Peach Creek Life 3: FES

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Peach Creek Life 3: FES

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Alright, I'm bringing back the story form (and canon incarnation) of Peach Creek Life 3 here on Ze Bunker. Of course as to be expected, there are quite a few changes from the game to this story. This is thanks to how a forum game can have a lot of pacing issues, typos, grammar errors, stuff that needs to be retconned and more. Anyway, here's the first chapter, followed by a some more in future posts thanks to the sizes of these chapters:

A Peach Creek Life: Chapter 1: Part 1 - Our Anti-Heroes

It was a sunny day in Peach Creek, Georgia, and on September 7th, 1995, a family was driving with their trailer to their new home. After the son of the family's school burned down, for causes still unknown, it was necessary for him to complete his studies elsewhere. That and Lemon Brook's economy went into the red around the same time, resulting in over eighty-percent of the town leaving. Many parents and their children moved to different towns to search for new places to find work, and schools for the kids. Thus the move from Lemon Brook to Peach Creek seemed like a fantastic idea for this family. After all, it was fairly close by, and it was said to be one of the fastest growing towns in the state of Georgia.

The son, named David, sat in the car as he neared his new home. Granted his family carried their home with them, but they couldn't really live in the middle of the road. Last time they tried that it almost resulted in their home being apart of a semi-truck sandwich. So they needed to rent a piece of land first, within their budget of course. Thankfully they found a decent place to rent in a rather cheap part of Peach Creek, so that finances wouldn't as big of an issue as before.

"How ya doin' champ?" his father asked him, turning around and taking his focus off of the road. His wife freaked a little and turned the wheel for him before he hit a semi, which seemed to be the natural predator of David's family.

"Fine," David replied. He knew they'd ask him, "Are you sure?" because he seemed quiet, but he liked being alone. He really did, and they thought him moving would worry him, with him being forced to make friends now. You see, David Thompson is shy, but willing to get along with anyone that approaches him. David was born and raised originally in Orange River City, and never knew many kids his age, but would've liked to meet some. This was because David was home-schooled for most of his life, and even during his family's stay in Lemon Brook, he never actually went to the school itself. As a result, his lack of social interaction made it hard for him to understand what's proper and what's not. He does however use the wisdom given by his parents though, whom he has a close relationship with.

David tried his best to be a kind, considerate, and easy to get along with person. He's also very ambitious, dreaming of being a film writer when he grows up, and loves creating projects that he hopes he can adapt into home movies in the future. David loves to have fun and laugh in anyway possible, whether it be watching comedy, or telling jokes, even though joke telling isn't his strong point. He was that kind of person who preferred watching cheesy movies and cracking jokes with analytical humor. However, while this made him seem like a good kid all around, there was traits of being a type I Anti-Hero within him.

He's also a Hispanic boy with decently dark skin. His height was about 5'8'', making him decently tall for a thirteen year old. His hair was short, spiky and dark with a grayish hue to it. David also wears thin rimmed rectangular glasses, and has a bright orange tongue (kids these days have the strangest tongue colors). His attire is a white hoodie with the number 07 in blue on it, with a short sleeved gray shirt underneath, dark blue jeans, and black sneakers.

"Are you sure sweetie?" his mom asked. She could tell that her little boy was upset, and she didn't blame him, Moving was always a hard thing on children.

"Yeah mom, just enjoying the ride,” David lied as he looked out of the car window. “How long till we get there anyways?"

"We're entering in now!" his dad replied with a big happy grin on his face.

"Cool," David stated calmly.

There it was: Park 'n Flush. It had an interesting and fitting name. The Thompsons were only renting land, while their trailer was still their own property, so that encouraged them to rent a spot there in the first place. Admittedly it did look like a dump, but hey, it was cheap, and that's all that mattered to them. David's mom was a bit concerned about the neighbors being possible bad influences on her son, but tried to think otherwise.

David's dad parked the car and then detached it from the trailer. The Thompsons got inside, and there David unpacked his belongings into his room, and got ready for class. Yeah it was 7:00 AM at the time and he got most of his sleep in the car ride over to Peach Creek. Now he had to be at school by 8:00 AM for his first day of Peach Creek Jr. High.

"Son!" his dad yelled, "Your breakfast is getting soggy!"

"I'm coming!" David yelled back as he ran down to the kitchen. There he ate some Chunky Puffs and practically inhaled his whole bowl.

"David-" his mother started.

"Sorry mom, I don't wanna be late!" David exclaimed before dashing out the door. "I love you both, see you after school!"

His mother sighed. “Well, have fun!” she exclaimed, waving to him.

"Take care bud!" his dad calls out as he too waved at his only child. “God bless him.”

David rushed to where the bus stop was. He had seen it on his way into the trailer park, and the bus stop was right outside of Park 'n Flush. However, little did David know he wasn't the only kid in the trailer park.


Farther back behind David's trailer, was a family with a boy named Kyle. He was also from Lemon Brook, and going to Peach Creek Jr. High as well.

Kyle Rodriguez has an outgoing and optimistic demeanor. He's thirteen and loves making jokes and acting foolish, the elicitation of laughter out of his peers being his ultimate goal. His jokes were sometimes at the expense of others though. Kyle always has something funny to say about a situation, whether the situation itself is funny or no. He seems to always have a perpetual smile on his face. That is, unless some sort of danger is involved. If there's one thing Kyle is better at than cracking lame jokes, it's running away from danger with his tail tucked between his legs. One might as well compare him to being a type I Anti-Hero, just like David.

He dresses to impress, although it's probably because he has to make up for the fact that he lives in a trailer. He also loves to skateboard, although he's terrible at it. Kyle is 5' 7" and has black, medium length hair. Like David he was Hispanic with dark skin, is of a lanky build, and has brown eyes. His tongue is of a teal color, and Kyle wears a black hoodie with a blue t-shirt underneath. That and a pair of dark blue jeans as well as his white sneakers. He still had his dark black sunglasses ever since he was a little kid.

Kyle stood in the middle of his room and looked at his watch wearily. Unfortunately for him, he didn't get any sleep on the way to his new home in the Park 'n Flush trailer park. His parents had argued the whole way there over directions, giving him not a second of shut-eye as he plugged his ears with his whole fists. He was just glad they had to leave early in the morning for their jobs; there was no way he could stand one more second of the constant fighting. He sighed and dug through a nearby box; he didn't get much time to unpack his stuff. As they had arrived at the trailer park only a few hours earlier, Kyle spent most of his time getting ready for the first day of school.

He whipped out a notebook and pencil out of the box and then stood back up. Kyle stuffed the pencil in his pocket and then walked out of his room, notebook in hand. As he exited the front door of his green trailer, he grabbed a pair of sunglasses that were hanging from the collar of his polo and then put them on as he grinned. Despite the fact that his morning had gotten off to a cruddy start, he had a feeling today was going to be a good day. After all, he would finally have the opportunity to meet the kids of Peach Creek, who, to say the least, the kids at Lemon Brook held in very low esteem.

With that, Kyle began to walk through the maze of trailers, although in the back of his mind he had a sinking feeling that he was going to miss the bus. He managed to get through the maze of trailers, and it took him quicker than expected, though that's not saying much.


A mom and her two children drove to an apartment building in the town of Peach Creek. Their new home wasn't all that different from their last home, but things wouldn't be the same as it was back in Lemon Brook.

Vincent Garland is six feet tall and had a lanky build. He's a biracial kid, with his dad being African-American and his mom being Caucasian. Needless to say though, Vincent looked a lot like his dad, and it was hard to tell that he was related to his mom. Vincent's hair is black and short (buzz cut) and he has brown eyes. His tongue color is silver, which suited him a lot, and his hands & feet are huge. He can palm a basketball in his hands and he wears size thirteen shoes, all at being thirteen years old. Vincent also always wears black trimmed glasses. He wears a purple hoodie with a black t-shirt underneath it, a pair of khakis, white tennis shoes and a watch.

He is a reasonable, rational and realistic kid. He tends to keep things in moderation, and might be considered a type III Anti-Hero. Vincent is sarcastic, something which can make him seem like a jerk at times. However, he does mean well and is really only a jerk to those who he thinks need a little demotivating or a realization in their crappy behavior. Vincent is not one bit afraid of pointing out another person's flaws, but does offer some good constructive criticism on how to improve.

Neither being optimistic nor pessimistic, Vincent views both of those ends as being too extreme. Quite intelligent, but reserved, and he doesn't tend to make his point unless he really feels like it must be said. He isn't afraid of fighting to stand his ground, and although he doesn't prefer to engage in combat, Vincent will put up a decent fight if needed (although he's only average at fighting). He enjoyed wrestling around for fun and had no qualms about taking someone down. Unlike most kids his age, Vincent doesn't tend to care what others think of him, besides those he's close to. Also quite philosophical, using questions to find his answers at times, with his role-models being some Greek philosophers, mainly Socrates & Plato. And of course, being into tap out, he had a few fighters he looked up to as well.

Vincent, the boy, was a bit shocked at having to move, especially after having a decent time at Lemon Brook. Sure for the most part things weren't that good, but Vincent managed to gain some pretty good influence over there, thanks to being a great football player and having a way with winning arguments. Of course, his mom just started working again a few months ago and found herself as a police officer at the Peach Creek Police Department (PCPD). Even though she already commuted over to Peach Creek before, Vincent's mom figured it would work out better if they just lived in town. His dad would meet them there when he got back from Afghanistan, whenever that was. His father hadn't been home for a little over a year now, and Vincent hardly heard a word from him these days.

"Looks like we're here," Vincent's mom told him as they stopped in front of the apartment building. They had most of their stuff in their trunk, and the rest of it should come at around four in the afternoon from a moving van.

"I would have never guessed," Vincent said, still half-asleep. He was already dressed though, and knew that he had to go to school real soon.

"Look, normally I'd have you help me with carrying all of our stuff up, but I can't have you late to school on the first day-" Vincent's mom said before being interrupted by a crying Cheryl (Vincent's one year old little sister). "Damn, and I have to report to the station in an hour. You're really gonna have to help with getting all of our crap sorted out after school."

"I got it mom," Vincent said as his stomach growled. "Do we have anything to eat?"

"Just this baby food if you want some," his mom told him as she fed Cheryl some baby food, calming her down.

"I'll pass," Vincent politely refused. "I'll just go grab a bite of something before school. I heard that the food here is a lot better than what Lemon Brook served.”

"Alright, oh, and I almost forgot," his mom said. "Pick your sister up at the day-care after school as well. In fact, get her before you come here."

"Don't worry mom, I won't forget about my little sister," Vincent told her. "Now I better get to a bus stop soon."

"Okay, have a good first day of school son!" Vincent's mom replied, hugging and kissing her son before he walked away to a bus stop around the block.

"Oh thank God, I'm all alone," Vincent said as he stood alone at a bus stop in town where there was practically no one. He took out a lighter from his pocket and lit a cigarette, smoking it. Thankfully Vincent looked older than he did (even though he was thirteen, he looked sixteen), and could pass himself off as a young adult if anyone asked. But there he stood, smoking until the bus came to pick him up.


Rin Yamaki was the fourth member of these of newcomers to Lemon Brook. He sat in the back seat of a four-seated taxi as he is nearing his new home. Music was blasting into his ears through the headphone of his Japanese-made portable CD player. He's glad that his dad had notified him that he had hired a construction company to build a house for him in this new place where he is going to stay and live. Rin was delighted that he got a chance to move to another town.

He is a quiet, reserved, and somewhat smart thirteen year old kid. Rin's a Japanese kid and very traditional. He prefers to stay away from people, minding his own business as he reads his books or manga while listening to the musics he likes. Rin is an otaku, being into anime & manga quite a bit. Despite that, he has a loyal, kind and caring heart, and is willing to help his friends when they're in need. While Rin is warm and friendly towards allies, Rin is cold towards his enemies. As a result, Rin found himself as being a type II Anti-Hero. If bullies buggged or made fun of him around long enough, he would resort to violence and beat them up without hesitation. Rin is good at fighting due to him practicing kendo. This is a result of him being bullied when he was living in Lemon Brook back then.

Rin usually wore a black dress shirt with red lines on collar and sleeves. The sleeves are pulled back to the elbows, and the shirt also has a white silhouette that looks like a magician girl, firing a large beam from something in her right hand. That and Rin also wears a red sleeveless vest, yellow scarf with the remaining part hanging in the back, a black fingerless glove on right hand, dark gray pants, and black shoes with white soles. He had a small body, being about 5'4” and looking rather scrawny with a cherry red tongue. Needless to say, it's no wonder why this sensible weird kid was picked on. It was almost like asking a hyena not to make a cackling cry. It was just going to happen anyway for natural reasons.

He couldn't stand Lemon Brook one bit, and to Rin, that was the worst place on earth. When he was still living back there, his so-called "friends" were nothing more than bullies who would push him around every day. Yeah Rin would get easily offended at the littlest of things they did and acted very strange. They even ruined his books, burning them in fire drenched in gasoline, ripping them to shreds or worse. Rin was also rather easy for them to push around, and was also mocked for his rich background. Even worse, the school's faculty would not do anything to stop the bullies from bullying him for political reasons.

One day, when the bullies bugged him again, he had enough. Using his improvised Kendo skill, he unsheathed his bokken and started to beat the crap out of every single one of them, and nearly killed two. That got him into serious trouble for fighting at school, but he didn't care. All of those guys who picked on Rin quickly became the bullied themselves after getting their butts whooped by him, and the school faculty was really disappointed in Rin, expelling him. Yet if any bullies bullied him again, he would beat them up with no mercy or excuses.

His experience and memories living in Lemon Brook had left a mental scar in his mind. He would now try to hold back if someone bullies, makes fun or mocks him after his father had a talk with him. And if things got serious for Rin, he would pull out his trusty wooden weapon, despite the fact that's an automatic expulsion with no exception at school. Of course, the only way he could keep them away is to look at them with a cold, threatening glare, which was laughable at best. When he saw Lemon Brook Middle School burning down, he wasn't shocked and afraid like the other Lemon Brook townsfolk. He smiled evilly to himself, pleased with the school being set to flames, and secretly thanking who or whatever caused it. Rin swore he would never go back to Lemon Brook again, and now he hoped that the people of Peach Creek are better and more friendly than the kids back in Lemon Brook.

The taxi stopped at a gated community, with a sign that read: "Peach Creek Estate" with some words under it, reading: “You won't get shot here for having skittles, trust us.” The area had some nice, big houses in it, and only a few months ago did the place look like a construction zone. But now, thanks to a large amount of people hailing from Lemon Brook or other towns integrating into Peach Creek, the land was bought and houses were finally being built to completion.

"Here's my payment." Rin said, taking out some money out of his black wallet to pay the taxi driver. It was a long drive, so the payment was a bit steep. But to him, it's cheap since he's rich.

The driver and Rin exited the car. The taxi driver took out his key and unlocked the trunk behind the taxi. After that, he helped Rin move his luggage to the front of his new two-story house, recently built in front of a circle connected to a road. His luggage included a red, medium sized trolley case. There was also a big, wide black trunk, and a few cardboard boxes containing some of his books, some were novels and some are mangas. Oh, and his red and black school backpack, which was gray and red with a single sling. Rin used it to carries his bokken around, even though that could get him into serious trouble. But to being mental scared, he always carried it around to fight off any potential bullies if things got intense. He usually practiced his Kendo during his free time, or assisting others in the art of the sword.

"G'day to you, kid, I have some works to do." The taxi said in broken English before going back to his taxi and driving off.

"Thank you father, you are the best," Rin thought to himself. He walked to the mailbox in front of the new house, on the left side. The red flag is raised up. He opened it, and found his house key along with a letter. He read the text on the envelope: "From: Takuya Yamaki, To: Rin Yamaki". Takuya is the first name of Rin's father. Thanks to the letter, Rin soon remembered that this was his first day of school at Peach Creek Jr. High, so he couldn't be late. So he decided to read the letter and unpack the luggage later. Unlocking the front door with the key, he puts the letter on a nearby glass table and put the baggage away in a corner of the living room.

He is already dressed in his favorite apparel. Rin straightened his tie and hurled the remaining part of his scarf over his shoulder. He grabbed his school bag and checked everything in it. There are a notebook, soft black pencil case, two mangas and two novels. His bokken, bokken bag, and portable CD player with personal CDs are checked too. Now that Rin had everything he needed, he proceeded to lock the door, and put the key in his jacket pocket. On his CD player, he switched to his favorite anime opening song and ran to the nearest bus stop, which was over in some cul-de-sac if Rin could remember correctly.


A boy and his father had also moved into the apartments of Peach Creek as well. The dad parked their car right outside of the place, and both guys got out of the vehicle. “Alright son, I know you gotta go to school soon, so I'll take our stuff into the apartment,” the boy's fathered said as he got some of the luggage out from the trunk. “The moving van should be coming later today while you're at school.”

“Alright dad,” the boy, named Roland Hunter said. Roland was fourteen years old, held back in kindergarten once, explaining why he was starting seventh grade at a late age. He's a Caucasian guy that often talks in a low voice and is a bit of a deadpan snarker. However, Roland does make jokes and knows much about pop culture and gaming. He is quite anti-social and prone to getting bored easily, which would probably make him considered a type IV Anti-Hero. Roland wore a black jacket, with a gray shirt with a scorpion on it. That and black fingerless gloves, dark blue jeans, and brown shoes. He's about 5'6'' tall with an average build for a kid his age and had a neon blue colored tongue.

He is quite a berserk child, and had some sort of dark past. To Roland, he would get picked on constantly in Lemon Brook for having such a short fuse. Even though he fought back, it was still amusing for his bullies to see his violent reactions, which got Roland into trouble more than anything. While Lemon Brook liked having a kid who did well at school work, they were fed up with his nonstop reckless behavior. So he was placed into special need classes to keep him away from the other kids, although this got him bullied even more. And when Lemon Brook Middle School burned to the ground, he was pleased with the results.

“Son, before you go, we need to talk,” his father said as Roland walked closer to him. “Look, I know you've had some rough times back in Lemon Brook. But we're at Peach Creek, a new start you know? Son, I just want the best for you, and I know things became a wreck, and now your sister Jessica's gone off to college. I love you Roland, and we need things to work out here.”

“I know dad, I love you too,” Roland said as him and his father hugged. “But what if the kids here make me angry too?”

“Roland, please don't get into fights anymore,” his dad told him. “I know that it's cool you win and I never have to worry about a boy who can handle himself just fine. But I really don't wanna see you hurt someone else really bad. After you broke that Cody kid's nose, we could have gotten sued or worse, thrown into the slammer, and I'm not talking about the Denny's kind either.”

“Dad, I'm gonna try and make good friends this time, I swear,” Roland replied. “And no more fights, unless they really ask for it.”

“No, it's no more fights in general,” Roland's dad said a little more sternly this time. “I know your sister Jessica had the opposite problem that you do. She wasn't that good at school work, but man was she one of the most social people I've ever known. Roland, if you ever feel threatened, just run, for me, please?”

“I understand dad,” Roland said as he grabbed a blueberry muffin and his scooter from the trunk. “I better head to school though, so I'll see you when I get home dad!”

“Okay, and take care!” his father exclaimed, waving to his son as Roland rode off into the distance.


“Back it up! Back it up!” said an older woman with an Australian accent. She, her husband and daughter (who resembled her a lot physically, only younger) had just moved into Peach Creek Estates. The movers were still unloading furniture and whatnot into the rather large house. Although this family did originally move to Lemon Brook, their stay there was short, thanks to quickly finding out about the town's horrid economy. This and thanks to the school burning down as soon as they arrived, the family needed to find a new home as a result.

The daughter sat in a couch inside the moving van, waiting around. Her mother walked up to her and said, “Come on honey, you should get outta that van and meet some new chaps at school soon.”

“But they'll make fun of my accent,” her daughter, Katherine Queen replied as an excuse.

Katherine Queen was fourteen years old, and was going into seventh grade because her parents waited a year for her to start school. She is a strange duck, being shy and cold at first and barely speaking, almost anti social. But Katherine wants friends and sometimes looks gullible, though she just wants attention. She's an intelligent girl, even scoring the best on tests in her classes at school. However, Katherine also came off as a bit of an airhead, and was prone to having fits of laughter at the littlest of things.

She mainly wears a green sweater with a blue dress shirt underneath it, purple jeans and black shoes. Her skin is light, as with her hair as well, and despite being one-eighth Aborigine, she looked Australian-Caucasian. Katherine is physically fit, 5'5'' tall with a gold colored tongue and a big chest (not boobs). This was mainly thanks to being an archer ever since she was old enough to stand. Her physique made her popular with the guys as well, even though she hardly returned any of their advances. Besides archery, she also excelled in cooking & playing on the piano.

“That's no excuse Katherine, ya gotta get going,” her father said as he rubbed his mustache. He was the main reason why the Queen's were so rich. You see, Katherine's father worked for an international weapon dealing company as one of its top sales executives. The company itself was owned by some man with a mustache, rippling muscles, a crocodile-tooth lined hat, and a patch of rotating chest hair shaped like Australia. Needless to say, Katherine's family never had to worry about money, ever.

Katherine sighed as he got up from the couch and walked out of the moving van. She had her backpack on her and started to walk off to the nearest bus stop. Katherine walked on the sidewalk alone. To some, she had it all, to some people, except friends, not that she cared. She was somewhat socially awkward and as a result hardly had any friends, and people back home tended to use her more than anything. As a result she was a type I Anti-Hero. Katherine was a humble girl, with one of the only things she had pride in was her skills with a bow. She carried it everywhere with her when it was allowed, along with a quiver and arrows It was the “silver bow” she called it (although the type of bow was “recurve”). Now her bow and arrows would have to wait at home as her parents told her wait for the bus at some nearby cul-de-sac, Rathink Avenue as it was named.


But now that we know who our Lemon Brook Six are, what about The Peach Creek Twelve? Well, let's start off with everyone's favorite old lump, Edward “Ed” Horace Lancer, now standing at an impressive 5'11''. Ed was slumping in the corner of his room, depressed on what happened earlier to him this summer. It was terrible news that he hid from everyone else but his family of course. The poor guy was bummed out of his mind about this fact, and the only one to blame for it was himself and his incompetence.

"Ed!" his younger ten year old sister, Sarah, now having grown to 4'9'' yelled from the entrance to the basement in her house. She then rushed down to check on her big brother in his room. "Ed, are you okay?" Sarah asked with legitimate concern as she touched him. Ever since the incident with Eddy's brother over the summer, Sarah started to realize that Ed, while not the smartest, always did have a big heart and just wanted the best for her. It was only fair to treat him with the respect he deserved.

Ed hugged Sarah and bawled his eyes out the minute she finished her statement. "Baby sister, I don't wanna go to school! Ed will miss Double-D and Eddy!" Ed exclaimed whilst crying, almost flooding his room.

Sarah quickly pushed him shortly after he finished speaking and then slapped him. "I'm sorry Ed, but the only one you have to blame is yourself. It's no one's fault but yours that all you did last year was mess around with Double-D & Eddy, or just sit down here reading those stupid comics and watching your sick movies. Ed, I know you're a sweet big brother, but you're a stupid one too, and I guess the people at the school agreed with that statement too. Look, you can see Double-D and Eddy before and after school still! Heck it's only your core classes you don't have them in! You still got them in gym and art, don't ya?”

Ed quickly froze and stopped crying, actually comprehending what Sarah said to him for once. "Sorry Sarah," Ed said as he wiped the tears off of his face. “Do I still get to see them on weekends too?”

“Yes, Ed, you can do whatever you want with Double-D & Eddy on weekends, although you might have to study still,” Sarah confirmed, even though Ed really didn't need her permission to do anything he pleased anymore. "Now let's just get to school Ed. You're gonna have to go sooner or later, or I'll have to tell mom, and I don't want to do that!"

Ed nodded rapidly and followed his sister to the bus stop. Having a nicer more understanding Sarah was much easier for him to deal with than the old Sarah he once knew. She did use force to snap him out of it every once in a while, but the old Sarah would've just screamed at him, throwing salt in his wounds. It was still a hard thing that he was experiencing, but he did indeed remember, it was his fault, and he was the only one who could get him out of it. Well, maybe with a little help and encouragement from others, that would help at times. But for the most part, the only one who could climb out of his hole was Ed and Ed only.

Ed and Sarah walked to Jimmy's house where they meet up with Jimmy Sinclair, now standing at 4'7'. Jimmy came skipping about exclaiming, "Hello Sarah and Ed!”

"Hi Jimmy," they both said, with Sarah's “Hi” being filled with joy while Ed's was filled with sorrow.

"Ed, are you doing okay?" Jimmy asked, worried about him. He and all of the other cul-de-sac kids knew that it was not a good thing when Ed was sad. Whenever Ed wasn't his usual happy-go-lucky self, things tended to get ugly pretty quick.

