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What is a hero? An individual with extraordinary abilities whom possesses compassion to save people from terrible occurrences, or just someone normal trying everything to look out for others, helping them in their time of need? The definition can vary from opinion and opinion, but the truth of the matter is, those benevolent qualities still remain. And these benevolent qualities are the aspects that make us look up to them, their bravery and self sacrifice.

Heroes aren't born, they're made, as such as this group of three superheroes were:

- Lin, a normal sixteen year old blonde girl with a love for puppets, discovered she was the reincarnation of the Moon Princess, a guardian that protected the Earth in ancient times. Lin's cat Luna turned out to know about this and she convinced Lin to take the Moon Princess's place and defend the galaxy, by giving her a transformation brooch and wand. From that day forward, she became Sailor Moon, protector of the Universe with her army of puppets.

- Iggy, a twenty year old music lover and animal caretaker since she was a child. She's very timid and keeps to herself, though she enjoys the company of her partners very much. She discovered she can make animals obey her not only through the power of teaching, but through music that she composes. She is a popular musician on the Internet, though she doesn't flaunt it and pretty much keeps her affairs private and far from the celebrity life.

- Skull, real name being Pedro, has always been savvy with robotic engineering. Since the young age of fourteen, he's been a great help to the Robotic engineering industries of North America, gaining praise and recognition from peers and people alike. He used to be very much cocky about his accomplishments, unlike Iggy, flaunting them and being very much pleased about the attention he'd been getting. However, his life was changed after his father died in a tragic car accident when he was 16, to which he was present and survived. The grief of this tragedy left him broken and distant from his family for almost two years, as he stopped attending the college he was going to and start participating in illegal robot fights. It was during one of the matches that he spotted a young kid, not much older than 12, participating. He lost the match, and he was being threatened by the winner, a guy in his mid-30's into giving him money. He didn't have any. After an altercation Pedro had to protect the kid, he walked him home and gave him advice on how he shouldn't be doing something like this, that if he wanted to have a good future, hanging out on these streets would do him no good. It was then Pedro realized the most obvious thing, that he was making the same mistakes. This gave him an epiphany, a decision to start taking responsibility for his actions. He made amends with his family and decided to continue doing what he does best, returning to college and continue taking robotics class. Now, at age 21, he has evolved into a more mature, responsible, yet still quirky guy who still remains a loner and tinkers in his off time. Little did he knew his life was soon about to change, and that he too would become a superhero by honoring his deceased father.


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