Uber Poop (Youtube Comedy Web Series)

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Uber Poop (Youtube Comedy Web Series)

Post by Dumbrarere on Wed Aug 12, 2015 4:52 pm

Haven't discussed this before on the old site, but I have a youtube comedy series, called Uber Poop, which uses footage from several animated shows (Ed Edd n Eddy included) and videogames. I'm in the middle of making Episode 2 right now, and I already have 2 trailers up. They're right below, if you'd like.

- The Silly Trailer (Ed Edd n Eddy, with their memory escapade)

- The Plot Trailer (Featuring characters from Lucky Star, HyperDimension Neptunia, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, and Downfall (Der Untergang) as well as Ed Edd n Eddy.)

- The Useless Ed (2011 series pilot, featuring both Ed Edd n Eddy and Lucky Star.)

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Re: Uber Poop (Youtube Comedy Web Series)

Post by Space Soup on Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:14 pm

This doesn't exactly belong in Member Announcements. Though I'm not quite sure WHERE it belongs.

I'll just move it to Artwork for now.

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