"It's just today Jimmy, you know..." Sarah replies before whispering into his ear.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Ed!” Jimmy exclaimed. He couldn't say he was surprised at what happened to Ed, but Jimmy sure did feel bad for him.

"It is okay Jimmy, I am just as smart as a glob of mud..." Ed replied with his head looking to the ground.

"Ugh!” Sarah exclaimed. “Ed if you're gonna be depressing all day, maybe I won't waste my time tutoring you!" Sarah retorted. Despite how hard she tried to be reasonable and nice with him, her brother could still get under her skin.

Ed gasped. "No baby sister, Ed is happy, see!" Ed said while making a smile that almost looked like the steepest hill possible upside down. It actually intimidated Jimmy, as if a chimp was smiling at him.

Sarah and Jimmy were somewhat disturbed, but smiled in retort in hopes that Ed didn't go crazy. An insane Ed was the last thing they wanted to deal with. “Alright, now let's just get to the bus stop,” Sarah told the two boys.

“Bus stop?” Ed asked in confusion. “But Sarah, I thought we all walked to school?”

“Ed has a point Sarah,” Jimmy said, backing Ed up. “Since when did anyone take that rusty old bus to school?”

“Didn't you guys remember that incident last year?” Sarah asked, with before of them nodding no. “Well, when some bloke was walking to school, he got hit by a car!”

“A car? I've been through worse,” Ed admitted a bit rudely, but truthfully.

“Ed, just because you can handle hits like that doesn't mean everyone can,” Sarah replied. “Anyway, the poor guy got paralyzed and had to move out of state. Now the school made a strong suggestion for everyone to ride the bus for some safety reason. And when mom heard the news Ed, well, you know how that goes.”

“Ah, Ed understands now!” Ed exclaimed as he ran off to find a bus stop, only to run back. “Um, where's the bus stop again?”

Sarah sighed. “I'll lead the way,” she said as Ed and Jimmy followed her as the three proceeded to go to the bus stop.


Eddy Skipper McGee was sleeping in, almost about to miss the bus on his first day. He wasn't a fan of his parents forcing him to ride the bus after some careless kid walking to school got hit by a car last year. Suddenly though, a knock came to his door leading to outside.

"Five more minutes mom," Eddy moaned as he rolled over in his bed, his face finally getting out of a pile of drool that had formed in his pillow. There was another thump at his door, and this one made Eddy finally sit up in his bed, although he was still very groggy. "Dang it, and that dream was just gettin' good..." Eddy muttered as he slid to the edge of his bed and stood up, still being at 5'3''. He walked over to his door and slid it open, although he had to shield his eyes from the sun. As his eyes adjusted to his backyard, he was surprised to see that no one was there.

“Are you sure Eddy's up?” Jimmy asked as the three stood out of Eddy's range.

“Oh but I am sure of it!” Ed exclaimed as they walked towards Eddy's door.

"The heck..." Eddy whispered to himself in confusion as he scanned his backyard. "Must've been some stupid birds..." Eddy reassured himself as he stepped away from the door and began to close it.

"Hi Eddy!" Ed exclaimed as he yanked his door open, shocking him.

Obviously Eddy was still half-asleep and still in his underwear, so the statement seemed odd. "Eddy!” Sarah yelled as she closed her eyes. “Put some clothes on!" Sarah shouted in disgust, dragging Ed and Jimmy, who were equally disgusted, away.

“Let's just wait for him at the bus stop,” Jimmy said as he, Ed and Sarah walked out of Eddy's backyard.

Eddy looked down at himself and then smacked himself on the forehead before shutting the door. "Stupid birds..." Eddy muttered as he walked back toward his room to get ready. He dug through his clothes and picked the usual yellow bowling shirt, blue jeans, and red shoes. He figured he didn't need a shower. After all, it was just school, and it's not like he put much effort into it anyway. Eddy grabbed his book bag, put it on, and then headed out the door, hoping to catch up to Ed, Sarah, and Jimmy.

"Guh, sorry you had to see that Jimmy!" Sarah stated as the three of them were standing at the bus stop. The bus stop had now been furnished up and replaced with a more modern looking one. There was now a metal bench inside a glass area with a rain-shield over it. Of course there was a map of Peach Creek's bus stops inside the glass walls of this one.

"It's okay, Sarah,” Jimmy reassured, although still mentally scared at seeing Eddy's flab. “Just make sure you tell Eddy not to show himself like that again," Jimmy said as Eddy caught up to three kids.

“You jealous Jimmy?” Eddy asked, laughing a little. “I kid man, I kid. But yeah, anyone else think that it's stupid we gotta take the dumb bus now?”

“Yeah, but our parents would get ticked if they caught us walking to school,” Sarah agreed.

However, the four kids soon noticed that as they were close by to the bus stop that they were not the first ones there. Another kid, Eddward Marian Jones (more commonly called “Double-D”) was sitting on the bench, studying from a text book. Double-D had grown a little over the summer, now being at a a nice 5'9'', only a couple of inches away from Ed.

Eddy walked over to Double D with a grin on his face. "You can't be serious, Double D!" Eddy said as he stared at the book in the sock-hatted boy's hands. "Don't you know that you're only supposed to study in the five minutes before class starts?" Eddy joked as he looked up at Double D.

"Please, Eddy." Double-D told him. "Studying for class is a very important thing. Imagine, if I don't study, I can get bad grades that can disappoint my parents! It's not a matter of time, it's a matter of preparation before class."

"But Double-D!" Ed exclaimed. "Reading books is boring, comics are where it's at!” Ed takes out a comic book, causing Eddy to chuckle a little. Ed starts to read the comic, entitled: "Evil Tim/Army of Darkness".

"See, Ed's got the right idea!" Eddy said as he slapped Ed on the back with a big grin on his face. "And besides, you're already smart enough Double-D! You cram anymore knowledge into your head, and your hat will pop off!" Eddy joked as he pointed up at Double D's hat.

Double-D gave Eddy a sarcastic laugh before replying with, “Eddy, if you were to compare the human brain with a computer, the average brain would be able to hold one million gigabytes. I'm sure I haven't even came close to that number just yet.”

“Whatever, I'm just surprised you haven't been moved up a grade yet,” Eddy shot back.

“Actually, I was offered a chance from the principal last year to skip seventh grade and move onto eighth,” Double-D told Eddy. “But I turned it down, since I wouldn't have you and Ed in my classes.”

“Wow...” Eddy said as his jaw almost dropped to the concrete ground. “Damn Double-D, even I forget that our friendship is that tight sometimes.”

“I know that mother and father were not pleased with my decision, but I guess that even gentlemen such as myself have a bit of a rebellious streak at times,” Double-D said, giggling.

Sarah then slapped the comic out of Ed's hands and replaced it with an Algebra textbook, shocking Jimmy, Eddy and Double-D. "But Sarah-" Ed starts before she cut him off.

"Ed!” Sarah exclaimed as she folded her arms. “Remember what mom said?" she asked sternly.

Ed sighed and sat down with Double-D on the bench to study his Algebra textbook. Jimmy, Eddy and Double-D couldn't believe what they were seeing right now. Ed, one of the biggest goof-offs they knew, studying. Given it looked like Sarah was forcing him to study, but it was still an astonishing sight to see.

“What the hell is going on?” Eddy thought to himself, puzzled.
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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

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Chapter 1: Part 2 - The Ride to Hell

From a couple blocks away Vincent Garland could see a bus approaching. He quickly threw his cigarette on the ground and stomped it out. The bus soon stopped for him as the driver looked at Vincent with a puzzled look. “You new here?” the bus driver asked. “Kids around these parts are a little different from the ones like you, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.”

“Yeah, just moved here today,” Vincent said to the bus driver, deciding to have a conversation with the guy. After all, him and the bus driver were the only two people on the entire bus right now.

“Well, have a good life here in Peach Creek,” the bus driver said as he put the bus back in drive as it started to move again. “Three years I've been a bus driver in this town, and I've seen a lot you know. Maybe third time's the charm though, and I'll start seeing some positive stuff in the lives of some of you kids.”

Vincent ignored the rest of the bus driver's banter and was now looking for a place to sit. "Being the new kid and finding people to sit with is so easy," he thought sarcastically in his head. As the bus was moving, he found an empty seat and sat down. There was no one else on the bus, so Vincent decided to read to keep himself busy. "I guess I'll just take a look at this new issue of White Dwarf I got," Vincent thought to himself as he whipped out a White Dwarf magazine from his backpack and started reading it. As he read, Vincent thought about how he'd want to talk to someone later just to get a basic low-down of Peach Creek. That why he'd get the hang of this place in no time.


Rin Yamaki was busy walking along to the bus stop while reading one of his many mangas. He was deeply engrossed in the most recent volume of Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface right now, with his face touching the paper. It was one of those Seinen mangas meant for men in the eighteen to thirty demographic, but Rin still found the series very appealing. Just as he was about to flip the page right to left, a decent gust came about and blew his Japanese comic right out of his hands. “Chikusho!” Rin yelled as he hastily turned around to chase after his run away manga.

Which promptly hit Katherine Queen in the face, disorientating her for a couple of seconds as she made a sharp turn. She was only blinded for a bit until she grabbed the manga off of her face and stared at it. “Crikey, what is this?” Katherine thought to herself as she examined the manga, not really seeing anything like it before.

“Hey, that is my manga!” Rin shouted at Katherine as she seen the small Asian boy running towards her. She was nervous about having a complete stranger charging right at her. It happened a few times back in Australia, but soon Katherine realized that this kid wanted the comic-looking thing, not trying to grab at her. “Come on, that is mine.”

As a result, Katherine froze up for a second before slowly and steadily handing the manga back to Rin. “It was pretty ace that I caught that comic for ya.”

“I do not know how you yanks call it, but this is a manga, not a comic,” Rin retorted to Katherine as he decided to just put his manga away in his backpack. He then looked at Katherine, who was a little bit taller than him, but seemed decent. After all, this was Peach Creek, and new place for him to gain new friends without having to worry about anyone bringing up the past. “Name's Rin Yamaki by the way, Japanese and proud!”

“Well, name's Katherine Queen, and I ain't no bloody yank!” she exclaimed, somewhat offended at Rin calling her a yank. It wasn't too hard for both of them to realize that they were kind of socially awkward. Regardless, they were both new, and because of that the two felt a subconscious need to stick together. “I be gobsmacked to get called a yank.”

“Gobsmacked?” Rin asked, baffled by Katherine's slang.

“Oh, it's slang for being surprised down where I'm from,” she quietly said as the two kids continued walking to the bus stop.

“Where would that be?”

“The land of Oz.”

“Isn't that from an old movie with some witch who melts in water?”

“Again, that was slang,” Katherine replied. “I'm Australian, you know, the place where kangaroos are from. Maybe I should tone down my lingo while I'm here so no one thinks I'm a dag.”


“This ain't gonna be no piece of pee,” she stated as the two could now see the bus stop with some other kids waiting there.”


David was walking toward the bus stop, but he noticed that people were already there. "Crap," he whispered, before quickly hiding behind a metal wire fence. "I don't want to say the wrong thing... better wait for the bus here."

Kyle then walked down the sidewalk with a slow, lazy pace, forgetting that the trailer park had its own bus stop. When he finally deduced in his head that he'd make it to the bus stop he thought of in time, it automatically triggered the lazy part of him, so he slowed his walk to a crawl. He had to look cool, after all. “The only people who rush to the bus stop are nerds,” Kyle thought to himself.

Soon David saw the other Hispanic child coming in his direction. "Ah hell no, I can't let anyone see me!" David said before he dived into a bush. “Boy... this must seem really weird to someone if they saw me... and yet it doesn't to me... huh,” David thought.

As Kyle neared the bus stop, he stopped in his tracks. He could see some kids waiting at the bus stop, and he didn't recognize any of them. That meant only one thing: it was the Peach Creek kids. "Oh well, better get to making friends with these losers..." Kyle muttered to himself as he realized that he might actually miss some of his friends from Lemon Brook, even though they were most certainly jerks. Kyle thought he saw someone over by a metal fence as he began to walk toward the bus stop, but he shook it off and continued to walk slowly towards the bus stop.


"While I must thank you for assisting Ed study's habits, I must ask though, why?" Double-D thanked his friend's little sister, although confused. “Pardon me, but neither of you two ever screamed “studious pupils” in the eyes of anyone.”

"Double-D, I think Ed will tell you later,” Jimmy said as Ed & Sarah nodded in agreement.

“Oh come on, who are you guys hiding secrets from, it's just us five at this dinky bus stop!” Eddy shouted.

“Hey Eddy, I didn't forget about what I had to see this morning,” Sarah told him, almost feeling a little vomit tickle up her throat.

“Alright, Sarah, sheesh, I guess I won't show off my hot bod anymore," Eddy joked as Sarah gave him a decently hard punch to the stomach while pouting a little. Eddy was a little irritated at her natural response to everything being violence over ninety percent of time, but he didn't expect any less from her. Even after Sarah and the rest of the cul-de-sac kids started to accept the Eds for who they were, it didn't mean Sarah would suddenly loose her temper.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our bus are here,” Double-D told them as the bus started coming their way. Soon the bus came to a halt and the door of the school bus opened. He placed his left foot on a step before eagerly rushing to find a seat. "Anyone else excited for the first day of school?"

Jimmy, soon fallowed by Ed and Sarah, walked into the bus as well. Before Eddy could get on the bus, a kid with a black turtleneck and black pants with black shoes gets on the bus. It was Jonny Woods, who was silent, and with Plank clutched tightly under his arm. Eddy noticed Jonny and was a little bit shocked at his all dark appearance. "Is that... Jonny?" Eddy whispered to no one in particular as he watched the bald boy clad in black climb onto the bus. Eddy, although still slightly unnerved by Jonny's appearance, finally decided to get on the bus.

Not too far from the bus though stood Kyle, who could see that kids were already getting on the bus. "Crap, the bus is here..." Kyle muttered, although it didn't make him walk any faster; he figured he was almost there anyway, and it wasn't like the bus driver was going to leave him, he hoped. As he walked over to the bus, he noticed two other kids approaching from the sidewalk, an Asian-looking boy and some cute looking girl.

“Oh look, our bus has came,” Rin told Katherine as the two started to pick up their pace in order to make it to the bus.

“Ah, it's no good, I don't think I remembered to bring some coinage for the bus!” Katherine exclaimed, searching through her pockets and not finding a single bit of money.

After overhearing Katherine's comment, Rin frantically went through his pockets as well, but all he had was some leftover yen from the last time he was over in Japan. Although in Lemon Brook he never had to pay for the bus, Rin assumed from Katherine's comment that you would here in Peach Creek. “I am guessing the bus driver won't accept non-American currency,” Rin blankly stated.

While walking up towards the bus, Kyle could tell that those two like him were new to town. But unlike him, they seemed new to the country as well. Feeling a little bad for them, he told them, “Hey you guys, in America you don't have to pay for a public school bus.” With that being said, Kyle headed on into the bus, while Rin & Katherine both looked at each other before fallowing Kyle into the bus as well.

Now a thirteen year old boy was just walking to school instead of taking the bus like everyone else. He would have rode his bike, provided it was still around. He would have had his best friend come with him to school, but she lost all interest in him over the summer. He would be the damn king of the cul-de-sac, but those times were gone. His name was Kevin Anderson, and he walked to school with a scowl on his face, disappointed that school had started up again. Oh sure he loved playing sports at school, hanging out with friends and messing around. But other than that, school was a real drag.

"Man, what the hell's happened with my life?" Kevin thought as he walked to Peach Creek Jr. High, which he could see in the distance. Things seemed so different now than they were months ago. It seemed so unrealistic that so much had changed in the past few months. His best friend wanted nothing to do with him thanks to his materialistic behavior. Jonny had gone rogue, and somehow managed to become creepier than before. Hell, the Eds were his damn friends now. Months ago he would have said that hell would freeze before the Eds would be his friends. But here he was, friends with those "dorks". Once Kevin got to know them better though, he seen that they weren't so bad, and were actually kind of nice to be around in their own way.

David, who was still hiding the bushes noticed the boy in a green sweater and a red cap walk past him. He remembered that he was wearing a red cap right now as well, so he replaced it with a blue and black cap in his square gray backpack. That way the kid couldn't call him out on trying to steal his style now or something like that. "Phew, dodged a fashion faux pas there... wait, was that kid okay?" David asked himself, realizing that the guy seemed a little down.

Just then, David could hear a blond and short haired girl running towards the bus stop as if her life depended on it. The girl was Nadine “Nazz” Van Bartonschmeer, and she soon yelled at the bus driver, “Don't start the bus yet!” The bus driver, who was about to start driving off, opened up the door for her in let Nazz walk in to take a seat. “Oh my gosh, sorry, I slept in!” she told him, which the bus driver silently nodded to.

While still playing hide and seek with himself in the bushes, David overheard and noticed the entire thing. “Oh shoot, the bus!” David yelled as he hurriedly jumped out of the bush, and sprinted like a cheetah towards the bus door, only his leg gets caught in the door mid-close. He yelped in pain, pulling his leg out from the door, but got flung into the floor of the bus, while everyone stared at him. David was embarrassed, and so he quickly stood up and ran towards the back of the bus where he hoped no one would harass him there.

“Tool,” thought Vincent as seen all the kids enter the bus now, and as a result, things got a lot louder now. Vincent kept on reading his most recent issue of White Dwarf though, and right now he didn't care if anyone had a conversation with him or not. He'd like to talk with someone here, but he wouldn't mind reading some more of his magazine either. So Vincent just kept on reading anyway, until someone decided to talk with him or not. Although he did notice Katherine walk by to sit in a seat right behind him as his eyes moved as she passed him. “Wow...” Vincent thought, feeling a sudden attraction to the girl, having been awhile since any girl got his attention like this.


Now Rin somehow lost his focus and then his sight of Katherine, although little did he know that he just couldn't see her over the tall black kid sitting in front of her. Feeling embarrassed for some reason, he clumsily sat down in a seat with Double-D, unaware of the other kid's presence.

“Greetings,” Double-D said, startling Rin a bit and causing him to look at Double-D.

“Um... konnichiwa,” Rin greeted Double-D with the standard hello in Japanese.

“Oh, pardon me, but you seem like you're new here, or I just haven't seen you around Peach Creek before.” Double-D decided to continue the conversation between him and the newcomer to Peach Creek who he could tell hailed from Japan. Being a nice guy, Double-D figured that this kid would probably need a little guidance here, and maybe even a friend. "I don't believe I caught your name.”

"Rin. Rin Yamaki," Rin replied fast and hard.

"Ah I see, well welcome to Peach Creek!” Double-D exclaimed as he stuck his hand out in order to shake it. “My name's Eddward Jones, but with two D's in my first name, so everyone usually calls me Double-D."

Rin couldn't help but let out a small, immature giggle at the boy's nickname. "Yeah, I used to live in Japan." Rin told. "But that was when I was little. I lived in another town for a few years before I moved here."

"What town was it by any chance?" Double-D asked with some curiosity.

"Dammit Rin, why did you say that?" Rin thought to himself, and suddenly he was going to make himself say the name of that dreaded town: Lemon Brook. He doesn't want to hear, see or speak anything related to Lemon Brook anymore. He then answered Double-D's question by saying, "A town with an acronym known as L.B."

"Isn't that an acronym for Lemon-" Before Double-D could finish his sentence, Rin interrupted him by placing his hand over his mouth.

"Double D-san, I hate to interrupt and say this in front of you, but please, don't say that town's name in front of me." Rin said to him, shivering a little just at the thought of it.

Double-D grabbed Rin's hand and gently moved it from off is mouth. He was going to need to wash his mouth because of the possible germs he might have received from Rin thanks to that little move. But more importantly right now was wondering why Rin held Lemon Brook with so much shame. “Rin, I know about what happened to Lemon Brook's economy. You and many other people from that town had to leave it thanks to the economy going into the red. Economies go bad all the time and are generally unpredictable and uncontrollable. I don't know how rough it might have been for you and the others when the market collapsed there, but I'm sure you and most others have found great places to make new starts, yes?”

"It's not that, but just don't say it again, okay?" Rin begged, hoping it would convince him to stop Double-D from continuing on about Lemon Brook.

"Alright, I can respect that," Double-D replied, ending the topic. He then said to Rin, "Hey Rin, if you'd like to, maybe I can take you on a tour around Peach Creek after school?"

"Sounds okay to me, and maybe you can even visit my house too," Rin responded, letting out a small smile. "He actually understands me, I think. Maybe Peach Creek isn't so bad after all,” Rin thought.

"Hey Rin, sorry if this seems a little sudden, but you did say you just moved here, correct?” Double-D asked him “Care to indulge me about your place of residence?”

"I am sorry, but what are you talking about, Double-D-san?" Rin asked, confused by what's saying, thanks to Double-D's superior English vocabulary.

"Well you know, where your home's at Rin," Double-D explained in layman's terms. "I live in Rathink Avenue, which you might recognize as the cul-de-sac where the bus stop was. My friends and I live there, in those houses you might have seen lined up around the side of that dead end street."

"Okay, I understand you now,” Rin cleared up to Double-D. “But for the place where I live... I hope you are not too surprised at this, but it's a house in the Peach Creek Estate area."

Double-D looked a little surprised, realizing that Rin was from an upper-class home. “Ah, my apologies in advance if I sound like I'm trying to stereotype you, but you wouldn't happen to live in the Japanese-styled house, would you Rin?”

"Yeah, the only other two are that average big house and some Chinese one," Rin said, scratching the back of his head. Double-D must have had a real good understand of other cultures if he could differentiate his house from that other Asian-looking one. "My dad is the CEO of a big and popular book publishing company headquartered in Japan. Because of the popularity, he expanded the company into other countries, creating branches you know. I guess you can figure out he had enough money to get a construction company to build a house here. Not to mention, with my dad in charge of the company, I can get nearly any book I want, which is amazing for a reader like me."

Double-D had to contain his excitement after hearing Rin's interest in reading."Oh my, someone else that shares my passion for books! Rin must value exploring the world of reading and the knowledge it brings!" he thought before asking with excitement, "Excuse me Rin, but if you wouldn't mind, um, can you borrow me some of your books after school?”

"Sorry Double D-san, I have moved recently and I haven't got time to unpack and arrange my belongings yet," Rin replied, hoping that he didn't disappoint someone so eager to read. "But maybe at a later time, and you know, you can help me out with moving in after school. In return, I will let you borrow some of my books."

“Thank you so much Rin, you have no idea how much reading means to me!” Double-D shouted, shaking Rin's hand with great ferocity. He didn't mind having to lift some objects a little if it meant being able to relax and read later, despite not being the most physically fit person out there. “Now if you don't mind me Rin, I need to polish up a bit on my math. I just got to get that A+ again.” With that being said, Double-D pulled out a textbook for math and started to read it. Rin, not exactly being a stud when it came to mathematical knowledge, was taken aback a little and decided to just think about how life was gonna be here in Peach Creek now.


Towards the front of the bus sat Nazz & Kyle, sitting in opposite seats right across from each other. Nazz started to notice Kyle as the bus finally started up to get going to Peach Creek Jr. High (PCJH for short though). He seemed new, and Nazz couldn't help but think that these new kids felt alone, and needed someone to talk to. "Oh hi, you must be new around here!" Nazz happily said to Kyle and gave him a nice, friendly smile.

Kyle looked at Nazz and flashed a smile right back at her. “Hey, maybe not everyone around is so bad... and she's kind of hot to boot,” Kyle thought to himself as he looked at her for a moment. "Yeah, I'm from Lemon Brook," Kyle answered. "My name's Kyle, what's yours?"

“I'm Nazz dude!” she joyfully replied back as the two shook hands, still smiling. "Oh my gosh that's right, Lemon Brook! Your school got burned in a fire didn't it? I'm so sorry!”

"That's a pretty cool name, Nazz, and it's nice to meet you too," Kyle answered as he released Nazz's hand. "Yeah, Lemon Brook did burn down... and I'm gonna miss it, but it's not a total loss, cause I got to meet you today," Kyle said suavely, with his smile turning into a sly smirk.

Nazz was taken aback by Kyle's reply, only for her to giggle and blush. It wasn't the first time she accidentally lead someone on, causing them to hit on her. Regardless, all she did was try to tone herself down a little, but still keep up the conversation so she wouldn't hurt him. “Gee, thanks man!”

"Maybe when we get to school you can show me around? You could also introduce me to some of your friends, too," Kyle suggested. “She might even have some hot girlfriends too... oh man am I lucky,” Kyle thought to himself blissfully.

“Oh yeah, no problem dude,” Nazz told him, still smiling. “I'm sure a guy like you will get along great with my friends.”

