making babies to kill, these little sacrifices gotta be made and you know I will, the only stars that will shine tonight will be the Pentagrams on my knife, girls chained up in the basement making babies to kill!"
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