"Awesome," Kyle answered, a grin on his face. "So... what about the other people on this bus? Are they all from Peach Creek too?" Kyle asked as he looked around the bus, not recognizing anyone at first glance.

"Well mostly yeah, except for that guy over there, and over there, him too, oh and most definitely her. I think they're new to town just like you dude," Nazz said while pointing to Vincent, Rin, David and Katherine. She stopped sticking her finger at them and continued chatting with Kyle, saying, "Then the rest of us come from that cul-de-sac I came running from, which is in the town's boundaries I think.”

“Isn't that the one next to those brand new fancy houses?”

“Oh yeah, now that you mention it, I do live near there,” Nazz said with a good tone. “I remember back when that place was just a bunch of wooden frames. But yeah, Peach Creek Estates is just a couple blocks away from my house and half a mile down from the trailer park encase you were wondering! Oh, you probably have a good idea where that's at now, right? Sorry, so many new people makes it confusing on where they could live, you know what I mean?"

"Next to the trailer park, huh?" Kyle asked, suddenly becoming kind of nervous. "Uh... yeah, I know where that is... I just moved in around that neighborhood..." Kyle added, trailing off a bit. “If she knows that I live in a trailer, she might think I'm a loser,” Kyle thought nervously to himself.

“It's okay dude, we all heard about the economic situations from Lemon Brook,” Nazz explained to Kyle in a more serious tone. “I don't care if you live in the trailer park, Peach Creek Estates, or a box down the streets. You already showed me you're one rad dude, and that's all that really matters.”

Kyle's confidence suddenly returned to him, realizing that this girl didn't care that he was poor. “Alright, guilty as charged, I live in Park N' Flush,” he confessed. “What is my sentence, ma'am?” he joked a little, hoping to lighten up the mood again.

Nazz chuckled a little bit before saying, “You're sentenced to telling me if you've met the Kanker sisters yet.” Her face though seemed a little scared just bringing up those people, despite Kyle's best efforts to make things more relaxed.

"The... the who?" Kyle asked, both confused and a little nervous.

Nazz pulled out an umbrella out of her purse, and handed it to Kyle. "I don't know if this will help much, but when you go to your house, use it, even if it's not raining," she stated. "And even if they come in the school, use it dude!"

He took the umbrella from Nazz, a little unsettled by Nazz's suggestion of using the umbrella as some sort of makeshift weapon. "Oh come on... I-I'm sure whoever these Kanker fellows are, they can't be that bad," Kyle said, trying to act tough. As much as he wanted to be tough on the inside as well, he found himself imagining some huge, buff guys beating the snot out of him as he tried to fend them off with a dinky umbrella. “I wonder if the Kankers are some sort of gang,” Kyle commented, nervous on the inside, although he was keeping a relatively calm face on the outside. Lemon Brook had its fair share of gangs, and the last thing Kyle wanted was to get mixed up with them, again.

"No Kyle, they're no gang, but they're still pretty bad even if it's just three of them, and especially since you're a guy. They love new meat that isn't their 'boyfriends', and I use that term loosely," Nazz said, "And this isn't even going to stop them, I got a black eye last month even with using that umbrella! If you want better advice, ask the Eds, they should know how to escape them!"

Kyle looked at Nazz for a moment before bursting out into laughter. After a few moments he calmed down, and then noticed that Nazz's expression hadn't changed. "Wait a second... you're serious..." Kyle said quietly, feeling a little stupid. "Oh come on! I mean, no offense, Nazz, but who could be scared of a bunch of girls?" Kyle asked, feeling like Nazz's fear was unwarranted.

"Three girls... three trailer park girls... imagine the worst trailer trash you could ever imagine,” Nazz told him. “It sounds mean but... that's what they are..."

Kyle was a little unnerved by the fact that the Kankers lived in the trailer park, since he also lived there, although he should have guessed by Nazz's timing when bringing them up. "I'll take your word for it then," Kyle answered to satisfy Nazz. On the inside, however, Kyle didn't believe what he was hearing; no girls could possibly be that bad. “Besides, I'm so smooth, I'll just talk them into submission,” Kyle thought to himself. "There isn't anyone else I have to watch out for, though, right?" Kyle asked, remembering that there could be some other real threats in Peach Creek.

“Na, everyone else here is pretty chill, except for Kev... nevermind,” Nazz paused her voice. “Yep, no one else to worry about dude!”

"Cool, sounds like Peach Creek isn't so bad after all," Kyle said, a bit relieved that there was no one else he had to really worry about. "Anyway, are we almost there? I'm dying to see the school," Kyle admitted, wanting to finally see where he'd be spending most of his upcoming weekdays. He then pressed his face against the window and looked out it, pretending that someone outside was running along side the bus at super fast speeds.

“Just wait, we still have awhile Kyle,” Nazz replied before she too decided to just look out the window. She really did hope that her seventh grade year of junior high would rock. Last year was okay for her, but Nazz really wanted a great year now that it seemed like so many new people moved into town.


"I don't want to see you take your eyes off of that book until we get to school Ed!" Sarah shouted in to her big brother's ear sternly, but not angrily. Back in her sit in front of Ed & Eddy's, her and Jimmy then continued to discuss a some trivial gossip that mostly concerned about the kids in their fourth grade class.

Eddy was still fairly confused as to why Ed was reading that book. He leaned over to Ed and whispered, "Ed, come on, forget the book! When has a book ever done anything good for anybody?" Eddy then reached for the book in Ed's hands to snatch it from him.

Ed panicked, pushing Eddy up against the window of the bus swiftly and harshly. "Uh, nope, no Eddy books are... good for Ed!" Ed said while sweating frantically and with a strong hint of doubt to his voice.

"Jeez, Ed, I get it! You're a book worm now, just get off of me!" Eddy complained as he tried to push Ed off of him, although it was clearly a fruitless effort.

"Ed, I think you need to tell Eddy and Double-D what's going on,” Sarah told her brother.

“I'm sure they won't think any less of you Ed,” Jimmy reassured.

"N-no, Ed does not need to tell Eddy and Double-D what has happened to him, nope!" With another fit of mild hysteria, Ed stopped holding Eddy against the bus window, letting his much smaller friend free.

"Whoa, wait a minute... what happened, Ed?" Eddy asked, confused.

"Nothing Eddy!" Ed yelled while smiling worriedly and sweating still, unaware he was making a scene.

"Ed, they're gonna find out sooner or later!" Sarah shouted back at him.

Ed was now so uneasy that he was starting to sweat worse than a man in the stranded in Death Valley. "Okay, I confess, I was held back Eddy! Me, you and Double-D aren't gonna be in the same classes anymore!" Ed admitted before weeping his eyes out in his textbook.

Eddy looked at Ed in shocked, the revelation hitting like a ton of bricks. "No way..." Eddy said as he looked down at the weeping Ed, with a sad look on his face. "I'm sorry about that, Lumpy, I didn't know..." Eddy said, feeling a little bad about bugging Ed about the book. "But it's okay, Ed, I'm sure Double-D will help you study so you can pass this year if you ask him," Eddy suggested, remembering Double-D's futile attempts to tutor him last year, although Eddy certainly didn't ask for that.

“Don't worry Ed, I'll give you assistance in studying again, provided you stay focused and retain whatever material you learn!” Double-D yelled back at Ed before continuing to study himself in his seat.

“See Ed, Sockhead's got your back, you got nothing to worry about pal,” Eddy reassured, hoping that Double-D's words would help cheer Ed up.

“I know Eddy, but Ed will miss his compadres!” Ed sniffed.

"I'm gonna miss you too, burhead," Eddy said. "But you'll see us during gym, art and lunch I'm sure, so we can still talk then, alright?" Eddy reassured him, hoping to calm the grief-stricken Ed down.

Ed wiped his runny nose on his jacket, with mucus coating the entire sleeve now. "O-Okay, E-E-Eddy!” Ed sniffled, as he then continued to read the book, despite many of it's words being ineligible to him.

Eddy sighed, glad that Ed had calmed down and had went back to studying his book, although it looked like he was having difficulty reading it. For the time being, he looked outside the window and started to dread the idea of entering the school more and more.


“That poor bloke,” Katherine thought as her and pretty much everyone else heard about Ed getting held back. Grades were never an issue to Katherine, but she could imagine how much it would stink to be horrible in your classes.

Vincent too could overhear the boys conversation. It would suck to get held back admittedly, but you'd have to either be incredibly lazy or incredibly stupid for that to happen to you, and Vincent would only feel bad if it was thanks to latter. That's something people usually can't control, while laziness on the other hand was something that Vincent did not like. Oh sure everyone had the right to chill, but when they earned it in his opinion. Otherwise, if you ended up screwed over in life out of your own laziness, you earned no one's sympathy.

However, he did notice two kids near him on the bus who didn't seem too talkative. One was the girl right behind him, who Vincent felt something for, and the other one, like Vincent, was also African-American. To Vincent, there were only three reasons to remain quiet; in humility, pride, or because you have nothing to say. Right now he couldn't quite put his finger on their reasons, but by reading their body language, Vincent figured that the reasons didn't relate to pride. He noticed that there was a piece of wood with a smile on it held tightly in the boy's arms, and that the girl was probably a new kid like him, only much shyer than he was.

He could tell that the boy was probably the local weird kid. Regardless, Vincent was willing to get the run down from anyone native to Peach Creek, despite his social status. Who knows, maybe the weird kid would have a better opinion than some average guy anyway. "Hey there," Vincent said, getting the boy's attention. "You know how things at this place are? Sorry, but I'm new here, so I can't really tell."

Jonny, who at this point was looking at the floor, slowly turned his head like an owl and stared at Vincent straight in the eye. It was the first time that anyone had acted friendly to him for the first time in months, besides when people wanted him to “behave”. "What's your name?" he asked, a little harsh, but only out of self-defense.

"Oops, forgot to tell ya," Vincent said, slightly embarrassed at his lack of proper social skills for when introducing himself. "Name's Vincent, what's yours?" he asked, offering to shake his hand.

Jonny stared at his hand, somewhat confused for a second until he decided to reach for it and shake it softly before retracting his hand. "It's Jonny... listen Vincent, you look like a nice guy, but don't make any friends here, they'll stab you in the back when you least expect it..." Jonny then went back to looking at the floor like he was before Vincent decided to have a conversation with him.

“Well, that was probably the one thing I did not want to hear,” Katherine thought while listening in on Vincent and Jonny's talk. She already had enough trouble making friends, and she didn't need the locals around here to be those kind of people who'd use and betray you on top of it.

"Backstabbers, really?" Vincent thought. Poor kid looked like he had a really hard time making friends, and Vincent assumed that he carried that piece of wood with him out of comfort. Vincent then decided that he would get more opinions from the others here. However, he'd defiantly take Jonny's advice and always watch his back. He then looked at two other boys who might know a thing or two about Peach Creek. "Hey guys," Vincent said to them. "Name's Vincent, and and just moved here recently. Can you guys tell me a bit about this place or what?"

Eddy, while pondering about his hatred for school, looked over at Vincent and smiled. "What's up, Vincent? The name's Eddy, and this here's Ed," Eddy said as he pointed at Ed, who was too centered around studying to partake in the conversation. "And you definitely asked the right guy about Peach Creek, cause I'm an expert!" Eddy proclaimed. "So, what do you want to know first?" Eddy asked, not knowing where to begin.

Vincent liked the amount of confidence that Eddy was showing. It was about time he found someone how had some self-esteem when it seemed like over half the kids had issues with social skills. Although for some reason, Vincent couldn't help but think that he had seen Eddy somewhere else in the past before too for some strange reason. "Well first off, what's this town like Eddy? You know, the places to go, how the school is, the works," Vincent told him. "Also, any certain people I need to know about?"

"Well, there's plenty of places you can go, like the construction site, playground, woods, lane, creek, junkyard, and, my personal favorite, the candy store," Eddy said as he grinned happily at the thought. "And the school is pretty good, you know, if you're a nerd like Double-D," Eddy said, although he was sure Double-D couldn't hear him as his voice was at a proper indoor tone for once. "As for people you need to know about... I don't really know... I guess the only people I can think of off the top of my head is the Kanker sisters," Eddy explained as his expression soured a bit. "They're some girls from the trailer park that like to mess with people, but I'm sure you'll be fine as long as you steer clear of them," Eddy added. "Hey, and since I'm telling you stuff, are there any kids from Lemon Brook that are coming to Peach Creek that me and Ed should know about?" Eddy asked, remembering the jerks from the football team that tied him to the back of their bus last year.

"Damn, is it really that easy to tell I was from Lemon Brook right off the bat?" Vincent asked before answering Eddy's question.

"I guess I just assumed, what with all the kids from Lemon Brook showing up thanks to that town's economy going in the crapper from what I've heard," Eddy answered.

"Anyway, most of the kids from Lemon Brook aren't actually that bad. There's a few jerks, just like every school gets, although I can't remember any of their names. You know, to be honest with yeah, I can't help but remember that football game from last year. Dominated sixty-four to zero. I think that I got in some nice hits in that game." Vincent then took a look at Eddy and finally recognized who he was. "Oh, you must be that mascot that some of the guys tied to the back of the bus. I thought you would've remembered my face though. Remember, when we stopped at that gas station and I let you go because our coach would've murdered us for kidnapping?"

"I'm sorry, I don't really remember any faces from that day very well, I did have a crap ton of lemons shoved into my mouth," Eddy complained, although he had a smile on his face. "But hey, if you were the one who finally got me out of that situation, then thanks," Eddy said as he extended a hand toward Vincent.

"No problem Eddy, I wasn't exactly a fan of the idea of having to be sent to hell and back just for some idiots' joyride," Vincent replied as he shook Eddy's hand. Outside the window it looked like the bus was getting closer towards the school. “Oh wow, this place is definitely smaller than Lemon Brook Middle School,” Vincent thought upon seeing the building from the distance. He figured that with PCJH being a K-8 school would be small, but this wasn't what Vincent imagined.

“Okay, maybe not everyone here is a numbskull after all,” Katherine thought again after hearing Vincent & Eddy talk with each other. Vincent seemed like a reasonable guy, and Eddy was no dag in her book. Perhaps despite what Jonny told Vincent, this place wouldn't be as bad as he made it sound like. If she played her cards right and remained careful about who she would possibly let into her life, she would be just fine, she thought.
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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

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Chapter 1: Part 3 – The Setup

While the bus was still on the road to school, Roland was able to make it to the school on just his scooter. As he then folded the scooter and placed it in his colossal backpack so that it was secure, he looked around the building and saw that there was hardly anyone else there. He figured as much, considering how it was only 7:20 AM and the buses wouldn't even show up for another fifteen minutes. Roland sighed at the thought of entering PCJH, thinking it would be just as bad for him as Lemon Brook Middle School was to him. Back in Lemon Brook, Roland hardly any friends, and the ones he did make were ones he would only rarely speak to. In some ways he saw that as good thing, since he didn't pick up on some of their bad influences, like smoking, joining gangs, and etc. However, as a result it did make him an outcast obviously.

"Hm... I'm early,” Roland said in a deadpan tone, unexcited for today. He just wanted to get his day of school over with so he could go back home to his own little world. “I might as well see the jerks I'll be forced to socialize with later." Roland then leaned on the side of the stairs leading to the main entrance and waited for anyone to show up. He thought that any encounters he had with the other kids would end with them either ignoring or picking on him, there was no alternatives in his mind. However, Roland also knew that he had a fresh start here, and could make some new true and good friends here thanks to his past not being an issue to them. Of course, since Roland remembered that Lemon Brook's economy went in the red, he knew that it also wasn't unlikely for some other Lemon Brook kids to show up here and possibly make his life hell again. He sighed again though, hoping that wouldn't be the case.


Unaware to Roland however, there was someone else at the school already. Kevin soon managed to get all the way to school on foot at the same time as Roland did. It wasn't that far on foot, and he really did wonder why most of the kids had to be tools and take the bus. Could they really started to stop thinking for themselves and get lazy or what? Oh well, it didn't matter to him. As Kevin stepped inside of the school from the gym entrance towards the backside of the school, he looked at a clock and found that it would be about forty minutes before classes even started. "Looks like I got time for a morning run," Kevin thought as he headed towards the locker room. There he changed clothes, got into some P.E. clothes and ran outside the track that was around the football field. He'd get in a mile, maybe a mile and a half before school started, but would remember to shower of course so that he didn't murder anyone with his B.O. "I wonder if everyone else is enjoying the dumb bus?" Kevin thought as he continued running around the track.

In about ten minutes, Kevin just focused on running had just got in two miles today during his run around the track. That was more than he expected, and felt proud of himself for running quite a bit. "That's how we do it Kevin," he thought to himself as he entered the shower room and proceeded to take a shower. As Kevin was in the showers, he thought about how well that running time around the track was, and how if he just kept improving his speed and stamina, it would only make him better at sports. Kevin might have been naturally talented in athletics, but even he knew that talent only got you so far before actual training was needed. He was no perfectionist, but he did want to make sure that he was the best in whatever he did that related to sports.


"We're always late because you, Marie!" May Kanker yelled at her older sister Marie Kanker as she and her sisters walked slowly toward the school.

"Late? Yeah right, the buses aren't even here yet!" Marie argued back, obviously angry. "We're early, and I hate being early!" Marie said as she socked May lightly on the arm, causing the blonde sister to huff angrily.

"Yeah, well-"

"Yeah well nothin'!" Lee Kanker, the oldest of the Kanker sisters suddenly chimed in, growing impatient with her sisters' and their constant arguing. "Just suck it up, Marie. We're early, so what?" Lee asked rhetorically as she spotted a boy standing up against the stairs at the front of the school. "Besides, it looks like being early has its benefits this year, girls," Lee said as she pointed over at Roland, causing her sisters to grin widely.

Roland looked up and saw the three girls who were coming his way. "Such white trash,” Roland thought, immediately repulsed by the Kanker sisters. “Please don't let them try and not ask me out or anything because I don't wanna deal with them! Those three aren't there, those three aren't there."

Yet Roland's thoughts of denying that the Kanker sisters where there wasn't quite working out for him. "He must be one of those new kids from Lemon Brook," May said as she looked over at him.

"He's really pale... but he's kind of cute, too!" Marie added in as she looked him over, a devious smile on her face.

“No, go away!” Roland screamed in his mind, pressing his hands against his head.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go see what Lemon Brook boys are made of..." Lee suggested as she started walking toward Roland, her sisters close behind her. As the Kankers drew near Roland, Lee called out, "Hey, tall, pale, and handsome, what are you doing out here all by yourself!"

Roland sucked it up and realized that he was gonna have to talk with these girls, even though he already didn't like them. He tried his best to hide his disgust at the Kanker sisters, not wanting to make any enemies on his first day. "Well I don't really socialize because I found most of the people back at Lemon Brook to be uninteresting,” he said in an attempt at sounding unattractive, but then suddenly his social awkwardness got the better of him. “So whats the reason you three are approaching me, because if it's anything involving relationships, then its out of the question..."

"Relationships?" Lee questioned as she tried to hide a smile that was forcing itself across her face; she and her sisters stopped a few feet from Roland. "Now who said anything about that?"

"Yeah, we're already taken buddy," Marie chimed in.

“Wait what?” Roland thought, with a grimace look on his face. He knew now that these girls were trying to mess with him, and that was not something Roland could put up with for long. The many emotions inside him were starting to overflow, and all of this nonsense was gonna make him do something he'd regret. However, what Roland really wondered was who in their right mind would be with these girls in a relationship in the first place?

"But..." Lee began as she leered at Roland. "...if you wanna have some fun, we won't say anything if you won't," Lee said flirtatiously as she flashed Roland a sly smile, her sisters doing the same.

"Look, I'm not interested in anything like that either,” Roland said as he stood up. “Now I'm gonna go somewhere else if you don't mind."

Roland made an attempt to walk inside and then start running, but Marie slid in front of Roland, blocking his exit. "Hey now, cutie, where do you think you're going?" Marie asked as she brought her face inches from his. May and Lee came closer up behind Roland, trapping him in between them.

"Yeah, what's the rush, Mister Lemon Brook?" May snorted as she and Lee reached for Roland's arms from behind.

Roland now had to break free as Lee & May tightly interlocked their arms with his own. He was a bit shocked at how strong these girls were, since Roland couldn't shake out of their grip to no avail. This was not something he gave consent to, and Roland was enraged at the thought of being sexually assaulted on his first day of school. At least this was something that never happened to him back at Lemon Brook, and to him that place was hell. Now when Marie was about to kiss Roland, he headbutted her with great fury and then violently stepped on Lee's foot, causing her to let go. "When I say no, I mean no!" Roland yelled lividly at the three girls.

"Why you little fa-" Marie said angrily as she recovered from Roland's attack. It wasn't too often that anyone retaliated against the Kanker sisters, but since Roland was new to town, they should have figured he would do this.

Lee hopped back a few steps, her foot in hand, and then looked at Roland with rage. "Alright, tough guy, if you don't want kisses, then I guess you want fists!" Lee shouted. "Get him!" Lee exclaimed as she and her sisters leaped at Roland in an attempt to pummel him.

With a sinister grin on his face, Roland took off his heavy backpack and then spun it in the air like a ball and chain. His large backpack knocked back all three Kanker sisters to the ground the moment they jumped at him. He gave a psychotic laugh at their attempt to beat him up. For too long had Roland let others take advantage of him and make him feel less than human. But that was Lemon Brook, and this was Peach Creek now, and Roland wasn't going to put up with anyone's crap anymore.

Meanwhile, as Kevin was in his regular school clothes now, he wandered the school for a bit and looked out the window. There he saw three kids jumping one kid right outside the school. They were too far away for Kevin to make out who they were but did comment to himself, "Damn, first day of school and there's already a fight. Better go see what's up." Kevin decided to rush on outside of the school and take a look at what was going on. He went out a different exit than the main door so that the brawlers wouldn't notice him and keep on fighting.

Sneaking himself closer, but still out of sight, he could see that it was none other than the Kanker sisters who were jumping some poor sap. "Crap, it's those three whores!" Kevin thought, but then saw a crowbar lying on the ground that probably fell out of the janitor's truck or something. He might have had no idea who this kid was, but even Kevin thought that a new kid having to deal with the Kankers on their first day was not okay in his book. "Well, here's the best I can do without getting killed myself," Kevin thought as he slide the crowbar on the ground for the kid to catch it in order to at least stand a chance against the Kankers.

The Kankers now stumbled backwards and stared at Roland angrily. "What the hell does that guy have in there, a bowling ball?" Marie said as she ran over to her sisters and joined them at their side.

"Looks like Lemon Brook boys actually put up a fight..." Lee said as she and her sisters prepared to charge him again. "I like that!" Lee said as she and her sisters ran toward Roland again, fists raised.

Roland now threw his backpack at May who was charging at him, sending her flying into the wall of the school. Now he still had Marie & Lee after him, so Roland slide-kicked Marie down, causing her to hit her head on the pavement and temporarily black out. Yet this left Roland on the ground now, with Lee jumping on top of him as he lied on the hot cement. Looking to his right he saw a nearby crowbar, which he picked up and proceeded to use by whacking Lee in the face, causing her to fall off him. Getting back up, Roland yelled at them, “Back the hell off of me!”

Lee, getting back up after getting smacked in the skull by that crowbar in Roland's hands, picked her sisters up by their collars and pulled them to their feet to get them away from Roland. Marie, who had just regained consciousness, complained, "Great, now the freak has a weapon!"

"I don't care, let's-" May began but was cut off by Lee.

"Forget him, May," Lee said as she held May back. "I ain't about to get a crowbar to the face again by some pale freak. Besides, I bet there's boys a whole lot better looking than him coming our way," Lee explained to her angry sisters as they began to calm down. "Now let's get out of here before a teacher notices..." Lee commented as she began to lead her sisters toward stairs that led into the school, making sure to avoid Roland, who was still ready to commit aggravated assault on them with his crowbar again.

"Next time you won't be so lucky, freak," Marie said as she followed Lee and May into the school.

Kevin, who had watched the entire fight from behind a wall, sighed in relief. He didn't know that the Kankers would back down like that from someone with a weapon. Although Kevin did realize that he never exactly had a weapon on him when the Kankers were around, unless his wrench counted as a decent improv weapon. It suddenly made Kevin feel stupid that he should have made sure to remained armed with something in the past, knowing that the Kankers get him or his friends at anytime. "Note to self: make sure I'm armed the next time the Kankers try to make me their toy," Kevin thought as he soon ran back inside the school through its main doors this time. He was gonna wait inside near his regular school locker for the others to show up.

Roland was glad that he saw the Kankers run off, with them no longer being a problem at the moment. He also noticed some other kid run inside, making Roland wonder if the kid noticed his fight with those girls, which meant that there could have been a possible witness. He noticed that Peach Creek Jr. High had no security cameras, unlike LBMS, meaning that the only way anybody would ever have evidence of him using a crowbar was if he had it on him. Although it looked like a nice crowbar, Roland sighed and threw the crowbar across the road and into some bush over there, knowing that having it on him could possibly bring more issues on him than he needed right now. “I hope to God that not everyone else in this building is as nuts as those girls,” Roland thought as he continued to wait outside the school, hoping for decent people to show up, somehow managing to remain optimistic despite all that had happened to him.


Back on the bus, Rin felt the heat of nervousness, fear and hatred running through his body, as Vincent and Eddy were talking about Lemon Brook. Drops of sweat started to appear on his forehead, but he quickly used his right hand to wipe them away. He then pulled out his portable CD player and turned it on, listening to a song on it loudly to distract him of their banter. Now looking outside the window, Rin could see that the bus was getting nearer to the school where he would go to.

"Oh, and Rin, I forgot to mention to you of the Kanker sisters," Double-D told him, giving Rin advice while remaining ignorant to the fact that Rin probably wasn't gonna catch any of it thanks to the loud music he was currently listening to. "Their names are May, Marie and Lee Kanker, and well, let's just say that they are rather fond of harassing others physically, emotionally, mentally and yes, even sexually. If they're ever an issue, just tell me before doing anything rash!"

"Thanks, I guess," Rin replied. Since his music being at a blaring volume in an attempt to block out Vincent & Eddy's conversation, Rin hardly heard much of what Double-D said to him. All he picked up was something about some girls who harassed others. Regardless, if they were ever an issue, Rin would deal with it himself before telling Double-D about it.

The bus driver then parked in front of Peach Creek Jr. High and yelled, “Have a good first day of hell, I mean school!” He then opened up the door on the bus so that everyone could get off.

"Oh!" Nazz said, getting Kyle's attention. "Looks like we're already here! Hey did you want to see what classes we might have together?" Nazz asked as she stood up out of her seat.

"Sure thing, let's hope we have at least one class together," Kyle answered as he followed Nazz off of the bus as Sarah & Jimmy fallowed behind them.

“Race you to school Jimmy!” Sarah exclaimed as she started to bolt it to the building.

“Watch out sister, because this speed demon's on his game today,”Jimmy replied as he jumped over Kyle & Nazz as him and Sarah ran neck and neck to the school.

“Little kids I tell you,” Eddy commented as both him and Vincent chuckled at the two's enthusiasm to make it to school on their first day. Then Eddy stared at Ed, who was still looking at his book. "Uh... Ed, you know we're at school now, right?" Eddy asked the oblivious Ed.

Ed then got up and walked down the aisle while reading the book and tripped out the door, missing Nazz and Kyle, so that thankfully neither of the two had to be crushed by that lummox. Whilst on the ground he continued to read, blissfully unaware of the other kids walking over him as he lied on the concrete.

Vincent too got up from his seat and told Jonny, "Come on, aren't you ready for some fun?" in a sarcastic manner. As he and Eddy ended up getting up at the same time, the two accidentally bumped into each other. “Well, that's gotta be my bad for not looking down,” he joked, until he quickly realized that his glasses fell off of his head when he collided with Eddy.

“Are you sure it's not because you lost a set of your eyes?” Eddy retorted as he continued walking off of the bus, laughing.

At this point, Vincent's vision got blurrier, with it being so bad that the front of the bus looked like nothing more but a fuzzy representation of different shapes and colors.”Well, there goes my sight,” he commented, trying not to move so his glasses wouldn't accidentally get stomped on.

“Um, are these yours?” Katherine shyly asked as she picked up a pair of glasses and handed them back to Vincent, which he put back on.

“Thanks,” Vincent replied as he saw that it was the girl who he had a little crush on. “Oh uh, I don't think I caught your name. Mine's Vincent if you couldn't overhear me and Eddy chatting about this town and stuff.”

“It's Katherine, Katherine Queen,” she said, a little nervous. Although Vincent seemed like a friendly guy, the fact that he was towering over Katherine right now made her a bit tense.

“That's a nice name,” Vincent thought, soon realizing that he was starting to hold up the bus for her, Jonny and that one kid in the far back who caught his leg in the bus door earlier. “Well, best we not deny the inevitable,” he said as he continued walking off the bus, with the top of his head and the roof of the bus rubbing against each other. Katherine decided to do the same and head out of the bus as well.

“Boy Plank, check what I just scored!” Jonny exclaimed as he showed Plank the issue of White Dwarf that Vincent was reading. While Vincent & Eddy clashed, those glasses weren't the only thing that Vincent dropped. “We'll read this later and then slip it back to him,” he whispered to his piece of wood as he stashed the magazine in his backpack before walking out of the bus himself.

Now with everyone else off the bus, David decided it would be a safe time to leave without anyone noticing. As he walked out of his seat and was about to exit the door, the bus driver accidentally shut the door on his leg again, causing David to trip and fall on top of Ed, who was still reading his book while lying on the ground. “Oh come on!” David complained. The bus driver soon opened up the door for David, only to close it on his other leg this time. “Really?”

“Oh man, I don't care if I get fired for that, it was so worth it,” the bus driver laughed as he let David exit the bus for real this time as he drove off now.

Now that all of the kids were out of the bus now, each one of the new kids had there own reactions to the place. “Damn, Peach Creek Jr. High is a lot smaller than Lemon Brook Middle School, and this place is supposed to be a K-8 school too," Vincent commented, wondering how they could cram all the rest of Lemon Brook's kids into this tiny little school. But he shrugged it off and walked on into school. So far nobody seemed to notice his smoke-like odor, but if they didn't notice, then the teachers surely would. He hoped that his class schedule would have P.E. early in the day so that he could shower the smell off.

“I don't know about you, but I think this place makes LBMS look like dog turds,” David explained to Vincent as he got up and still noticed Ed on the ground. “Um, you okay?”

“Come on and get up already Lumpy,” Eddy said as he tried to pull Ed up, but alas his friend was far too heavy. So instead, Eddy yanked the book Ed was trying to study out of and threw it over to the school.

“No, come back here my book baby sister wants me to study out of!” Ed yelled as he quickly got back on his feet and started to run off after the book, picking it up and then standing against the school building whilst reading out of it still.

As Nazz and Kyle walked into the school, he took in his surroundings. The school looked pretty good, Kyle had to admit, although it was certainly a lot smaller than Lemon Brook, not to mention not nearly as nice looking. Then again, Lemon Brook was better in every way over Peach Creek to Kyle, so he couldn't help but criticize his new school. “Dang, I really am gonna miss that school,” Kyle thought to himself, finding it hard to believe.

“Tell me Double-D-san, this is must be better than Lemon Brook?” Rin asked in a begging-tone.

“I have no idea what Lemon Book Middle School's institution was like myself, and all that I know about it is from guys like you who've been there,” Double-D informed Rin as he went to meet up with Eddy. “Although make what you will of this school, which I myself personally think is a wonderful place for knowledge and learning!”

“Don't give him any false hope Sockhead,” Eddy told him before turning to Rin and saying, “I kid, well, at least about the kids anyway. Classes here suck, big time.”

“What about you Katherine, Lemon Brook or Peach Creek?” Vincent asked Katherine, hoping to spark a decent conversation with her, regardless if she agreed or disagreed.

“Well, I was only in Lemon Brook for such a short time, I didn't get to enroll there,” Katherine told Vincent. “So uh, I don't really know, sorry.”

“Fair enough,” Vincent said, as he, Katherine and the rest of the kids began to walk into the inside of the school itself now.


From his locker, Kevin looked at the crowd of kids coming in outside through the window, where he saw tons of new and familiar faces. Normally he would have walked up to Nazz or Rolf and hang out with them. Yet he knew that Nazz wouldn't want anything to do with him anymore, and Rolf was nowhere to be found. "Damn, oh well, there's still the Eds," Kevin thought, which was something a few months ago he would have never said that. But of course, that was then, this is now. Kevin also seen that Double-D was busy talking to some new kid, who was probably from Lemon Brook, instead of chatting it up with Ed or Eddy instead.

Oh Lemon Brook, Kevin seriously couldn't believe that a few kids from that town would be over here now. On the positive side of things for once, Peach Creek's own football team would be great now that they would have those beasts playing for them. Kevin didn't even need to worry about them possibly challenging his spot as captain of the team and his role as starting quarterback, because the team would still be small. Speaking of football, Kevin remembered that football was still going to accept players because of all the Lemon Brook kids coming in. He knew that so far him, Ed, Eddy, Rolf, Double-D and even Jonny were playing football again, just like last year. But now with all these new kids, they could finally have a decent sized team, and wouldn't force every other team in their division to play six-man football with them. Perhaps they'd even get a decent season for once too, since they were already at 0-1, and on a nearly thirty year loosing streak, which sucked.

But anyway, Kevin approached Ed, Double-D, Eddy and that other new kid and said, "Hey, what's up guys?" To be honest, it still felt unnatural for him to say that. Hopefully for Kevin though, he would get used to it sooner or later.

"What's up, Kev?" Eddy answered as he smiled at the red-hatted boy. Even though Eddy and Kevin became good friends now, it still felt a little weird conversing with each other without the conversation devolving into slander. Meanwhile, Double-D & Rin went off somewhere else to chat, while Ed mysteriously vanished from their sights.

Just then, Roland, who was wondering around at this point, decided to approach Kevin after thinking now would be a good time to do so. “Now I believe you're the guy who threw a crowbar to me,” Roland said while staring intensely at him before saying, “Thanks.”

Eddy then shifted his attention to Roland, who had just walked up to Kevin and said something about throwing him a crowbar. “Wait what?” he asked, confused. “Hey Kev, what's this about you and a crowbar now?”

"Ooh, you noticed that huh," Kevin said back to Roland. Personally he wanted it to be a secret, not wanting to draw any attention that he helped Roland fight the Kankers. But now Kevin didn't mind if Roland knew or not, since it seemed like he already figured it out surprisingly fast. "Yeah, I thought that you could use a hand against the Kankers. I mean, three on one isn't exactly fair, right Eddy? But yeah, I saw it lying on the ground and slid it towards ya. I would've joined in, but even I don't have the brass balls to fight the Kankers. But man, it was pretty choice that you made them back down, which is something no one here's made that happen before I think. You Lemon Brook kids are really something else, I admit, and oh, name's Kevin by the way."

"You got that right Kevin!" Ed exclaimed, surprising the three boy, since the last Eddy saw him, Ed went off somewhere else.

"Dang it, Ed, don't sneak up on me like that," Eddy commented at Ed, who had startled him.

“Was off dropping a little something off on Mars, Eddy,” Ed told him, although no one took him seriously.

Eddy then looked at Roland, a little shocked at what Kevin had said about Roland standing up to the Kankers. "Hey man, you stood up to the Kankers? For real?" Eddy asked; the only time he could recall standing up to the Kankers was that one time when everyone thought Double-D had become a bully, although luckily he didn't have to fight them.

“Kankers bad for Ed!” Ed yelled just from hearing his best friend mention there name. As soon as he appeared, Ed vanished once more, hiding in unknown whereabouts.

Just as Ed ran off again and Roland was about to answer Eddy, Vincent approached Eddy, who was talking to a couple of other kids, one of which he remembered seeing back at Lemon Brook. "Wow, small school," Vincent commented towards Eddy, and then saw Kevin. "Oh, hey there, name's Vincent."

"Sup, name's Kevin," Kevin replied as the two shook hands before thinking, "This guy looks like a tall geek, but you know better than to judge people right off the bat Kev. You don't get to decide who's a dork right off the bat after all.

"Hey, I think I remember you from that game last year," Vincent told him. "Don't wanna bring back bad memories, but it was that game you guys lost 0-64. I remember playing in it, and damn, I never messed up people that bad before."

"Ugh, yeah," Kevin grumbled. As usual, Peach Creek lost every game that season, but every time they played against Lemon Brook, the results were always that devastating. It wasn't Kevin's favorite subject to bring up to say the least. "We would've stood a chance if we had big guys like you and a competent team."

"Speaking of football, your team is still letting kids in?" Vincent asked. "I know the season started a couple of weeks ago, but are you guys gonna let us Lumpers in or not?"

"We're the Peach Creek Cobblers, what do you think?” Kevin asked rhetorically. “We'll take in anyone who wants to play at this point, but we're not having any practice tonight. Our head coach Downswald told us to take today off because you know, first day of school and all.”

Vincent then remembered that he had to help out his mom a lot after school. First was bringing his little sister home, and then helping to set up everything at home. Perhaps he actually got lucky, with having no practice tonight so he would be able to get those errands done later. "Well, I got a lot of stuff to do today after school anyway, so I'll make it tomorrow, I can promise that."

“Choice, welcome to the team,” Kevin said as him and Eddy fistbumped Vincent, glad that they were getting another guy on the team.

“So Kevin, you were kinda implying earlier that these Kankers are a bit of a threat around here, is that true?” Roland spoke up, getting the three other kids' attention. “Also you can me Roland." Roland then saw Vincent who he remembered back in Lemon Brook. To him, the guy was a charismatic smoker who was lucky that he had such a way with words, and wrestling too. Vincent was revolting in Roland's eyes for other reasons as well, but even someone who lacked social skills like he did knew it was best not to say these reasons out-loud to the others. "I think I saw you back in Lemon Brook," Roland said to Vincent, with a tad bit of nervousness in his normally monotone voice.

"Oh, the Kankers, they're bad news alright," Kevin told Roland. "The biggest bullies in the school, and until now no one has defeated them in a fight. I doubt they'll just sit aside and let what you did to them go by though, the Kankers won't treat something like that lightly. I'd watch out if I were you."

“Woah nelly, you actually fought with the Kanker sisters and won?” Eddy asked with his eyes wide.

“I guess so,” Roland shrugged, not seeing what was that special about what he had just done, except for defending himself of course. “They ran off after I had a crowbar.”

Eddy was flabbergasted and couldn't believe with what he had heard. He even looked at Kevin, who nodded to confirm that this fight actually happened, and something like this was not anything Kevin would bluff about. “Wow, I'll be sure to remember you as the badass who kicked those Kankers butts,” Eddy commented as he gave Roland a fistbump in respect for showing up the Kanker sisters.

"Hey, I think I remember you, Roland wasn't it?" Vincent asked as he called out Roland. To be honest, Vincent didn't have much of a high opinion on Roland. He thought that the kid was a spaz and got far too angry & violent all the time. Standing up for yourself was one thing, but Vincent was convinced that the kid only knew how to fight like a madman. It no wonder that he got expelled from Lemon Brook Middle School for assaulting some kid named Cody. That and Vincent knew that Roland didn't like how he smoked. It was none of Roland's business if he was a smoker or not, and Vincent could never understand why it was such a big deal to some people. Yeah it had its downsides, but it was Vincent's choice to smoke, even though he was underage.

“Yeah, I know you Vincent, you and your crud,” Roland called him out, causing Kevin & Eddy to look at Vincent as he just shrugged his shoulders, acting like he had no idea what Roland was talking about. "So anyway, these Kankers seem to be a big trouble to you all around here. Perhaps I should hangout with you guys and your other pals since I'd love to hear their stories on how bad these Kankers are. Maybe at lunch?"

“Yeah, maybe at lunch I guess,” Kevin replied as a bell went off throughout the entire school.

“What the heck was that?” Vincent asked.

“That was the bell telling us we have five minutes until class starts at eight!” Eddy exclaimed as him, Kevin, Vincent and Roland ran to a crowd of people surrounding a bulletin board. The bulletin board had lists of the kids in each grade and what groups they'd be in for the rest of their day. “Oh hey Roland, looks like me and you are in group one,” Eddy said as he saw the list of kids in group one, which consisted of Double-D, Eddy, Marie, Nazz, David, Kyle and Roland.

Roland heard Eddy's comment as a light at the end of a tunnel after the years of pain and hatred that had almost consumed his soul. He saw this as a chance of redemption, getting a hopefully fresh and brand new start without the past lingering on him anymore. Who knows, he might even find some new friends and wash away what he considered the “dark” parts of his character. Roland then walked off to his first hour class, muttering, "Maybe it's not late to learn how to love and forget how to hate...”

“Dude, looks like we're in the second group!” Kevin exclaimed to Vincent as he read off the list of the kids in the second group. “Me, you, Rolf, May, Lee, Jonny, Rin and Katherine. Oh man, that's gonna be interesting.”

Vincent then looked over and saw that Katherine was also looking at this same list too. “So, you heard the man, looks like we're in the same classes this year,” he said.

Katherine thought it was somewhat of a relief that she had Rin and Vincent in her classes. She didn't know about the other kids, but hopefully those two would help her out, she thought. “Yeah, it should be pretty ace,” she commented.


“Oh, it's Australian slang for “cool” you know,” Katherine informed Vincent.

“Ah, so you're down from down under then, huh?” Vincent asked as Katherine nodding to confirm it. “What's it like down under?”

“Oh you know, kangaroo road kill everywhere, absurd laws on entertainment, the wildlife's always trying to kill you, over ninety percent of the country is practically uninhabited, and you can drink alcohol as a minor provided it's on private property,” Katherine described to Vincent.


“Awesome!” Nazz yelled, getting Kevin and a few other people's attention. “Sweet dude, we're in the same classes this year! Ain't that a great way to start off the new year?” With that being said, Nazz gave Kevin a decent hug before walking off to her first hour class. “You coming dude?”

“But of course I am madam, for as I never had a choice in the matter to begin with,” Kyle said in a faux-gentleman tone, causing Nazz to giggle as the two walked off.

"Hey Kevin, you know anyone else on this list?" Vincent asked. “Me and Katherine were kind of wondering who all these other kids are.”

Kevin ignored him, being too occupied with what he just saw: Nazz hugging another man. Oh man, Kevin felt a bit of dislike for the kid already, and anger at Nazz. Although Kevin took in a deep breath and sighed, knowing that deep down, he was to blame. "Why was I such an :kappa:, choosing my bike over her?" he thought. "Might as well know you've lost her forever you dork."

"Hello, earth to Kevin here," Vincent said, waving his hand in front of Kevin before getting his attention. "Looks like someone forgot their hearing aid today." Even Katherine couldn't help but giggle a little bit at Vincent's comment, and normally she tried her best to hold in her sense of humor, not wanting to get out of control with a laugh attack or something.

"Shut up, I was thinking about something," Kevin told him.

"Can you answer me at least before we go back to the Kevin zone," Vincent jokingly asked as he showed Kevin the schedule again. "Do you know anyone on here?"

Kevin took a look at the list. He saw that Rolf was on it, which was a plus. On the downside though, there wasn't really anyone else he knew or liked on it. "Honestly, besides this one other kid, it seems like a sucky group," Kevin told him, which made Vincent & Katherine cringe a bit. "There's this cool bro of mine, Rolf who's in the group, but besides that, I can't say that it looks like a good group so far."

"A cool bro huh?" Vincent asked. "You mind introducing him to us sometime later?"

"I would if he showed up," Kevin commented, wondering why Rolf wasn't here. "It's not like him to skip school, especially on the first day, unless he's got some difficulties back at his farm or something. But you think he would've told some of us what he's doing at least."

Suddenly, Vincent looked at a clock, and noticed that there was only a minute before class started. "Um Kevin, do you know where Social Studies is?" he asked.

"Oh, right here," Kevin said as the three walked to a door that was only ten feet away from them, ready to start their first class of the day. Katherine was full of anxiety, Vincent was indifferent, and Kevin was ticked. But despite their different emotional feelings, all three of them knew that this was gonna be one heck of a first day of school for various reasons.
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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

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Chapter 1: Part 4 – The First of Many Classes

"You three dips," the teacher, who's name card read, "Mr. Own" said. Mr. Own was a Caucasian man in his mid-forties, having thin dark blond hair, wore glasses and was in good physical condition, standing at eight feet and three inches tall and had an average sized, but athletic body. He tended to wear button-up plaid shirts, a belt, gray pleated pants and black shoes. Many students either loved or hated Mr. Own, there was no middle ground. This was thanks to his blunt, sarcastic, critical, intelligent and mocking personality, which some kids dreaded, and others thought was hilarious. "Question; which president was a progressive, Republican and a member of the Roughriders?"

"Um, Lincoln?" Kevin replied in a self-doubting tone.

"Only in your world perhaps," Mr. Own replied before turning to Katherine. "Do you know?"

“I just came here from Australia,” Katherine meekly told him. “So I wouldn't know, sorry.”

Mr. Own could easily recognize her Australian accent and believed her, understanding why someone from down under would hardly know much about an American president. “Alright, fair enough,” Mr. Own said as he looked at Vincent. “Come on, you gotta know the answer to this.”

"Teddy Roosevelt of course," Vincent answered.

"That is correct," Mr. Own said. "Congrats, you're my first non-dip here. Katherine and Kevin, you two are ignorant, but for different reasons. One of you for never really being taught about US Presidents, and the other one of you for not wanting to be taught about US Presidents."

Katherine, Vincent and Kevin sat down. Kevin obviously didn't like Mr. Own since he was rather harsh and Katherine was having similar thoughts as well. Yet Vincent found Mr. Own to be quite the character, enjoying his dry, sarcastic, witty and rude humor. "This guy's gonna be a blast," Vincent thought in a surprisingly non-sarcastic comment.

Rin then entered the Social Studies class by following behind Katherine, Vincent and Kevin without any of those three noticing. When Mr. Own saw him walk into the classroom, he gave Rin a trivia question just like with Katherine, Vincent and Kevin. “Trivia; in what year did the American Revolutionary War start in?” However Rin ignored him, not answering his question as he walked to his seat. “Or you can refuse to acknowledge what I have to say ya insubordinate dip.”

Not really caring about Mr. Own's trollish sense of humor, Rin hoped he and perhaps the other students his group would be nice towards him. Rin already liked this school more than Lemon Brook Middle School, and he didn't miss it in the slightest. “It sure does stink that Double-D-san is not in group two with me,” Rin thought. When Rin saw that his newly-found friend Double-D was another group, he was quite disappointed. However, Double-D reassured Rin by saying that they would still have some classes together, and that Rin would get along with at least some of the other kids here. Double-D also told Rin to report to him if anyone bullied him, but since he didn't want to upset Double-D by revealing his violent ways of dealing with bullies, Rin was probably gonna have to lie about bullying to him.

Now as Rin was taking a seat, Jonny also walked into the classroom as he too sat down in his desk without saying a word to anyone. Unzipping his black and red backpack, Rin then took out his notebook and a soft, black version of a pencil case. After that, he lowered the volume of the music playing from his portable pocket CD player, so could listen to the teacher and his music. Of course, Mr. Own could see Rin still having his headphones in, and as a result he yanked them off of Rin's head. “Just what the hell are you even listening to,” Mr. Own asked as he put on the headphones to hear Rin's music. Hearing “Ai wa Katsu” by Kan, Mr. Own's face became disgruntled as heard the music. “I know this crap's Japanese, but it reminds me too much of what happened back at Vietnam,” Mr. Own thought as he cringed, giving Rin back his headphones. “Look, it's rude to listen to that... “music” in class, so let's not listen to it and focus on me for awhile, okay? If you want, you can pretend that my voice is like music, although you might not be used to the genre, ha ha.”

“What a yatsu,” Rin thought, displeased that Mr. Own wouldn't let him listen to his J-Pop.

“Anyway, I'm gonna go over attendance first and ask everyone of you guys your names,” Mr. Own informed the class as he pulled out a sheet with the names of each student in group two. “Kevin Anderson?”

“Yo,” Kevin said nonchalantly with a scowl on his face.

“Yo momma said what now?” Mr. Own retorted in a tone similar to Kevin's, making his face turn slightly red. As Mr. Own smiled at seeing Kevin get embarrassed, he checked his name off and then asked out, “Vincent Garland?”

“Here,” Vincent replied, putting his hand slightly up.

“Wait, you wouldn't so happen to be related to a Sergeant First Class Miles Garland, would you?” Mr. Own asked with some genuine curiosity.

“That would be my dad actually,” Vincent confirmed. “May I ask how you know him?”

“I was his drill instructor back in the day,” Mr. Own said, causing Vincent's eyes to widen. Although Mr. Own had a creative way with words like a drill instructor, his voice wasn't loud at all, just at an average tone. Of course the other kids could easily see Mr. Own having once been a drill instructor, with many of them associating being a drill instructor as the same as being a professional jerk. But coming from a military family, Vincent knew that drill instructors were just doing their jobs by weeding out the weak and trying to reshape men into soldiers. “One of the best damn recruits I ever had, and I wasn't surprised at all when I heard he was going into Special Forces. Last I heard your dad's overseas, right?”

“Holy crap, Vincent's dad's in Special Forces?” Kevin thought, impressed. “Damn, that's badass.”

“Yeah, he has been for about two years now,” Vincent responded, although talking about his father made Vincent remember how much he missed having him around. After his father was deployed overseas a couple of years ago, Vincent hadn't heard back from him since. It worried Vincent, but he knew that his father was still alive, otherwise he would have been informed of it by now.

“You probably know this already, but that Green Beret is a commendable man, and I whenever you hear back from him again, tell him that I said hi,” Mr. Own said before looking at his attendance sheet again. “Okay, the Kankers are skipping again on the first day, but that's no real surprise. Then Rolf... not even gonna try to pronounce his last name, but he's absent too. Is there a Katherine Queen with us today?”

“Yes, I'm here,” Katherine said softly.

“Hey now Katherine, there's nothing wrong with your accent, you're free to speak up a little louder than that,” Mr. Own told her as he checked Katherine's name off the list. Vincent silently agreed, although none of them knew that Katherine wasn't quiet because of how she talked, but for being pretty introverted instead. “Jonny Woods and Plank?”

“Present, but Plank's not here right now,” Jonny sternly told Mr. Own.

“Okay, got'cha,” Mr. Own said, crossing off Jonny's name while noticing that Jonny didn't have Plank with him at the moment. He knew how Jonny ticked, and not having Plank with him was rather unusual. However, Jonny seemed fairly relaxed for the moment and wasn't freaking out because of that piece of wood not being around, which was what really concerned Mr. Own. But for now as long as Jonny didn't have an outburst, Mr. Own wasn't going to do a thing about it. “Lastly, Rin Yamaki?”

“Right here Mr. Own,” Rin said coldly.

“Oh don't get your panties in a knot, it's not like I'm taking your music away from ya now, you'll get to listen to it after class,” Mr. Own replied as he had finished taking attendance for the day. “Alright, now my name's Mr. Own, and if you're too much of a maroon to guess, I'll be your Social Studies teacher for the year. Since we have some new faces, I guess I'll tell a little bit about myself. I've been in the army for twenty years before retiring as a Sergeant First Class, I like the outdoors, and contrary to popular belief, I don't hate kids. Why else would I have two of my own and engage in a job that would require me to be surrounded by you adolescents constantly? Anyway, since it's the first day, I'll be mainly assessing what difficulty level to set this class at. We'll start with some basic questions.”

As the rest of the hour went on, Mr. Own ended up making nearly everyone feel like an :kappa:. From making them show that they know little to nothing about current events, what really happened in history, and just all around putting them down, all of the kids sighed with hate. All but Vincent that is, thinking that coarse teachers like Mr. Own were hilarious in how they acted. That and it helped being not just good at History, but in all his subjects at school. Schoolwork was relatively easy to Vincent, since to him all you had to do was pay attention and remember to actually finish and turn in the work. His 3.8 GPA showed for this, and while he was still just in jr. high, it meant that Vincent was one of the more academically intelligent kids at Peach Creek Jr. High. Katherine & Rin would normally excel in a social studies class too, if it revolved around their own countries' history. But the material that Mr. Own was covering right now was completely foreign to them, and both kids would really have to study in this class to do well.

"Dude, this guy sucks," Kevin whispered, not having fun at all in Mr. Own's class.

"Are you freaking kidding me, this guy's a riot," Vincent replied, causing Kevin to give him a weird look.

“He makes me feel dumb,” Katherine quietly commented to Vincent, hoping he'd understand.

Not quite sure on how to respond to that, Vincent just whispered back, “Don't be so hard on yourself Katherine, it's not like Mr. Own is holding some hateful grudges against us and spends every minute of the day plotting on how to make our lives miserable.”

“If you say so...” she replied, not feeling too much better about herself despite Vincent's reassurance.

"Alright, now since I take pity on you poor, uneducated kids, there will be no homework today," Mr. Own said, causing all of the kids to smile. "That is if someone besides big and brainy over here can answer the following question," he said, pointing to Kevin. Vincent chuckled at his "big and brainy" comment, knowing that it affectionately referred to him.

"Me?" Kevin asked, sweating nervously. The other kids would hate him if he screwed this up, despite his status as captain of the football, basketball and track & field teams.

"No Sportsmaster, the other Kevin we have in this class," Mr. Own said, mocking him. "What president is responsible for the Watergate scandal?"

Kevin was starting to sweat almost as much as he did in a game, and that was from getting physical, not being nervous. The other kids glared at him, minus Vincent, who seemed to be taking notes right now.

"Okay, I'll give you a hint hotshot," Mr. Own told him. "He was a Quaker."

This hint didn't help Kevin at all, and the classroom was starting to become a lake of sweat. Vincent then however stretched, and hit Rin in the face, not very hard, but enough to get everyone's attention.

"Oh come on, here I was thinking that you weren't a violent kid, but I guess even I can be wrong sometimes," Mr. Own commented, disappointed in Vincent's random act of violence.

"I was stretching and didn't know that he was behind him, my bad," Vincent apologized as he quickly slid a note towards Kevin, who read it very hastily before Vincent hid it back under his shoe.

"Richard Nixon!" Kevin yelled as if his life depended on it.

"That is correct," Mr. Own told him, shocked that Kevin got the answer right. As a man of his word though, he wouldn't give the class any homework for tonight, even though it seemed like Kevin bullshitted that answer. "And yeah Vincent, I guess accidents like that happen. I'd tell you guys about an accident of mine back in my lumber mill days, but I think that this will get the point across," he said, ripping off his prosthetic fingers on his left hand one by one. Some of the kids freaked out, but then Mr. Own attempted to reattach them. “Um, hang on, I'll be outside the classroom for a few minutes trying to put these back on,” he said, walking out of the room and shutting the door.

“What the hell Vincent!” Katherine exclaimed as she punched Vincent in the side of his face, shocking everyone in the classroom. Vincent himself was thrown off by the punch, not even expecting it at all from her. “Why'd you have to go off your rocker and hit Rin like a bogan?”

“Katherine, I didn't hit him out of malice, but to save our butts from having to do any homework tonight,” Vincent told her as he rubbed his cheek. He wasn't mad at Katherine since to be fair he could see how his actions could easily be misinterpreted. “Truth be told it could have been done in a better way, but Kevin over here was gonna get that answer wrong unless I gave it to him without Mr. Own noticing. I had to think off my feet and do something, so while Mr. Own was thrown off by me hitting Rin, I slid the answer under my shoe so that Kevin could see it and guarantee us that we wouldn't have any homework for this class tonight.”

“Would you have punched me in the face if it meant us not having any homework today?”

Vincent gulped, realizing that Katherine wasn't going to let him live this down just yet. This question didn't help either, and Vincent decided to answer it with a simple, “No.”

“But you would hit someone ya hardly know like Rin in order to weasel out of homework, right?” Katherine's tone of voice was no longer meek, but confident and aggressive towards Vincent, as if he accidentally hit a nerve.

“Look, I said it was impulsive and not the best plan in the world,” Vincent explained, wanting Katherine to stop heckling him for his actions. Turning to Rin, he said, “I'm sorry man if that hurt, but I was just trying to this entire class a favor and spare us from any homework. Yes it involved you being the unfortunate victim of getting punched in the face as I “stretched” in order to make it look like an accident. But don't take it personal at all, you just so happened to be in the right place in the right time.”

Rin rubbed the spot where Vincent hit him, which almost knock Rin off his seat. "Yes, I understand you, and you hit hard, I'll give you that,” Rin commented, still rubbing his face. “But of course I understand, since I am not in the mood to do homework too. I don't even understand this crap since my country didn't teach this subject at school. I mean I had some history classes back at damn Lemon Brook, but it was nothing like this.”

“Don't you think it would be fair if Rin hit you back for that hit still?” Katherine asked.

“Oh come on, please just drop this already Katherine, Rin said he was cool with i-” Before Vincent knew it, he received another punch to the face, this time from Rin himself. However, Vincent wasn't too bugged by this, since Katherine's punch actually hurt more than Rin's. “Okay, we're even, we never bring this up again, alright?”

“Yeah whatever,” Rin said as he decided to look outside the window while waiting for Mr. Own to come back into the classroom.

“I agree, it is even now,” Katherine said as her voice was starting to return to its more humble state.

“You're a real stickler for justice, aren't you?” Vincent asked. Katherine turned back to Vincent and smiled, nodding her head. Vincent sighed, and would have to remember this in the future.

"Man you're a life safer," Kevin sincerely told Vincent.

"Hey, no one here wanted homework," Vincent replied. "I only did what was necessary."

Just then Mr. Own finally returned back into the classroom, having reattached all of his prosthetic fingers back on his left hand again. "Okay, here's a work packet for you guys to do until class ends," Mr. Own said as he handed the class some work packets. “You know, some of you might be wondering how I made it into the army despite having prosthetic fingers. Well you see-”

Suddenly Rolf came barging into the class room covered in dirt and mud carrying a stone slab which was actually his late note. Rolf slammed the stone slab on Mr. Own's desk, crushing it into many little bits of wood. He sweated for a bit before wiping it off and sitting down on his own desk. "Sorry, but Rolf was involved in a massive plow related incident! But fear not, for as Rolf has brought his slip of lateness and is here now!" Over the summer Rolf had managed to catch up to Ed in terms of height, being 5'11” now, and was even more physically built than before.

“Crap, not as planned,” Jonny thought as he sweated a little at seeing Rolf in the class.

“Woah, what a strongman,” Katherine thought.

“What in the world?” Rin thought as he saw the tall boy with blue hair covered in filth and carrying a stone slab. "What is this this guy even doing?”

"Well, that's a good thousand bucks down the drain," Mr. Own commented as he noticed that Rolf was covered from head to toe in filth. "Let me guess, you want a shower?"

"No can do Lehrer!" Rolf exclaimed. "For as Rolf's culture forbids the washing of oneself for three hours once one becomes soiled."

"Oh, um, okay..." Mr. Own said. "Say Rolf, mind introducing yourself in front of the class since we have some new kids here?"

"Rolf would be honored," he said, getting up in front of the class. "Hello fellow classmates! They call me Rolf, son of a shepherd, hailing from the old country, yes! Rolf hopes that this shall be a very good year and for you all to become trusted comrades to Rolf!" Rolf exclaimed before returning back to his seat.

"Thank you Rolf..." Mr. Own said, looking at what remained of his desk.

"Is that Rolf?" Vincent whispered, wondering if this was the supposed “cool bro” that Kevin was talking to him and Katherine about earlier.

"Yeah man," Kevin confirmed. "He might seem a bit weird, but he's a really cool guy once you get to know him."

"Alright,” Vincent said as he and the rest of the kids started to work on the packet that Mr. Own assigned to them.

Vincent and most of the kids were now working hard on their work packets'. Mr. Own sat in the chair near his broken desk and looked outside. "Oh how I could really go for a good hike right now," Mr. Own thought as he tried to put his feet on his desk, only for his feet to fall to the ground, making a cracking noise on the account of his desk being destroyed. The kids started at Mr. Own, who then said, "Alright, forgot that someone here broke my desk. You Rolf are lucky that there's a storage room full of desks here in the basement." And idea soon came to his head. "Hey, now how about you mister plow accident and someone else go get me a new desk? I'll write you guys passes so that the hall monitor doesn't freak out."

"Rolf is up for this feat of strength!" Rolf exclaimed.

"Well good, because you really didn't have a choice in the matter anyway," Mr. Own replied. "Now who else here is going to help Rolfy here and get me a new desk."

"I'll go," Vincent said.

"Teacher's pet," Kevin snickered, getting a few laughs from Katherine & Rin.

"Oh man, I'm so hurt that I could cry from that insult," Vincent sarcastically replied as Mr. Own gave him and Rolf passes.

"Look, the stairs to the basement is right around my classroom," Mr. Own told them. "Oh, and you'll need this," Mr. Own said as he handed Vincent a key to the basement.

"Got it," Vincent said as him and Rolf opened the door out from the classroom.

"Oh, and class ends in five minutes," Mr. Own told them as the two left his classroom.

Rolf & Vincent headed towards the basement and found a supply of teachers' desks. The two easily picked one up at each end, with the desk not being that heavy for two big and athletic kids like themselves. "Ah, this desk is a greater lightweight than boy Jimmy!" Rolf commented, chuckling.

"Who?" Vincent asked. "Also, I don't believe we've met. I'm Vincent, and I'd shake your hand, but I don't exactly want to drop this desk and smash my feet."

"Ah, a newcomer to the village of Peach Creek!" Rolf exclaimed. "Rolf remembers when he was just a lowly newcomer. But now Rolf has grown strong, yes."

"I've heard that you're a pretty cool bro from Kevin," Vincent said as the two walked up the stairs with the desk.

"Oh, so comrade Kevin tells many good tales of Rolf, yes?" Rolf asked, with Vincent nodding. "Ah, boy Kevin is Rolf's greatest friend in this town of peaches."

"So how long have you two known each other?"

"About a blue moon now, yes," Rolf said as the two had finally made it up the stairs.

"I see," Vincent replied, not exactly knowing how long a "blue moon" was, although last he heard that meant two and a half years, maybe. "You know, I'm from Lemon Brook, like a bunch of other new kids here. I can't believe that they crammed quite a bit of us in this tiny little school though."

"Wait, boy Vincent is from the land of lemons?" Rolf asked as he stopped and examined Vincent, getting in his personal space. "Rolf senses familiarity with you."

"Maybe you remember me from that game last year?" Vincent asked. "You know, the one where we dominated you guys by sixty-four to nothing?"

"Rolf felt much shame and dishonor after that slaughter," Rolf told him. "But Rolf shall avenge the loss against Lemon Brook by making them look like little baby men!”

"Hate the break this to ya Rolf, but that's gonna be a little difficult to accomplish," Vincent stated, causing Rolf to raise an eyebrow in confusion. "Some of Lemon Brook's kids have already integrated into this school, and most of the football players like me ended up in Peach Creek now. I know that we're gonna play for the Cobblers this year, something that none of us ever thought would happen admittedly. But if anything, this school's football team should get a lot more competent now with us playing for you guys now."

"Hm, Rolf sees your point," he said as they entered the classroom with the desk. "But Rolf shall restore Rolf's dignity by the honing of Rolf's skills this year!"

"Sweet," Vincent said casually as the two boy set the new desk down where Mr. Own's old one stood. The two then realized that Katherine, Rin and Jonny had left, although Kevin was still there.

"The next class has started gentlemen," Mr. Own told them. "I think that you guys have Science with Mrs. Cozma or something according to the schedule."

"You have a clue where that is?" Vincent asked Rolf.

"No, unfortunately Rolf does not.”

"Come on, I'll show you two the way there," Kevin said as he lead Vincent & Rolf out of Mr. Own's classroom. The three grabbed their stuff, and made their way down the hallway and to their next class.


While group two had their Social Studies class, group one had its first hour in English at the same time.

Roland entered his English class and noticed two people who where already there. Eddy, who was with Kevin & Vincent when he talked to him, and Marie, one of the Kankers that attacked him earlier and also held a grudge against him for it. He saw Eddy as a guy who seemed like a former sleazeball that had ascended to a redeemed hero, something he hoped would happen to himself in the future. Of course, this was going by appearance alone, and Roland knew that looks could be deceiving, as he had learned many times in the past. As for Marie, Roland had already lost any respect for her and found Marie to be repulsive.

A scowl formed on Marie's face when she spotted Roland walk into class, recognizing him from their earlier brawl outside of the school, although she stayed quiet for the time being. This little shithead already made her sisters skip their first hour so that they could fix themselves up from looking like wrecks after that brawl. “Man, this kid being in the room already makes me ticked,” Marie thought as she put her head down.

“Yo Roland,” Eddy called out to him, getting his attention. “I checked the seating chart and you sit right next to me and Double-D. Congratulations, you just managed to luck out and sit next to some of the best damn kids in this joint.”

Roland didn't remember there being a seating chart, but he laughed a little and said, “That's awesome,” as he sat in the desk on the right of Eddy. Then Roland realized what he had just said and done; opened himself up to someone a little bit. Was Eddy's demeanor of a reassured, non-judgmental alpha that charismatic to Roland? He never felt that way before about characters like Eddy, but for some reason felt like he could give this kid a chance.

Just then David ran down the hall and saw his next class in a room near the staircase. He headed into his class and noticed that Roland, who he heard of as the guy who gave the Kanker sisters a run for their money, was there. Inheriting his mom's sharpened sense of hearing, David managed to eavesdrop in on Roland, Eddy, Kevin and Vincent's conversation from earlier and overheard the entire story, along with what Nazz said to Kyle about the Kankers before on the bus this morning. He felt a sudden intimidation and froze outside in the hallway as Double-D, Nazz and Kyle walked past him to take their seats. David's knees were shaking as he realized that he was standing in the middle of the hall for awhile, which looked awkward. So in another move of maladroitness, he decided to run into the back of the classroom, sitting a corner seat a row behind everyone else, still looking rather inept.

“The more I try to hide, the more it makes me think that I don't want to make friends in school... and maybe that's true,” David thought to himself as he sat in his desk nervously. Being raised as an only child and being home-schooled his entire life before this year had given him a sort of “protective bubble” that made him feel like he didn't need anyone else. Changing that mentality was going to take some time to get used to, especially if he wanted to survive in Peach Creek Jr. High.

“Salutations Eddy, ready to start the first class of your seventh grade year?” Double-D cheerfully asked Eddy as he sat right behind him, smiling.

“Actually, I was feeling pretty good about today so far until you reminded me that I'd have to sit here and listen to the teacher go on about crap I don't care about,” Eddy retorted, causing Roland to laugh internally, since it seemed like him and Eddy were in the same boat.

“Oh come on now Eddy, just because I'm not going to hold you and Ed's hand by assisting you two with all of your homework this year doesn't mean that it will be bad,” Double-D shot back. “You and Ed will finally have a chance to grow in your academic skills and not remain so ignorant about the many subjects taught to us here!”

“Okay, I'll hold my own so long as I pay attention and crap, but did you forget that Ed got freakin' held back?” Eddy asked as Double-D's facial expression turned to a more solemn one.

“Yes, it is rather unfortunate that Ed was held back this year,” Double-D said, remembering what he had overheard Ed shout today on the bus. “In that case, most, if not all of my tutoring efforts will go into assisting Ed in hopefully getting caught up with us again.”

“What I still don't get is how the hell Ed got held back when his GPA was higher than mine, with that one A he always had in Social Studies,” Eddy commented. “And now I'm sitting here in a seventh grade class somehow, and Lumpy's probably depressed out of his mind while all of those stupid little sixth graders are gawking at him.”

“Is it because he's special needs?” Roland interjected, suddenly realizing that what he blurted out was very inappropriate. Eddy gave him a “What the hell did you just say?” look while Double-D tapped on Eddy's shoulders to get his attention.

“Actually Eddy, that's probably the reason why,” Double-D said with Eddy still retaining that same look on his face. “While not going into the specifics of Ed's mental condition, it is the most probable cause as to why Ed was held back and you were not, Eddy.”

“Damn, that's some messed up crap right there,” Eddy replied. “But shoot, aren't like half of the kids in this place EBD or something?”

“For the sake of confidentiality I'm not going to indulge myself in this conversation anymore and end it now,” Double-D said as he placed a pencil, pen and notebook on his desk. “Look, as I said before I'm going to put in most of my tutoring into Ed this year and not you Eddy, fair enough?”

“Yeah Sockhead I know, Ed needs it a hell of a lot more than I do,” Eddy said as decided to look out the window, waiting for the teacher to come and his first hour class to get over with.

“Oh, I don't believe I've properly introduced myself to you my good sir,” Double-D said as Roland turned around and noticed Double-D sticking a hand out to him. “My name is Eddward Jones, but everyone tends to call me Double-D around here.”

“Roland, Roland Hunt,” he said, shaking Double-D's hand while thinking, “How the hell can this guy embrace being called a freaking breast size?”

Meanwhile Kyle sat down next to Nazz and looked around the classroom at the other students, but he didn't really recognize any of them by name. He did see one kid in this class that he recognized, a pale kid that used to go to Lemon Brook, although Kyle didn't really know him all that well. Kyle also recognized a few people from the bus ride, such as Eddy, who had been sitting with that tall, dopey kid. There was also Double-D who had talked to some Japanese kid that Kyle also recognized from Lemon Brook. Finally, Kyle also remembered the nervous kid who just bolted into the class and sat in the back as the same kid who had gotten his foot stuck in the bus door this morning. “That was some real comedy right there,” Kyle thought to himself as he smirked in remembrance. Other than those people, the only other person in the class he didn't recognize was Marie, so he turned back around in his seat and waited for class to start.

“Hey Kyle, are you good at English?” Nazz asked him, getting his attention. “It's kind of like one of my weaker subjects dude. I mean, I'm awesome when it comes to math and science, but stuff like English and art just don't come to me as well you know?”

Kyle honestly had a hard time swallowing the idea that Nazz was more skilled in the STEM field than the altruistic area. It seemed so unlike her from what Kyle knew about Nazz after hanging around her this morning. “Actually, I'm kind of the reverse you know,” Kyle told Nazz. “Good at English and some art, but math and science are a little challenging.”

“Nice dude, I guess we can like help each other out in our weak spots,” Nazz said as the teacher suddenly walked into the classroom, with all of the students turning silent.

The teacher was a young man in his early twenties years old and was only five feet and eight inches tall, making him David's height. His skin was fair and his body frame was that of an ectomorph, along with having dark hair and emerald-green eyes. He wore a blue dress shirt that was tucked in with the sleeves pulled up to the elbows, a black necktie, a pair of black pants with a belt and a pair of black shoes. "Greetings to you class, my name is Gabriel Hamilton Okazaki, and you may call me Mr. Okazaki," Mr. Okazaki said to the kids. "For those who wondering why I have a Japanese surname, I am Japanese-American and I will be teacher in English class."

“Holy crap, this guy's our English teacher?” Kyle thought as he cringed just at the way Mr. Okazaki talked. “The illegals at McNasty's speak English better than this joke.”

"Alright youths, before I start class, I check everyone attendance," Mr. Okazaki said to the entire group one class, holding up an attendance sheet and a pen. He then straightened his black tie as he prepared to say everyone's names in his Japanese accent.

"Roland Hunt?" Mr. Okazaki asked.

"Eh," Roland said in a deadpan voice with his hand slightly up.

"Eddward Jones?”

"Present Mr. Okazaki, although I would request to be referred to as either Eddward or Double-D if that's not an issue," Double-D replied.

“Alright, I have this down,” Mr. Okazaki said as he wrote “Double-D” down next to his name as a reminder. "Marie Kanker?"

"Here," Marie responded in a bored tone.

“So she's one of the Kanker sisters that Nazz warned me to stay away from?” Kyle asked himself in his thoughts, taking a good look of her. “A punk yeah, but nothing I can't handle!”

"Eddy McGee?"

"Sup," Eddy answered.

"Kyle Rodriguez?"

"Yeah, I'm here teach," Kyle answered as he sat up in his seat.

"David Thompson?"

"Here," David said quietly as he rose his hand up high.

“Nadine Van Bartonschmeer?”

“Here, but can you call me Nazz, Mr. Okazaki?” Nazz asked as she raised her hand.

"Alright, I remember this one too,” Mr. Okazaki said as he wrote “Nazz” next to her name in the attendance sheet. Now he pulled out an English textbook and said, “Everyone seem to be all attending class. Let begin lesson we shall?"

“I'm going to go insane in this class,” Kyle thought as he facepalmed because of Mr. Okazaki having an inferior grasp on the English language.

Mr. Okazaki then flipped the textbook open as he said, "A cool autumn this year isn't? Class, we going to study O. Henry's short story today from page one to five. Can one guess what short stories is it?"

Eddy and Roland looked at each other, neither of them knowing the answer, so Eddy then looked over at Double-D. "I think this is your cue, Sockhead," Eddy whispered to Double-D knowing that he likely knew something about this O. Henry fellow.

"I've read countless pieces of literature last summer, Eddy, and I'm positive that I've read some of O. Henry's short stories too," Double-D replied to Eddy as he was about to continue, before David started to speak.

"Shall I compare thee to a summers day? Or was that someone else? Sorry, the name is just really familiar to me, but I can't pin it down," he explained. David, felt obliged to answer the question merely to participate, even if he was wrong.

"I like you use old speech, David. Peoples don't use it much more often this day," Mr. Okazaki replied. "But don't have to, cause today we going to study O. Henry short story: The Last Leaf. David, you read the short story page one to five?"

“Damn, he's making that kid read the entire thing?” Eddy thought. “This guy is horrible!”

“Sucks to be him!” Marie though, snickering.

"Uh, sure Mr. Okazaki!" David exclaimed as he was searching for the story in his textbook. Despite the fact that David didn't enjoy reading too much, he was pretty good at it. That and he was a pretty good writer as well, knowing how to make stories sound interesting, using emphasis on certain words, and even making characters have distinct voices.


“In a little district west of Washington Square the streets have run crazy and broken themselves into small strips called "places." These "places" make strange angles and curves. One Street crosses itself a time or two. An artist once discovered a valuable possibility in this street. Suppose a collector with a bill for paints, paper and canvas should, in traversing this route, suddenly meet himself coming back, without a cent having been paid on account!

So, to quaint old Greenwich Village the art people soon came prowling, hunting for north windows and eighteenth-century gables and Dutch attics and low rents. Then they imported some pewter mugs and a chafing dish or two from Sixth Avenue, and became a "colony."

At the top of a squatty, three-story brick Sue and Johnsy had their studio. "Johnsy" was familiar for Joanna. One was from Maine; the other from California. They had met at the table d'hôte of an Eighth Street "Delmonico's," and found their tastes in art, chicory salad and bishop sleeves so congenial that the joint studio resulted.

That was in May. In November a cold, unseen stranger, whom the doctors called Pneumonia, stalked about the colony, touching one here and there with his icy fingers. Over on the east side this ravager strode boldly, smiting his victims by scores, but his feet trod slowly through the maze of the narrow and moss-grown "places."

Mr. Pneumonia was not what you would call a chivalric old gentleman. A mite of a little woman with blood thinned by California zephyrs was hardly fair game for the red-fisted, short-breathed old duffer. But Johnsy he smote; and she lay, scarcely moving, on her painted iron bedstead, looking through the small Dutch window-panes at the blank side of the next brick house.

One morning the busy doctor invited Sue into the hallway with a shaggy, gray eyebrow.

"She has one chance in - let us say, ten," he said, as he shook down the mercury in his clinical thermometer. " And that chance is for her to want to live. This way people have of lining-u on the side of the undertaker makes the entire pharmacopoeia look silly. Your little lady has made up her mind that she's not going to get well. Has she anything on her mind?"

"She - she wanted to paint the Bay of Naples some day." said Sue.

"Paint? - bosh! Has she anything on her mind worth thinking twice - a man for instance?"

"A man?" said Sue, with a jew's-harp twang in her voice. "Is a man worth - but, no, doctor; there is nothing of the kind."

"Well, it is the weakness, then," said the doctor. "I will do all that science, so far as it may filter through my efforts, can accomplish. But whenever my patient begins to count the carriages in her funeral procession I subtract fifty per cent from the curative power of medicines. If you will get her to ask one question about the new winter styles in cloak sleeves I will promise you a one-in-five chance for her, instead of one in ten."

After the doctor had gone Sue went into the workroom and cried a Japanese napkin to a pulp. Then she swaggered into Johnsy's room with her drawing board, whistling ragtime.

Johnsy lay, scarcely making a ripple under the bedclothes, with her face toward the window. Sue stopped whistling, thinking she was asleep.

She arranged her board and began a pen-and-ink drawing to illustrate a magazine story. Young artists must pave their way to Art by drawing pictures for magazine stories that young authors write to pave their way to Literature.

As Sue was sketching a pair of elegant horseshow riding trousers and a monocle of the figure of the hero, an Idaho cowboy, she heard a low sound, several times repeated. She went quickly to the bedside.

Johnsy's eyes were open wide. She was looking out the window and counting - counting backward.

"Twelve," she said, and little later "eleven"; and then "ten," and "nine"; and then "eight" and "seven", almost together.

Sue look solicitously out of the window. What was there to count? There was only a bare, dreary yard to be seen, and the blank side of the brick house twenty feet away. An old, old ivy vine, gnarled and decayed at the roots, climbed half way up the brick wall. The cold breath of autumn had stricken its leaves from the vine until its skeleton branches clung, almost bare, to the crumbling bricks.

"What is it, dear?" asked Sue.

"Six," said Johnsy, in almost a whisper. "They're falling faster now. Three days ago there were almost a hundred. It made my head ache to count them. But now it's easy. There goes another one. There are only five left now."

"Five what, dear? Tell your Sudie."

"Leaves. On the ivy vine. When the last one falls I must go, too. I've known that for three days. Didn't the doctor tell you?"

"Oh, I never heard of such nonsense," complained Sue, with magnificent scorn. "What have old ivy leaves to do with your getting well? And you used to love that vine so, you naughty girl. Don't be a goosey. Why, the doctor told me this morning that your chances for getting well real soon were - let's see exactly what he said - he said the chances were ten to one! Why, that's almost as good a chance as we have in New York when we ride on the street cars or walk past a new building. Try to take some broth now, and let Sudie go back to her drawing, so she can sell the editor man with it, and buy port wine for her sick child, and pork chops for her greedy self."

"You needn't get any more wine," said Johnsy, keeping her eyes fixed out the window. "There goes another. No, I don't want any broth. That leaves just four. I want to see the last one fall before it gets dark. Then I'll go, too."

"Johnsy, dear," said Sue, bending over her, "will you promise me to keep your eyes closed, and not look out the window until I am done working? I must hand those drawings in by to-morrow. I need the light, or I would draw the shade down."

"Couldn't you draw in the other room?" asked Johnsy, coldly.

"I'd rather be here by you," said Sue. "Beside, I don't want you to keep looking at those silly ivy leaves."

"Tell me as soon as you have finished," said Johnsy, closing her eyes, and lying white and still as fallen statue, "because I want to see the last one fall. I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of thinking. I want to turn loose my hold on everything, and go sailing down, down, just like one of those poor, tired leaves."

"Try to sleep," said Sue. "I must call Behrman up to be my model for the old hermit miner. I'll not be gone a minute. Don't try to move 'til I come back."

Old Behrman was a painter who lived on the ground floor beneath them. He was past sixty and had a Michael Angelo's Moses beard curling down from the head of a satyr along with the body of an imp. Behrman was a failure in art. Forty years he had wielded the brush without getting near enough to touch the hem of his Mistress's robe. He had been always about to paint a masterpiece, but had never yet begun it. For several years he had painted nothing except now and then a daub in the line of commerce or advertising. He earned a little by serving as a model to those young artists in the colony who could not pay the price of a professional. He drank gin to excess, and still talked of his coming masterpiece. For the rest he was a fierce little old man, who scoffed terribly at softness in any one, and who regarded himself as especial mastiff-in-waiting to protect the two young artists in the studio above.

Sue found Behrman smelling strongly of juniper berries in his dimly lighted den below. In one corner was a blank canvas on an easel that had been waiting there for twenty-five years to receive the first line of the masterpiece. She told him of Johnsy's fancy, and how she feared she would, indeed, light and fragile as a leaf herself, float away, when her slight hold upon the world grew weaker.

Old Behrman, with his red eyes plainly streaming, shouted his contempt and derision for such idiotic imaginings.

"Vass!" he cried. "Is dere people in de world mit der foolishness to die because leafs dey drop off from a confounded vine? I haf not heard of such a thing. No, I will not bose as a model for your fool hermit-dunderhead. Vy do you allow dot silly pusiness to come in der brain of her? Ach, dot poor leetle Miss Yohnsy."

"She is very ill and weak," said Sue, "and the fever has left her mind morbid and full of strange fancies. Very well, Mr. Behrman, if you do not care to pose for me, you needn't. But I think you are a horrid old - old flibbertigibbet."

"You are just like a woman!" yelled Behrman. "Who said I will not bose? Go on. I come mit you. For half an hour I haf peen trying to say dot I am ready to bose. Gott! dis is not any blace in which one so goot as Miss Yohnsy shall lie sick. Some day I vill baint a masterpiece, and ve shall all go away. Gott! yes."

Johnsy was sleeping when they went upstairs. Sue pulled the shade down to the window-sill, and motioned Behrman into the other room. In there they peered out the window fearfully at the ivy vine. Then they looked at each other for a moment without speaking. A persistent, cold rain was falling, mingled with snow. Behrman, in his old blue shirt, took his seat as the hermit miner on an upturned kettle for a rock.

When Sue awoke from an hour's sleep the next morning she found Johnsy with dull, wide-open eyes staring at the drawn green shade.

"Pull it up; I want to see," she ordered, in a whisper.

Wearily Sue obeyed.

But, lo! after the beating rain and fierce gusts of wind that had endured through the livelong night, there yet stood out against the brick wall one ivy leaf. It was the last one on the vine. Still dark green near its stem, with its serrated edges tinted with the yellow of dissolution and decay, it hung bravely from the branch some twenty feet above the ground.

"It is the last one," said Johnsy. "I thought it would surely fall during the night. I heard the wind. It will fall to-day, and I shall die at the same time."

"Dear, dear!" said Sue, leaning her worn face down to the pillow, "think of me, if you won't think of yourself. What would I do?"

But Johnsy did not answer. The lonesomest thing in all the world is a soul when it is making ready to go on its mysterious, far journey. The fancy seemed to possess her more strongly as one by one the ties that bound her to friendship and to earth were loosed.

The day wore away, and even through the twilight they could see the lone ivy leaf clinging to its stem against the wall. And then, with the coming of the night the north wind was again loosed, while the rain still beat against the windows and pattered down from the low Dutch eaves.

When it was light enough Johnsy, the merciless, commanded that the shade be raised.

The ivy leaf was still there.

Johnsy lay for a long time looking at it. And then she called to Sue, who was stirring her chicken broth over the gas stove.

"I've been a bad girl, Sudie," said Johnsy. "Something has made that last leaf stay there to show me how wicked I was. It is a sin to want to die. You may bring a me a little broth now, and some milk with a little port in it, and - no; bring me a hand-mirror first, and then pack some pillows about me, and I will sit up and watch you cook."

And hour later she said:

"Sudie, some day I hope to paint the Bay of Naples."

The doctor came in the afternoon, and Sue had an excuse to go into the hallway as he left.

"Even chances," said the doctor, taking Sue's thin, shaking hand in his. "With good nursing you'll win." And now I must see another case I have downstairs. Behrman, his name is - some kind of an artist, I believe. Pneumonia, too. He is an old, weak man, and the attack is acute. There is no hope for him; but he goes to the hospital to-day to be made more comfortable."

The next day the doctor said to Sue: "She's out of danger. You won. Nutrition and care now - that's all."

And that afternoon Sue came to the bed where Johnsy lay, contentedly knitting a very blue and very useless woollen shoulder scarf, and put one arm around her, pillows and all.

"I have something to tell you, white mouse," she said. "Mr. Behrman died of pneumonia to-day in the hospital. He was ill only two days. The janitor found him the morning of the first day in his room downstairs helpless with pain. His shoes and clothing were wet through and icy cold. They couldn't imagine where he had been on such a dreadful night. And then they found a lantern, still lighted, and a ladder that had been dragged from its place, and some scattered brushes, and a palette with green and yellow colors mixed on it, and - look out the window, dear, at the last ivy leaf on the wall. Didn't you wonder why it never fluttered or moved when the wind blew? Ah, darling, it's Behrman's masterpiece - he painted it there the night that the last leaf fell.”


After having to read that entire story by himself, David gasped for air, and his mouth felt dry. Eddy struggled to stay awake during the entire story, his eyes feeling heavier and heavier by the second. Kyle was surprisingly engrossed by the story, especially with David's unique style of reading it, but tried to hide how much he liked it. Double-D, already having read the story once before, didn't pay too much attention the second time around, but he didn't have to since he already knew about the story. Marie was so bored hearing David read “The Last Leaf” that it felt like her eyes and ears were going to start bleeding. Then Roland had fallen asleep, while Nazz was too focused thinking of other stuff on her mind to pay much attention.

"Very interesting way of reading, David! I like that, despite some panting you have. Most students would read in monotone robot voice, read too loud they lost their voices, something like that." Mr. Okazaki said. "I also notice some students got bored or sleep. Reading is never boring! Why don't you youths try to combine the words in your book and the imagination of your mind, you will see a difference. Anyway, move on we shall in lesson?"

“Mr. Okazaki,” David said in a raspy voice. “I wanna get a drink.”

“Correct phrase is “want to”, David, but make it snappy,” Mr. Okazaki said as David walked out of the classroom for a bit to get a sip of water from the fountain.

Now Mr. Okazaki and the class proceeded to study about “The Last Leaf”, O. Henry, his writing techniques and much more. In the middle of class though, Mr. Okazaki received a very important phone call, causing him to leave the room for the remaining fifteen minutes of class. By then all of the students except for Double-D & Kyle were really bored and decided to deviate from studying “The Last Leaf” and discuss some different topics, while others like Roland and Marie fell asleep. “Kyle,” Nazz said, causing him to perk up. “Dude, is it me or like, does Mr. Okazaki not know what he's teaching?”

“You're right Nazz, this guy's a complete moron,” Kyle responded. “I swear to God, I can probably learn more from the freaking textbook than this joke. But if you need help on any of this stuff, I'm here.”

“Thanks dude, I'm gonna need it for this class,” Nazz replied.

“You're not alone,” Eddy commented as he put his face in-between the pages of the textbook. “I've always thought that teachers were pretty dumb, but man, this guy is legitimately stupid! I'm gonna fail this class for sure.”

“He made me read that entire freaking story!” David exclaimed. “I mean yeah I enjoyed reading it, but I put on ten pounds of water weight trying to get my voice to not sound like a chain smoker's anymore!”

“Double-D, even you gotta agree that this guy's a hazbin,” Eddy voiced.

“Well, I'm not one for talking bad about someone behind their back, but even I would have to say that Mr. Okazaki's teaching skills are sub-par to say the least,” Double-D admitted. “It almost makes me embarrassed to say that I attend this school knowing that teachers like him are allowed to educate us.”

“Were the teachers this bad in Lemon Brook, Kyle?” Nazz asked, curious.

“Some of them were jerks in their own right, but none of them made rocks look intelligent in comparison to them!” Kyle exclaimed.

“To hell with Lemon Brook, burn in flames...” Roland mumbled in his sleep, catching everyone's attention.

“What's his problem?” Eddy asked as he nudged at Roland, getting his eyes to open up. “Yo Roland, what was that about Lemon Brook needing to burn in flames?”

“Huh?” Roland asked, confused. He figured that he must have talked in his sleep again and that the others overheard him. “Oh, just a dream involving some memories. Hey, is it time to leave this crappy class yet?”

“God I remember watching Lemon Brook go down in those flames,” Kyle commented, getting the other kids to look at him now. “That fire engulfed the entire middle school, and man was it intense. Thankfully no one got hurt or killed because it happened on a weekend, but I was just walking by and the next thing I knew, all hell broke loose.”

“Hey Nazz and Sockhead, don't you two remember seeing the sky filled with smoke that day?” Eddy asked, with the two nodding their heads to confirm it. “Boy, that fire probably caught the eye of everyone in the county at least!”

“I wish I could have seen it, but mom wanted me to stay home,” David thought, remembering all of the smoke he saw in the sky around Lemon Brook that day, but not being allowed to see the fire in person, much to his dismay.

Just then Mr. Okazaki walked back into the classroom and hung the phone back up. Looking at his students, he noticed that none of them were going over the material he asked them to study. “Youths, stop the talk and work the work,” he said as the bell rang, putting a smile on all of the kids' faces.

As all of the kids left one by one, the only two students remaining in Mr. Okazaki's class were David and Marie. David noticed that Marie was still asleep and that no one had bothered to wake her up. She looked kind of cute to David too, so he poked Marie on the shoulder, causing her to lift her head up and open her eyes. “Yeah, what?” Marie groggily asked.

“Um, the next class has started,” David told her as his voice shook a little.

“Well, I don't know where that is, so you're gonna have to lead the way!” Marie exclaimed as she jumped on David's back, shocking him.

“Damn girl you're heavier then you look,” David thought as he tried his best to support Marie who currently made herself comfortable by having David give her a piggy-back ride. “Well uh, let's go!” With that being said, David slowly walked out of the classroom with Marie as Mr. Okazaki sighed and shook his head.

“Youths are so impudent to me,” Mr. Okazaki thought as he prepared himself for the sixth graders he was going to teach for his second hour now.
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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

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Chapter 1: Part 5 – These Are Your Kids - Half 1

Science, along with physical education and art were “combined” classes that two groups had at once. In this case both the one and two groups' had science together for second hour. The kids now headed towards the science classroom, with some traveling in a group like Kevin, Rolf and Vincent. Others had to “lead the way” like David, who was giving Marie a piggy-back ride to class, although not of his own free will. Ed was also allowed to attend the larger sized classes with the other seventh graders as a part of the deal his parents and the school made when holding Ed back. Even though science was an incredibly difficult subject for Ed to understand, he had to take it at a seventh grade level to see if there was still a chance of him being able to catch back up again later. So now Ed, Double-D, Eddy, Kevin, Rolf, Nazz, Jonny, May, Marie, Lee, David, Kyle, Vincent, Rin, Roland and Katherine all made their way to science, with mixed reactions.

After everyone entered the classroom, the teacher shut the door and walked to the front of the class. She had thick black glasses, blonde hair tied up in a bun, a pink scarf, a black sweater, tan pants, and black shoes. Her skin was of a more olive hue and her eyes being of a hazel color. The teacher stood at six feet and two inches tall and had a pear body shape while looking to be in her early thirties. "Hello class, my name is Mrs. Cozma, and I will be your science teacher for the year," Mrs. Cozma said in a slightly Hungarian accent as she looked over the class through her thick glasses. "Now then, the first order of business is to learn about each other, and to do that, we are going to have a fun little activity," Mrs. Cozma began as she leaned her bottom against her desk and crossed her arms. "You are each to find one other person in the room that you do not know very well and partner up with them. After that, you will tell each other about yourselves. Finally, you and your partner will come to the front of the class and introduce yourselves to the class," Mrs. Cozma explained. "Now, without further ado, find your partner and commence with the meeting!" Mrs. Cozma said as she walked around her desk and sat down.


“Oh great, I'll probably end up with someone terrible,” Kyle thought to himself as he looked around the room in anticipation, his eyes searching for someone he didn't know that well. “I better find a good partner fast,” Kyle thought to himself as he stood up. He saw that Eddy was simply waiting at his desk for someone to come to him, his feet kicked up on top of his desk, and that Rolf was actively looking for a partner too. “That Eddy guy seems cool, I'll just team up with him,” Kyle thought to himself as he began to walk over to Eddy. "Hey-" Kyle began but was cut off when someone grabbed him by his arm and whirled him around. "What the-" Kyle stuttered as he came face to face with a blonde girl who was wearing a white shirt, red shorts, and had a pretty large pair of front teeth.

"You wanna be my partner, handsome?" the girl snorted as she looked at him with a smile. Kyle didn't know who she was, but she didn't seem that bad, so he shrugged. Besides, she called him handsome, and he couldn't argue with the truth, now could he?

"Uh... sure..." Kyle muttered as she grabbed him by the arm and led him over to her desk. As Kyle and May stood over by her desk, Kyle was feeling a little uneasy with the way she was staring at him. "Uh... so... my name's Kyle..." Kyle said as he looked at her, a bit of nervousness in his voice.

"My name's May," May answered. "May Kanker," she added. Kyle's eyes widened. He had unknowingly partnered up with one of the Kankers. Still, she didn't seem so bad, so Kyle couldn't help but wonder if everyone else in this town was blowing them out of proportion.

"So... do you want me to start or you?" Kyle asked May as they sat down at two desks.

"You first," May answered as she leered at him from her desk.

"Right then... well, I'm a pro at skateboarding and I guess you could say I'm kind of a comedian to boot," Kyle said, remembering that he forgot to bring his skateboard today. "What about yourself?" Kyle asked.

"I like hotdogs and boys who are really good at skateboarding," May answered as she grinned at him suggestively, causing Kyle's eyes to widen a bit. For Kyle, this was getting to be a little on the weird side as he forced a smile.

Kyle felt really uncomfortable and awkward sitting there with May staring at him like that, so he decided to talk some more. Talking always made him feel better. "May... you have any friends around here?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, I got my sisters, Lee and Marie," May answered, her eyes still fixated on his. "And then there's Ed, who's my boyfriend," May added, looking away from Kyle for a moment to look over at Ed, who was approaching Double-D and Eddy at the moment. Kyle sighed with relief, happy to see that perhaps he was taking what May was saying all wrong; after all, she already had a boyfriend, so why would she be interested in him?

"So, the big guy in the green jacket is Ed, and he's your boyfriend?" Kyle asked, feeling a bit more confident.

"He sure is," May said as she stared over at Ed lovingly. She then turned her attention back to Kyle, however, and a weird smile played across her lips. "But it's an open relationship, if you get what I'm saying," May added as she touched Kyle lightly on the hand. Kyle began to sweat profusely, his confidence washing away once again and his face turning white with fear. This was not good for Kyle as he struggled with how to respond to May's uncomfortable advances.


Rin looked around while sitting on his seat in science class. The teacher, Mrs. Cozma, ordered them to find a person they did not know well, tell each other about themselves, and then go in front of the class introducing themselves. Later he'd get someone to help him with his homework later, like Double-D. Rin thought of an idea about faking how he did not know Double-D and take him as his partner. Yet due to his honest nature, Rin changed his mind, not comfortable with lying, unlike most of his peers. As he finished writing a note, he threw it at the kid with the white hoodie with the number seven on it.

The note read: Konnichiwa (Hello), I am sure that you don't know me, but I am a friend. Would you like to be my partner in this class?
-Rin Yamaki

David read the note, surprised at the offer, but decided to accept the it anyway and walk up to Rin. "Hey I got your note, and I don't have a pencil, so I'll just accept to be your partner in person,” he said.

"Thanks, I appreciate you being my partner," Rin replied, offering a handshake to David. "My name's Rin, and you are?"

"David!" he exclaimed, accepting his handshake. "Nice to meet ya! So Rin, tell me about yourself?"

“Ah, okay. I guess I will go first, David-san." Rin said as he cleared his throat, scratching the back of his head before telling David about himself. “I once... lived in L.B. before I moved here. I am now living in a house at the estates near a cul-de-sac. I own a large amount of books, so I like to read and practice kendo, along with playing video games. Before I lived here in the United States, I resided in Tokyo, Japan, as you may have possibly assumed because of my name. My dad works as a CEO of a big and popular books publishing company: The Yamaki Book Publishing Company. Due to that, it has branches in other countries and I am rich because of that. As I grew older, I decided to move here, that's all I have to say. What about you?" Few drops of sweat started to appear on Rin's forehead, as he hoped that David wouldn't mention anything about Lemon Brook when he introduced himself to him.

"Well I uh... I just moved here from Lemon Brook myself like a bunch of other kids, ha ha. I like to write, and make movies, done both of those things since I was little. My mom's a housewife, and my dad works at an advertising firm, coming up with new types of ads to sell products. I live in the trailer park right now, but we've lived in a trailer before when I lived in Lemon Brook, more economic that way you know? Gotta say though, Peach Creek is a much better community!” David said as he just remembered hearing Rin say something about video games. "Oh, a fellow gamer? I myself just got an early copy of Peasant's Quest from my dad!" David told him.

"Peasant's Quest? I never played it before, but it sounds like a great RPG game," Rin replied to David. "But I am not really good at RPG games, although I do play another game called Eastern Youkai Story. You play as a shrine maiden or a magician and shoot down anything in your way, while dodging difficult patterns of projectiles at the same time. It's not as easy as you think."

"Ah, that's one of those games where you uh, find enemies and, shoot 'em up, right?" David asked, trying to inquire more information about the game that Rin was describing to him.

"Well, not really David-san, it's a vertical shooter where you will look from bird-eye view, and where enemies would come out and fire their shots at you. Your task is to shoot them down and dodge their projectiles," Rin corrected. "Bosses are much tougher and can create more complex patterns of projectiles."

"Wow, sounds really cool, maybe you can come over to my place and we can play it?” David asked as he just realized what he said. He had only known this guy for literally about a minute, yet David already felt comfortable enough to invite him over to his place. Maybe David did want friends after all and could actually conquer his shyness. “I have a ton more games from my dad, he gets them from advertisers for free to test them!"

"Sorry David-san, but that game only has a single-player campaign," Rin replied. "But I have another one which two of us can fight together. While you have a large amount of games, I have a large collection of books, so maybe you can come over and read."

"Huh, cool!” David explained. “As for the book thing, sorry, I don't read many books, unless they're comics.”

"Well, I only own a few American comic books," Rin responded. "I own a lot of novels, mangas and other kind of books. If you don't what manga is, they are Japanese comics, with only black and white coloring. I think you might want to read them and be interested by Japan's style of comics."

"Japanese comics? Sounds interesting, sure!" David explained as the two boys continued to chat some more.


Vincent too thought about just faking to not know either Kevin or Rolf. However, Rolf soon went off to actually do what the teacher said. That left Kevin who said, "Yeah, I'll be your partner Vincent.”

"Alright then "stranger”, let's partner up,” Vincent replied. "So, anything I need to know about you?"

"Well," Kevin said. "I'm captain of the football, basketball and track & field teams. I intern for physical education here sometimes, hall monitor-"

"Woah, you a hall monitor?" Vincent asked. "And gee, you practically called me a loser earlier with that “teacher's pet” comment."

"Shut up!" Kevin exclaimed. "The whole "hall monitor" thing is more like school public safety, er sort of. See, this place's budget is too small to hire adults to act as hall monitors. So, they have a few students do the job. For the most part though a lot of us are pretty lenient though."

"So you guys are pretty much like the school cops?" Vincent asked. He thought of his mom, who was actually a police officer. Thanks to the shifts she'd get at work, Vincent's mom was usually pretty busy, tired or stressed out. He knew that being a police officer wasn't as glorious or action-packed as it was sometimes advertized. There were many nights when Vincent's mom would come home from work, only to have to continue working on police reports. While Vincent loved and respected his mom for what she did, Vincent couldn't help but wish she didn't let her job affect her behavior so much.

"Yep," Kevin confirmed. "We don't get guns, tasers or mace obviously, just zip-cuffs and pen & paper to write people up on."

"Okay, so who else is a hall monitor here?" Vincent asked.

"I think Sarah is, but I'm not sure," Kevin told her as Vincent was confused as to who "Sarah" was. "Oh yeah, you're new here so I don't think you know her yet. She's Ed's ten year old redhead little sister, not that you can tell since they don't look like brother and sister that much to me. But anyway, there's a few other kids, but I don't know them all that well. Oh yeah, I also dig bikes, cars and engines, and I guess you could say I like fixing them up. Kind of a hobby you know?"

"Cool," Vincent said. "Well, I myself enjoy football, and I usually play linebacker, but I'm thinking of giving tight end a go this year. I'm also a wrestler, so you can see me doing that instead of basketball this winter. I know, it breaks the stereotype, but hey, I listen to some rap if you expected that. I like gaming too you know, like on the computer and SNES. Oh and traditional games are pretty sweet as well, like Warhammer 40k if you even have a clue what that is. Philosophy and camping are pretty enjoyable too, especially being around the fire, which I find pretty relaxing."

"You like sports and gaming? Make up your mind already!" Kevin said. "I kid, so long as you don't nerd out on me or something like I dork, I could care less. Pretty sweet about the football and wrestling, I will give you props for that. Although I take it the smoke-like smell is from the campfire? At first I thought that you smoked or something, but the campfire thing sort of explains things better."

"Yeah, in fact, I was just at one last night," Vincent lied. "Sort of stopped at one before we continued driving here last night."

"Nice," Kevin said. "You know, we should really have a bonfire somewhere soon before winter kicks in."

"That actually sounds pretty cool," Vincent commented. "I'd definitely like to go to one when it happens."


Roland only recognized a noticed a few of the people that were in group two like Kevin, Vincent, and the other Kankers, He also was a little baffled by Rolf's appearance, confused as to why he was soiled in mud. “I wonder what the hell happened to him?” Roland thought. He didn’t care who he had to work with in this science class so as long as wasn’t one of the Kankers for obvious reasons.

Nazz, noticing that Roland was without a partner, decided to walk up to him. She wanted to be nice, and didn't want any of the new kids to feel excluded. "Hey dude, you wanna be partners?" she asked Roland with a smile. “I'm Nazz, what's your name?”

Roland looked over at Nazz and said, "Sure I'll be your partner, and the name's Roland." He didn't shake, stutter, or feel feelings of attraction when Nazz came near him, unlike like most of the guys. Roland knew that she was cute, but Roland didn't crush on girls nor guys, never really having sexual feelings for either genders. He was however glad that Nazz seemed a lot nicer than the girls from Lemon Brook and the Kanker sisters, who Roland could only compare to female dogs.

"So dude, did you wanna go first?" Nazz asked Roland.

"Eh sure why not," Roland told Nazz. "I was just looking at that the kid who's with the blonde Kanker. I feel sorry for him."

"What kid?" Nazz asked, turning around as she saw May Kanker being partnered up with Kyle. “Oh God, poor Kyle! Well, at least I warned him.”

"You know this kid that's with this Kanker?" Roland said to Nazz, continuing to see Kyle endure interacting with May. Kyle would look back over at Nazz and Roland with a facial expression that screamed, “Help me!”

Nazz looked back over to Roland. "Yeah, he's Kyle, we met on the bus,” she replied. “He's a hilarious guy, and I gotta say that he was a way with words. I just hope that being partnered up with May doesn't ruin his sense of humor.”

"You probably won't believe this, but I got into a little bit of a fight with the Kankers this morning and I was actually able to win,” Roland told Nazz, trying his best not to sound like he was bragging about it.

"You can't be serious, are you?" Nazz asked in shock. The idea of anyone saying, let alone doing something like this was very unreal to her.

“They tried to molest me this morning, but I fought back,” Roland said as he took in a deep breath. “I don't care who they are, I won't let anyone screw around with me like that.”

“Oh damn, not that I'm calling you a liar or anything like that, but I'm just finding this hard to believe right now,” Nazz told him. “Those girls are vicious, and I'd hate to be someone who got on their bad side.”

“I think I'm able to handle them just fine,” Roland replied. “I fought back once already, and I'll do it again if I have to.”

“They're a lot more clever then they look, keep that in mind too Roland,” Nazz advised. “Dude, the Kankers will play with people, but when you get them really ticked off, then they stop bullshitting around and get very dangerous.”

“Okay I get it already, I'll watch myself,” Roland said, irritated with Nazz underestimating him. “Let's just get to know each other already for this assignment.”

Nazz got the hint that Roland didn't need to be forewarned about how bad the Kankers could be. “Alright, well I'm like the head of the school cheer squad, and I also do track and field in the spring. I love rollerblading, you gotta try that out some time dude, it's so rad! I also do volunteer work like at the animal shelter and soup kitchen whenever I can. Oh, and this may surprise you, but I'm actually just became a black belt in Taekwondo over the summer! So don't talk to me as if I don't know anything about fighting, even though it's something I only like doing in self-defense," Nazz stated.

“I can't say I took you for a martial artist,” Roland admitted as this caught his interest. “I've never really had any formal training in fighting, but learning Taekwondo does sound nice. But I'd think a black belt like you would have nothing to worry about the Kanker sisters.”

“Just because I'm a black belt doesn't make me a badass who could take them down,” Nazz replied. “Look, everyone has their fighting styles, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Like I know from first hand that like a skilled boxer or wrestler could take down an equally skilled martial artist. Trust me Roland, it's not just about being able to fight off the Kankers. Now, care to share about yourself dude?”

Roland sighed, not really being the most open person. “I guess you can say I like to adventure on bike or scooter, it doesn't matter,” Roland told her. “Playing video games is pretty fun too, I love to sleep, and every now and then I do some writing.”

“That's pretty radical dude,” Nazz replied. “Yeah, nothing like sleeping-in, that's for sure. What do you write about Roland?”

“I'm sorry, but I don't feel comfortable sharing anymore than that,” Roland bluntly told Nazz, getting her eyes to widen. “It's nothing personal, and you seem seem like a good person Nazz. But I'm just not really open about these kind of things.”

Nazz felt a little offended, but understood that Roland was a closed off person. She'd love to break that mold and get the guy to open up, but Nazz knew that it took a lot of time to get people like Roland to come out of their shell. “I understand, sorry if it seemed like I was pressuring you Roland.”

“It's fine Nazz, you didn't know,” Roland replied. Nazz didn't seem like a bad person to Roland at all. It was just that Roland had trust issues, and after his experiences back in Lemon Brook, he wasn't as interested in getting to know people that well. “I think we got enough covered for this anyway, so we should be good.”

“Alright, if you say so,” Nazz replied as she looked back over at May flirting with Kyle, as she would for practically any guy. “Poor Kyle,” she thought, hoping that he wouldn't have it too rough with the Kanker sisters.


Eddy started to notice a disturbing lack of people to team up with so he began to sit up. "Well, I better find a good partner fast," Eddy muttered as he looked around. His eyes went wide with fear when he saw Lee walking toward him, a sly smile on her face. In a panic, Eddy jumped out of his desk and literally latched onto Double-D's arm. "Double-D, you're my partner!" Eddy exclaimed as he looked at his sock-hatted friend. Lee saw this and turned around with a scowl on her face, much to Eddy's relief.

"Hey Eddy, want to be partners?” Ed yelled into Eddy's ear, causing him to detach from Double-D and fall to the floor in shock.

"Ed, go find someone else!” Eddy exclaimed as he got back up. “Double D's my partner now, right?" Eddy said as he looked back at Double-D as Ed walked away with his head held low in sorrow.

"You could have been nicer when declining Ed as your partner Eddy," Double-D told his friend Eddy. “Not that I'll decline the offer to be your partner myself of course.”

"Awesome, you're a life saver Double-D..." Eddy answered as he looked back at Ed, feeling bad for being a jerk towards him. "There's other people here too, Ed, just go find them!” Eddy suggested.

“I shall find another battle brother!” Ed shouted back at Eddy as he went off to look for someone else to be his partner.

"This is the easiest activity ever, Double-D," Eddy said as he prodded his friend on the arm. "We can pretty much relax for the rest of class, since we know almost everything about each other," Eddy claimed as he leaned back in his desk.

"We might as well share our hobbies with each other anyway so it doesn't look like we're doing nothing, Eddy," Double-D suggested, not wanting to get in trouble for not doing the assignment. "Oh, now where do I start in my interests?"

"How about I just say you like extracurricular activities and be done with it?" Eddy suggested, not wanting to be any effort into an activity he thought was pointless. "Well, if that's the way we're gonna play it, you might as well say that I'm on the football, wrestling and baseball teams," Eddy added.

“Eddy, you know how am I about doing school work,” Double-D reminded his friend.

“Double-D, all we have to do right now is literally talk to each other, something that teachers' usually can't stand,” Eddy pointed out. “We've known each other for what, over ten years now? There's not a whole lot we don't know about each other, hell I even know what's under that hat of yours. Unless of course you have been holding out on me about something all these years.”

“Alright, you've proven your point Eddy,” Double-D said. “I guess this activity does cater more towards the new students than people like us.”

“You think?” Eddy rhetorically asked. “For kids like Vincent and that one Japanese kid I've seen you hanging around with today, this makes sense, I get that. But for us locals, this is a load of crap.”

“His name is Rin,” Double-D pointed out to Eddy. “Anyway, since we might as well talk, anything you had on your mind lately?”

“I still think it's a bunch of BS that Ed got held-back,” Eddy commented. “If anyone should have been held-back, it should have been my lazy butt because I had it coming. Lumpy's a moron, but he still had better grades than me, which I guess says a lot about myself now that I think about it.”

“I'll have to admit Eddy, I am curious what grades you'll get this year without me holding your hand and you actually putting in some effort.”

“I'll be realistic and aim for C's, that sound good right Sockhead?” Eddy asked. “I mean, it's only jr. high, it's not like GPAs matter a lot until high school.”

“We'll all be going to Orange River City High School within a couple of years since our own town and county lacks a high school itself,” Double-D reminded Eddy. “That institution has over twenty thousand students in it, and graduating classes averaging at around five thousand. I'll be damned if I don't come out on the top from there.”

“Woah Sockhead, and everyone calls me the ambitious one,” Eddy said, somewhat stunned with how serious his friend was about getting the best grades. “I get it man, you want great grades, sheesh. I'll take care of myself Double-D, just don't tread on me!”

“Not all of us have fall-back plans of just working for our father's auto dealership.”

“Please don't let your “academic pursuits” take you over completely Double-D, that ain't healthy,” Eddy warned his friend. “Not that me and Ed will let you get too wound up in your school work, ha ha.”

“And I wouldn't expect any less from either of you two.”


"Well, this is just great, our boyfriends are taken," Lee said as she crossed her arms in anger.

"Who cares, we'll just find them after school and do some 'partnering up' out of class," Marie answered as she scanned the room. She saw that Rolf, Ed, Jonny and some new girl still didn't have partners. "Besides, there's still some boys left..." Marie added as she decided to started walking toward Rolf.

"Good point, Marie, and I've got my sights set on one..." Lee trailed off as she as she began to walk toward Ed, who was still walking about the classroom searching for a partner.

“Ay, the she-nymph approaches Rolf!” Rolf exclaimed upon seeing Marie Kanker heading his direction. Quickly he saw Ed aimlessly walking around and pulled the oaf towards him. “Simpleton Ed-boy, Rolf requests that you, how do you say, “partner up”, yes?”

“That sounds pretty cool Rolf!” Ed gleefully said as he took a seat next to him. Rolf wiped the sweat from his forehead, now that him and Ed were safe from having to associate with the Kankers.

"Great, so if they're all taken, who does that leave us with?" Marie asked Lee as she shrugged.

"Let's see what we got," Lee answered as she looked around. She noticed that there was only two people left that didn't have a partner: Jonny and the new girl. "Look, Marie, there's still some kids left that we can get..." Lee said as she pointed to Jonny and Katherine. When Marie saw who was left, her face turned sour.

"Oh great, it's that weird kid and the new chick," Marie began as she looked at Jonny and Katherine. "And he's gotten even weirder this year I heard..." Marie added. "So there's no way I'm partnering up with him," Marie huffed.

“We arm wrestle for it,” Lee said as she put her arm on the desk. Marie did the same as the two sisters clenched hands and began to arm wrestle. After a minute of trying to resist her sister's strength, Marie's arm finally gave out as Lee slammed her arm into the table. “Alright, I'll partner with the new girl, you got baldy.”

“Aw man, I wanted to spend some quality girl time,” Marie pouted.

"Suck it up, Marie, you ain't got any other choice," Lee answered as she grabbed Marie by the arm and forced her to follow her to Jonny.

“Or you know, we could just partner up with each other,” Marie pointed out, causing Lee to stop moving.

Lee punched her sister across the face. “That's for not pointing that out earlier, smartass,” Lee said as the two sat down next to each other, pretending to do the assignment.


Katherine saw that the only person left without a partner besides her was the bald black kid in the back. She wondered if there was a reason why no one wanted to partner up with him, and why no one seemed to partner up with her. Of course, she already introduced herself to Vincent & Rin, so those two guys were probably just playing along with the teacher's rules about the assignment. Nervously, Katherine got out of her seat and approached Jonny, who she recognized seeing Vincent talk to with on the bus earlier today. “Um... G'Day,” Katherine awkwardly said to Jonny. “I'm Katherine, and you are?”

“Name's Jonny,” he replied, scanning Katherine with his eyes, making her feel somewhat uneasy. Jonny gazed at Katherine for a bit, smiling. “You seem new here as well, just like that Vincent guy from earlier.”

“Oh yeah, the son of a digger we have in our history class together,” Katherine commented. “Yeah, I just moved here from down under, and now I'm residing in the states.”

“Son of a digger?” Jonny asked, confused. “I thought I overheard his dad being in special forces, not a ditch digger?”

“Damn it Katherine, you gotta stop using slang nobody understands!” she exclaimed aloud to herself. “Sorry, where I come from, digger is slang for soldier.”

“Ah okay, reminds me of World War One when you call soldier's diggers,” Jonny replied, a bit amused. “So uh, a little about yourself?”

“Well, I find archery to be quite the ripper,” Katherine told Jonny. “I practice bow and arrow practically every day.”

“That's pretty cool,” Jonny complimented. “I hear that being a bowman, or well bow-woman means you're pretty strong, right?”

“You sure you wanna see me flex Jonny, most guys hate seeing a girl do it?” Katherine asked as Jonny nodded eagerly, so she rolled up the sleeve of her sweater and blue dress shirt and flexed her upper arm.

Jonny's eyes widened as he thought, “Nothing wrong with a strong gal Jonny, nothing wrong with that at all.” Soon realizing that he was probably looking too intensely at Katherine's muscles, he shook his head a little and reentered reality. “Wow, no wonder your punch seemed to hurt Vincent pretty bad,” he commented.

“Do you think it was alright I hit him for being a ratbag earlier in Own's class today?” Katherine asked as she rolled up her sleeve. “I just got mad that he had the nerve to hit Rin like that, all so we could get out of some homework.”

“That is an interesting ethical dilemma you've presented,” Jonny replied. “Yeah, it wasn't a pretty thing he did, but Vincent felt it was necessary to save all of our skins from homework. At least he was cool about both of you two hitting him back.”

“Do you think I should apologize?” Katherine asked. “I mean, I can't help but feel like Vincent might “like” me if you know what I'm saying.”

That was when Jonny realized he was in a zone with a girl he liked that no man liked being in: the friend zone. “Do whatever you think,” Jonny told her, not really caring about Katherine's decisions as he sighed, realizing he already blew his chance with Katherine.


"Okay now class, I have given you more than enough of the time to get to know your partners, now comes the next step, where you introduce yourselves to the class," Mrs. Cozma instructed as she stood up at her desk. "And rather than waste your time with who goes when, I will choose who goes first, as well as who goes after that, all the way up until who goes last," Mrs. Cozma added. "Now then, how about we have you two go first," Mrs. Cozma said as she pointed at David and Rin as she sat back down at her desk after she did so.

"Looks like we are the first ones to come up," Rin said to David, standing up. "Let's go introduce ourselves. If there are any problems, I will try my best to help you and keep our confidences up during the introduction."

"Okay then Rin, thanks!" David replied back to him as the two walked towards the front of the classroom and looked towards the rest of their peers. "Hello everyone, my name is David, and this is Rin!"

“Konnichiwa class,” Rin greets everyone, confusing a few of the students by speaking in Japanese.

"I myself am an avid writer and love to make movies with my Dad's camera,” David tells the class as he cues Rin to talk.

"Ah, yes,” Rin said, straightening his red tie, hurling the remaining part of his tie over his left shoulder and clearing his throat. "For those who have questions about my name, I was born and lived in Japan before I moved here. My dad is a CEO of a big and popular book publishing company which has several branches all over the world. Because of that, I own a lot of books and I like to read them too, mostly novels and mangas. I am also good at kendo and playing a traditional Japanese flute too. I can also write some good stories too."

"I too enjoy gaming, and reading comics! As for my Dad, he works at an advertising firm, and as a result we preview some of the most popular products before they're on the market, so he knows how to pitch them to the public!" David states afterward.

Hearing their introductions, Roland considered the possibility of trying to hanging out with David and Rin later. “Sounds like they're fond of pop culture too,” Roland thought. “I should give them a chance.”

"More gamers?" Vincent thought to himself. "Man, one of these days I should host a gaming party at my house or something. A bit dorky, but eh, it'd be fun."

"Yes, yes, very interesting David and Rin, it was nice hearing about you two," Mrs. Cozma said as she stared at her nails, obviously disinterested. "You may now go back to your seats," Mrs. Cozma suggested. "And you two may go next," Mrs. Cozma added as she pointed at Vincent and Kevin.

David is shocked at Mrs. Cozma's reaction, taken aback by her apathy. He and Rin went back to their seats. “Wow... I hope this doesn't mean she hates me and Rin,” David thought as he sat down.

"Well, that introduction went well, did it David-san?" Rin asked, as he too was quite surprised at Mrs. Cozma's reaction. He felt a nervous feeling running through all the veins in his body, as if he screwed up badly. But Rin tried his best to shrug this off, thinking that the best way to combat apathy was with even more apathy.


"Well, here we go," Vincent said as him and Kevin walked up and stood in front of the classroom. "Hey everyone, my name is Vincent, and like pretty much every new kid here, I'm from Lemon Brook. I myself enjoy football, wrestling, video games, traditional gaming, rap music, philosophy, and camping." Vincent could notice some people actually buying this as an excuse for his smoky aura.

"And name's Kevin," Kevin said in a cool tone. "Captain of the football, basketball and track & field teams here at Peach Creek Jr. High. I'm also a hall monitor and I intern for gym sometimes. I like bikes, cars and motorcycles, especially repairing them. Sort of a relaxing hobby you know?"

"Thank you, Kevin and Vincent, for sharing," Mrs. Cozma said before yawning loudly. "Now then, who is next..." Mrs. Cozma said to herself as she scanned the room. She spotted Double-D and Eddy. "You two, come up and share," Mrs. Cozma said as she pointed over at them.


"Alright, Double-D, let's get this over with," Eddy whispered to Double-D, although he was starting to notice that Mrs. Cozma was a bit on the weird side. “Why the hell is she even having us do this crap if she clearly doesn't care?” Eddy thought as him and Double-D walked to the front of the classroom.

"Allow me, Mrs. Cozma," Double-D said, he then cleared his throat and straightened his tie, facing the rest of the class. "Greetings ladies and gentlemen, my name's Eddward, but with two D's, so feel free to call me Double-D as to not mix up Ed and I with each other thanks to our similar names. And right beside me is my friend, Eddy, for whom I've known for at least a decade. What can I say, I'm very interested in studying and learning, so go ahead and call me a nerd right now. Who knows, if you're lucky you might just receive the grand prize for being the millionth person to call me that, ha ha. I'm also partaking in the football team as its kicker, much to the shock of some I can tell. Besides that I am also the nurse's assistant here at school, president of the Happy Cluckers Club and chief editor of the school newspaper. Researching is another one of my hobbies as well as collecting arthropods, ooh what an unappreciated phylum of animals they are. I can also tutor you on your homework as well, although I will have my hands full this year, so be sure to schedule in advance."

“Gonna give the class your life story while you're at it Sockhead?” Eddy thought as Double-D looked over at him, signaling to Eddy that it was his turn to speak. "Right, well, like Double-D said, my name is Eddy. I'm on the football, wrestling and baseball teams here at school, so uh, go Cobblers! I also love music of all kinds really, I don't care for the genre so long as it sounds good to my ears," Eddy said as he beamed at the class. The looks he was getting seemed far more positive and less bored than those Double-D received.

Mrs. Cozma, realizing that Double-D and Eddy were done, looked up from a fashion magazine she was reading. "Ah yes, very nice, Eddward and Eddy, you may go back to your seats," Mrs. Cozma said as she scanned the classroom for another group. "You two may go next," Mrs. Cozma said as she pointed at Ed and Rolf.


"That's us Rolf!" Ed exclaimed while pulling Rolf forcefully yet giddily to the front. Both kids now stood in front of the class, towering over everyone minus Vincent thanks to Ed & Rolf being so tall for their age and grade. "Hello, I am Ed and I like comics, traditional games, monster movies, science fiction movies, and doodling! I also like buttered toast, gravy, chickens and turnips!"

“Huh, a fellow film fanatic,” David thought to himself.

“Rolf thinks that it is Rolf's turn to how do you say, “have the floor”, yes?” Rolf said as Ed got done talking.

"Oh man," Kevin commented.

"What?" Vincent asked.

"Rolf's introductions tend to take awhile," Kevin confirmed. "And seeing how this teacher yawned at everybody's introductions, the guy's gonna make her pass out!"

"Is that a good or a bad thing?" Vincent asked again.

"Actually... I have no clue," Kevin confirmed, smirking.

"Well, I thought you said Rolf was an interesting character earlier," Vincent told him.

"Oh yeah he is," Kevin reassured. "But eventually even you'll loose track in his stories man, trust me."

"Ah, yes, and they call me Rolf, son of a shepherd. Rolf is from the old country where Rolf would harvest many vegetables! Squash, eggplants, turnips, carrots, beats, asparagus, cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, artichoke, cauliflower, spinach, soko, pak choy, mustard, kale, lettuce, chicory, yarrow, yams, potatoes, sea beet, bitterleaf, endive, dandelion, pumpkin, sorrel, ivy gourd, sweet pepper, winter melon and much more! The beasts of meat Rolf had were dogs, cat, duck, geese, emu, ostrich, llama, alpaca, chicken, rabbit, peacock, goats, pig, cow, horse, donkey, mule, turkey, swan, sheep, pigeon, guinea foul, catfish and more. But alas, Rolf only farms but a mere fraction of what Rolf used to tend. Rolf has many, many relatives. First there is cousin Bastian, a rascal, yes. Then comes cousins, uncles and aunts Olaf, Zora, Gunter, Matilda, Wolfgang, Otto, Jurgen, Hanna, Leon, Heiko, Emily, Jonas, Birgit, Jakob, Sophie, Lena, Anke, Anna, Sabor, Nikolas, Antonia, Uwe, Debora, Ursula, Igor, Eva, Teresa, Harriet, Siegfried and Thomas. Of course there is papa, mama, nana and o' great nano, who remains deceased as ashes in Rolf's urn!"

"Holy crap you weren't kidding," Vincent commented.

"He hasn't even begun to talk about himself yet," Kevin told him as he chuckled a bit.

"Now as for Rolf himself, Rolf considers himself to be a man of awesome, archaic, wise, eccentric, strong, hardworking and a meat lover! Rolf's best man in these lands is comrade Kevin," he said waving to Kevin, who waved back. "Rolf has only been here for awhile, but Rolf does not mind this country. Not as good as the old country yes, but it has done Rolf well for the many blue moons Rolf's been here. Rolf also plays for the local football, basketball and track & field teams. Rolf is still very confused about how things work in these lands. Yet Rolf has finally begun to pick up a thing or two, yes. Rolf is no coward, let that be known child of the creek with many peaches. Rolf also leads the Urban Rangers, or "has lead" might be better term for as it has sadly disbanded. Rolf knows about you Lemon Brook folk here, and Rolf shall treat you like how Rolf has treated in these parts at first! Kevin, when shall the dog-pile commence?"

"Dog-pile?" Vincent asked.

"We'll get to that during lunch," Kevin told him before smirking once more. "You guys will see what that is."

"Anyway, Rolf's speech finally comes to a close, much to the dismay of many! However, Rolf would just like to show one last thing," Rolf said as he took off his shirt and showed off his incredibly muscular and hairy upper body.

"Damn he's ripped," Vincent commented.

"Farm work tends to do that," Kevin replied. "Heck, I'm not even close to looking as buff as Rolf!"

"Get a load of this!" Rolf shouted, flexing about, intimidating most of the new kids, while all of the Peach Creek kids were used to his behavior by now.

David shook in his seat. “Whoa... phew, kept myself from peeing there, bad way to start out your first day, never pee on the first day in public,” David thought as he was fairly intimidated by Rolf's body.

"That's enough, Rolf," Mrs. Cozma said as she stood up at her desk, wanting to put a stop to the spectacle. "Thank you, Ed... and Rolf," Mrs. Cozma added as she sat back down. "And, as for who goes next... how about you two?" Mrs. Cozma suggested as she pointed at Roland and Nazz.


"I guess that's us!" Nazz said. She and Roland walked up to the front of the class and looked towards them. "I'll go first dude. Alright everyone, my name is Nazz, and I'm like the head of the cheer squad here at Peach Creek Jr. High! I also love to like go rollerblading, baking, volunteer work, track and field, and practicing Taekwondo!” Nazz stated, giggling a bit.

“She seems nice!” David thought as he grinned. “Maybe I should try talking to her at lunch!”

"Well done Nazz, now its my turn...." Roland said with a long face. "My name is Roland Hunter, and I know much about gaming, movies, and other pop culture. For all you who do not know me, I hold a violent side of myself, and it is the cause of my dark regretful past. I hope to see if this new life here will be a chance at making friends and not enemies."

David, along with several other students, fought hard not to smile and bust a gut laughing. “Don't laugh David, be strong,” David thought as he held his hands to his mouth. David coughed, and tried to compose himself with a normal face.

“I didn't know Autism Awareness month was so soon,” Vincent thought as he too tried hard not to chuckle at Roland's incredibly socially unintelligent introduction.

"Thank you, Nazz, I'm sure you'll enjoy this class," Mrs. Cozma said before turning her attention to Roland. "As for you, Roland... well, there's always the school counselor," Mrs. Cozma said. She then looked over at May and Kyle; May was very close to Kyle, a smug smile on her face, while Kyle shook nervously. "You two lovebirds in the back, you're next," Mrs. Cozma said, causing Kyle to look at her, a little peeved.


"Lovebirds?" Kyle asked incredulously.

"Come on, Kyle, that's me and you!" May said as she grabbed Kyle by the arm and dragged him toward the front of the class. They stopped at the front of the class, silent for a moment, before May finally elbowed Kyle in the ribs. "You first," May whispered.

Kyle sighed before composing himself and donning his signature smile and putting on his shades. "Hey everyone, the name's Kyle," Kyle began as he put his arms on his hips. "I'm great at skateboarding, I have a great fashion sense, and I like to my myself and others laugh," he said as he puffed himself up, trying to look cool. Kyle then looked over at May, prompting her to clear her throat.

“Try hard,” Vincent thought, not impressed with Kyle's introduction, since it wasn't hard for Vincent to deduce that Kyle was mostly trying to make himself a lot cooler than he actually was. Vincent didn't like fake people one bit, and really just wished that people would be themselves, even if it meant being “uncool” in the eyes of some.

"My name's May Kanker, and I like watching TV and meeting new people... especially boys," May added as she leaned suggestively toward Kyle, who backed away a little, embarrassed to no end. “Also, my boyfriend is Ed, and if I see anyone make a move on him, bad idea!”

“No, God No!” Ed yelled, causing the entire class to stare at him. “No, God please no! No, no, nooooooooooooo!”

“Looks like her “boyfriend” can't even stand her,” Roland thought, smirking.

"Well, I'm sure you two will get along with the class just fine," Mrs. Cozma said as she smiled a little. "I can see you two are already getting along," Mrs. Cozma added. Eddy suppressed a laugh as he leaned over to Double-D.

"That guy's a goner," Eddy whispered into Double-D's ear.

"Anyway, thank you for sharing, May... and Kyle," Mrs. Cozma said as she directed them to sit back down, Kyle quickly doing so to avoid any more spectacle. "Finally, we have two groups left," Mrs. Cozma said. "Jonny and Katherine, how about you two come up and introduce yourselves for the class?" Mrs. Cozma suggested.


Jonny walked to the front of the class with Katherine following behind him. "Greetings, my name is Jonny. I have changed in the past couple of weeks, and I just want to let you know I'm going through something and would appreciate some alone time. Don't worry, I'll be over it in say, a few days!" Jonny said with a devious smile. "As for me, I enjoy plants... and the color black... thank you."

Roland, listening to Jonny's introduction, got curious. "I see, so this Jonny kid has a dark past like I do. Perhaps if I become good friends with some of these other kids, I'll see what I can do to help this him," Roland thought.

Once Jonny got done speaking, Katherine cleared her throat as she said to the class, “G-Day everyone, I'm Katherine Queen.” She suddenly felt a bit tense, taking in a deep breath as Katherine continued the rest of her speech. “I like archery, cooking and playing the piano.”

“Go back to Britain, redcoat!” Ed yelled, causing the entire class to look at him again with stunned looks.

“I'm from Australia actually...” Katherine said in a quieter voice.

“That was uncalled for man,” Vincent told Ed. “What's your problem?”

“I agree, why the sudden hateful comment, Edward?” Double-D asked his friend.

“Uh, politics,” Ed said. “You wouldn't understand Double-D.”

“Clearly,” he replied, sighing. Ed always said some pretty unintelligent remarks yes, but they were never out of spite like this outburst.

“I will have to do my job and write you up if I hear anything like that again Edward,” Mrs. Cozma stated with a stern attitude. “Anyway, that's nice Katherine, and as for you, Jonny, you'll probably get over whatever is bothering you pretty soon, and, if not, there's always the school counselor. Now Marie and Lee, you two are the only kids left to come up and introduce yourselves, so you know what to do.”


As Jonny & Katherine walked back to their retrospective seats, Kevin couldn't help but make a comment. "Oh boy, I wonder what that freak's up to this time?" Kevin asked as he whispered to Vincent.

"I met the guy on the bus and he seemed okay," Vincent told him. "A loner yeah, but not a bad kid."

"You haven't been here that long," Kevin replied. "The kid's a psychopath Vincent! He talks to a piece of wood man! He's seriously insane and needs to be put in an asylum or something."

"It is true Vincent Newman," Rolf confirmed. "Jonny the wood boy is the village :kappa: gone mad and hell bent! Rolf fears what the troubled lad will do."

"It's Vincent Garland actually," Vincent told Rolf. "But if the kid's as bad as you guys make him out to be, then why not do something about him?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure that he's still ticked for us beating him up pretty bad over the summer..." Kevin said.

"What the hell?" Vincent asked. "Why'd you guys feel like that was necessary?"

"It is a long tale, yes," Rolf said. "But to make a long story short, over the summer, the Ed boys showed their atonement and Jonny boy showed his corruption. Rolf saw peace at first, but Rolf should have known that while there is still darkness in the heart of one, there shall be unrest for all."

"Alright, so what then?" Vincent asked. "Just tell the kid that you're sorry for jumping him."

"I don't think he'll take a simple apology," Kevin replied. "Whatever he has in store for us, we might as well let him get it out of his system and then do something about him."

"Wouldn't it still be better to resolve any issues with Jonny before he does something dangerous?" Vincent asked, now starting to get a bit frustrated. He hated it when people presented him problems that they had, but didn't feel like solving.

"You have yet to learn of these ways of Peach Creek," Rolf told him. "Rolf has known Jonny the wood boy for some blue moons, and Rolf knows that this is the best way to solve our problems."

"Yes, because letting the bomb blow up is always the best course of action," Vincent sarcastically thought as he rolled his eyes and scowled. "Still, at least say your sorry to the kid. Even if he wouldn't accept the apology, he'd know that you're willing to move on at least."

"Oh come on, that's stupid!" Kevin exclaimed.

"Comrade Kevin, Rolf wants to move on," Rolf told him, getting his attention. "Perhaps the darkness within Jonny boy can turn to light with good, yes?"

"Man you're so idealistic it hurts!" Kevin exclaimed. "But if it'll get you guys off my case, then fine."

"Alright," Vincent said as he leaned back in his seat some more.


"Let's get this over with," Marie muttered as she and Lee stood up and walked towards the front of the class.

"Right," Lee said as she and her sister looked towards the rest of the class. "I'm Lee Kanker, and I like to watch infomercials and movies, my favorite being the first Fish Bowl movie," Lee said as she stuck her hands in her pocket. Lee suddenly smiled deviously as she thought up one more thing to say. "Oh, and my boyfriend is Eddy," Lee said aloud, causing Eddy to duck low in his seat.

"Why that no good..." Eddy muttered to himself as he grimaced nervously, sweat forming on his head.

"And I'm Marie Kanker," Marie announced. "I love to listen to all kinds of rock music, like punk, grunge, metal and classic. Oh, and my favorite color is black!" Marie explained as she looked around the room at all the other kids. "And my boyfriend is Double-D," Marie added as she stopped her gaze on Double-D.

“How embarrassing,” Double-D quietly told himself as he sank into his seat with his face red.

“Just great, looks like all these Kanker sisters are boy crazy,” Kyle thought to himself as he sat at his seat, trying to avoid looking at May, who was still staring at him. “Maybe Nazz wasn't kidding when she said avoiding the Kankers was a good idea...”

"Very good, Lee and Marie," Mrs. Cozma said as she clapped her hands together. "I'm sure that your... ahem... boyfriends are very lucky to have you two," Mrs. Cozma added. "Now then, you three may return to your seats," Mrs. Cozma said as Lee and Marie nodded and made their way back to their seats, little smiles on their faces. "As for the rest of class, we don't have much time left, so you all may stay at your seats and make with the chatting with your new friends until the ringing of the bell," Mrs. Cozma said as she gave the class a smile. She then sat at her desk and opened up a fashion magazine, which she soon became quite engrossed in.
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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

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Chapter 1: Part 5 – These Are Your Kids - Half 2

"Well, looks like we got some free time David-san." Rin said, looking over to his second new friend. He takes another manga out of his backpack, on the cover it reads "Fist of the North Star Vol. 1". "Would you like to read this?"

“Boyfriends...” David thought, sighing. “Welp, I know when I'm beat! Que sera sera...” David then realized that Rin was talking to him. "What? Oh, sorry Rin, yeah sure!" David exclaimed, opening the manga. "Gonna be heading to math soon, and I think after that is P.E., then lunch, so maybe by then we can chat some more!” David exclaimed as he felt some confusion when reading Rin's manga. “Rin I think your book is broken," David stated, reading the manga in reverse by mistake.

"Yes, I would like to know more about you David-san, and remember, you should return it to me once you finished it. I hope you won't loose or dirtied the manga, it's valuable." Rin said to David, before correcting his way of reading. "No David-san, not like that, you have to read them from the back to the front, not to mention the panels too. Instead of the panels going from right to left, it's left to right. Japan's traditional style of comics are like that." Rin then thought to himself, "Math is the next thing for David-san and his group of classmates? At least all people do in the first day of class is to introduce themselves, so no dizzy, confusing shapes to be learned on this day.”

"Of course!" David exclaimed. "Oh... well that's ...odd, but hey, cultural differences, I get it, it's cool!"


Ed then rushed over to Double-D and Eddy and tightly hugged them with the force of a bear. "I missed my two amigos so much!" Ed exclaimed. His new class wasn't the same without Double-D and Eddy, and the separation anxiety he was having was starting to get to him.

"We all... miss you too Ed..." Double-D struggled to say that sentence, along with the next one thanks to being smothered. "Would... you mind... letting go.. of... us... Ed?"

"Oh, sorry!" Ed says before letting them go.

Eddy breathes heavily, Ed's hug taking the wind out of him. "Yeah, I missed you too, monobrow," Eddy said as he recovered from the crushing hug. "And hey, we'll see you during lunch too... unfortunately," Eddy added, fearing another bear hug from Ed once they went to go eat.

“Also Ed, may I ask again what was with that incredibly rude remark towards Katherine?” Double-D asked. “I never realized you held a grudge against people of British descent.”

“Yeah Ed, not cool,” Eddy commented. “That outburst for May's “boyfriend” comment was one thing, but Katherine's just made you look like a jerk.”

“I'm a closet scoundrel who's coming out now guys,” Ed replied in response to his remarks against Katherine. “Although I thought my best friends would have known by now.”

“Oh trust me Ed, we know you aren't always a lovable oaf,” Eddy stated as he began to recall previous events relating to Ed's occasional sadistic behavior. “Eating everyone's food while you're sleepwalking, forcing us and Rolf to watch some crappy monster movies with you for eight hours straight and getting Jib to beat the crap outta me. Then there's the times when you gave all of our jawbreakers away to the other kids, and that freaking “scam” of yours that got us nearly killed by some dumb birds! You're also a pretty violent guy Lumpy, going berserk on everyone just because you had a freaking pebble in your shoe, acting insane in that monster costume, and oh, how could I forget my favorite one, where you let me and Double-D get beaten up by all of the kids on Halloween after you were the one who went psycho on them!”

“Clever girl,” was all Ed had to say for his sinful actions, giving a dastardly smile.


"Man, I wouldn't want to have "fun" with those Kanker girls," Vincent commented as him, Kevin and Rolf were talking about the Kanker sisters. "Only the blue haired chick even looks remotely decent, but her yellow teeth are pretty nasty."

"True that son," Kevin said, fist bumping Vincent.

"Not even Rolf would have "fun" with those ladies like how an unlawful wife interacts with the milkman, yes.”

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like there's a lot more guys than girls in this school," Vincent commented. "Seriously, in every class I'm in, there's like ten guys for every one girl."

"Yeah, that's a bit of a problem here," Kevin admitted. "And here I thought we'd get more girls when all you Lemon Brook kids came here. But things still seem like a sausage fest here."

"Lemon Brook had a lot more guys than girls too," Vincent told them as he then thought to himself, “I hope I got a chance with Katherine.”

"You know, in Rolf's home country, objectifying a woman was received with a proper pig smacking!" Rolf exclaimed.

"Pig smacking?" Vincent asked., not yet familiar with the many bizarre customs of Rolf's old country.

"It is when one takes a pig by the legs and whacks the desperate pervert with the beast until he learns to treat a woman with respect!" Rolf yelled.

"Sounds cruel," Vincent commented. "For the pig at least," he joked.

"Indeed, it is a very controversial form of punishment back in the old country!" Rolf shouted. "Even Rolf questions its morality, yes."

Kevin then looked at Nazz and thought, "Man, what I'd do to win her back, even as a friend at least." He thought about how much he was such an :kappa:, picking his bike over Nazz. But Kevin knew that things wouldn't be the same, for awhile at least, maybe even forever. He sighed, but then continued waiting for the bell to ring.


“If only I could speak to him without things being so freaking weird,” Nazz thought as she glanced over at Kevin. Over the summer, things between the two became rather awkward, bad enough to a point where their friendship was affected. When Kevin first moved to the cul-de-sac, he was the first real friend that she ever made. He didn't care that when she was younger, that she was very fat and weird. Kevin liked her for who she was, and Nazz liked him back as well. But as they got older, it was almost as if the idea of them being friends just couldn't happen anymore, as if they either had to be in a relationship, or not on speaking terms at all. It stressed Nazz out just thinking about it as she took a deep breath and looked around. Seeing Kyle sitting around all by himself, Nazz then headed over towards him to ensure that May wouldn't try screwing around with him again. After all, Kyle seemed like a good guy to her, and she didn't want to see his outlook on Peach Creek turn sour on the first day. "Hey Kyle, you okay dude?”

Kyle flashed her a smile. "Yeah... yeah, I'm fine... just great," Kyle answered, glad that Nazz was here to talk to him. "But I've gotta admit..." Kyle began as he lowered his voice and got close to Nazz to hide what he was going to say. "You were totally right about those Kankers... definitely avoiding them from now on," Kyle said as he looked over at May, who had joined her sisters at their desks.

"Actually Kyle, it may be too late for that." Nazz said. "If I'm right, they're going to have fun with the new kids that they meet, more specifically, you." Kyle gulped as Nazz continued talking. "Only one person I know has been able to take them down, the kid I was partnered up with, Roland!"

“Oh man... this is gonna suck...” Kyle thought to himself. He wasn't exactly sure what Nazz meant by the Kankers having "fun" with the new kids, but he'd rather not find out. "Yeah... guess I better make friends with that Roland guy," Kyle said, although he knew it'd be tough; he didn't exactly like the way Roland looked, nor the way he talked about his "dark past".

Roland heard his name mentioned by Nazz and then overheard her conversation with Kyle. He heard that Kyle was hoping to befriend him but did see a bit of fear in him. Roland then decided to approach the two, thinking it would ease things between them. "Hey Nazz, hey Kyle," Roland said in a monotone voice.

"Roland!" Nazz exclaimed. "Hi, we were just talking about you!"

"Yeah... hey," Kyle greeted Roland as he gave him a confident smile, feeling a little better now that May wasn't hanging all over him anymore. "Listen, Roland, I heard that-" Before Kyle could say anything to Roland, the bell rang.

"Class is dismissed!" Mrs. Cozma announced, although to Kyle it seemed a bit redundant, what with the bell and all.

"Uh... we'll talk in our next class... we're all on the same class schedule, aren't we?" Kyle asked, remembering that Roland had also been in his last class, along with Nazz. “It's math, right?”

"I believe so, I see you in math," Roland said as he then left class to go to his next one.


“Well, I'm gonna take a number two before class,” Kevin told Vincent and Rolf. “I'll catch ya too then,” he said, leaving the science classroom.

“Also, three hours have passed since Rolf has been coated in an onslaught of filth, so time to embark to the room of showers before class, yes,” Rolf said to Vincent as he too left the classroom.

“Alright, catch ya two in class then,” Vincent told them as they left. As Vincent was ready to leave the classroom, he felt a light tap on his shoulder. Turning around he saw that it was Katherine, surprising him a little. “Hey Katherine,” he said, a little anxious.

“Hey Vincent, about what happened in Own's class earlier today,” she said nervously. “Look, I just wanted to say-”

“Apology accepted,” Vincent stated, causing Katherine's eyes to widen. “Trust me, I'm not mad that you and Rin hit me after that admittedly sleaze move I did to get us out of homework. Plus knowing how karma works for me, I would have probably had the desk me and Rolf were carrying up crush me or something had you guys not punched me back, ha ha.”

Katherine smiled and let out a small laugh. “Can't get away with nothing, can you?” she asked.

“My mom's a cop for one,” Vincent told her. “So yeah, pretty much.”

“Of course, it all makes sense when you have an Ecilop as a parent no less,” Katherine commented.

“Ecilop?” Vincent asked, confused by Katherine's Australian lingo.

“Sorry, I need to work on not saying things no one understands,” she said. “It's slang down under for cop, because you know, ecilop is police backwards, kinda like what you see in the rear view mirror before you're about to get pulled over you know?”

Vincent chuckled a little. “Well, that's simple, yet creative,” he complimented. “I bet my mom actually hasn't heard that one before. But yeah, don't worry, I'm sure you'll get used to talking in the states soon. I can understand what you're saying more than Rolf, and that foreign guy's been here longer than you.”

“Thanks,” Katherine told him. “Don't we have math together?”

“Yeah, we're in the same group after all, so we have every class together,” Vincent stated. “You wanna head there right now?”

Katherine pondered about it for a little before telling Vincent, “Sure, why not?” The two then proceeded to head over to their math class, with Vincent trying his best to play things cool.

“So far so good Vincent,” he thought to himself as Katherine walked with him to class.
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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

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Chapter 1: Part 6 – Getting Physical – Half 1

After the seventh graders had science together, both groups separated once more to different classes. Group one had math, which had an interesting conflict between Marie, David and Double-D that was thankfully resolved peacefully. It even resulted in David getting on better terms with Double-D in the end and both guys remembering to watch themselves around Marie. As for group two they had English together, and after they got done with the assignment Kevin and Vincent decided to place the classic board game “Risk”. Of course Vincent ended up winning this board game, resulting in Kevin flipping the table they played it on and getting the rest of his class to stare at him.

Now with their third period class having ended, the kids would once again have their groups combine for their next class: physical education. The kids headed to the locker rooms to change clothes for gym class, with the boys' locker room being far more crowed than the girls', which only had Nazz, Katherine and the Kanker sisters in it.

“Come on, we ain't got all day Marie,” Lee told her sister as they stood in front of some girl's locker, trying to break into it.

“Don't breathe down my throat and maybe I'll open this damn lock!” Marie snapped back at Lee while she was doing her best to lock-pick with a bobby pin and pick.

“Why are you guys getting clothes from some other girl's locker for class?” May asked as she walked up to her sisters, actually dressed for gym class as she wore a small white t-shirt with an anchor on it and blue shorts.

“We're not going to class May,” Lee stated as she shoved Marie out of the way from the locker. “Alright, you're taking too long Marie, time to do this a little less subtle.” She punched the locker with enough force to leave a serious dent in it, and then again, causing a fist-sized hole to form. Sticking her hand inside this locker, Lee yanked out a purse and dumped out the contents of it. Now on the ground was a pen, book, lip gloss, pack of gum and mints, face powder, makeup pouch, tissues, wallet, lighter and a pack of cigarettes.

“Jackpot!” Marie exclaimed at the contents of the spilled items inside that purse before looking back at May. “And hey, what took you so long to get here?”

“Just looking at the boys walking by outside,” May replied, snorting as she thought about the opposite gender. “So are we going to the boiler room or underneath the bleachers guys?”

“I say we head out to the woods out back,” Marie told them as she picked up the goods lying on the ground. “None of the teachers patrol that part at all, so we'll be set.”

“Now you're making sense Marie,” Lee said as she and her sister finally stashed all of the contents in their pockets via hammer-space. Looking at a clock on the wall and seeing that there was only a few minutes till class started, Lee then said, “Come on, let's book it before anyone sees us girls.”

“Ooh, let's talk about the new boys out there!” May shouted as she and her sisters ran out a backdoor in the locker room that lead outside. “I think we got a decent batch this year!”


As the Kanker sisters bolted it towards the woods out behind the school, Katherine and Nazz were changing on the other side of the girl's locker room. The two were unaware of the theft that the Kanker sisters had just committed, both girls being too focused on other issues. “Hey Katherine,” Nazz said, getting Katherine to perk up at look at her. “How are you liking Peach Creek so far? I hope it's not like overwhelming or anything like that.”

“It's alright I guess,” Katherine replied as she threw on her gym clothes. Even Nazz couldn't help but be stunned at her muscular physique, especially since she didn't even look all that built while wearing clothes. “I've only really talked to Vincent and Rin here a bit so far, and they're both new like me. Well, also Jonny, but I don't know, he seems like a nice guy and all, but just a little creepy you know?”

“Kat, I totally get where you're coming from,” Nazz replied as she pulled up her shorts. “I don't know much about Vincent and Rin since well, they're new. But Jonny yeah, he's a little weird to say the least. I mean, don't be like mean to him, but take my advice and try to keep your distance from him.”

“Don't worry, I ain't a total dag,” Katherine said to Nazz, causing her to tilt her head in confusion. “Whoops, used my slang from down under again, sorry.”

“Oh yeah, you're from Australia!” Nazz exclaimed. “That's so radical! I bet it was pretty great back there, huh?”

“Yeah, I do miss it back in the land of oz,” Katherine commented as she tied her shoes. “I was familiar with Australia at least, since it's hardly like this town.”

“Don't worry Kat, you'll get used to Peach Creek in a week!” Nazz cheerfully said as she too tied her shoes. “Look, if you ever need another girl to talk to, I'm here. Hanging out with the guys is like nice, but I know us girls gotta stick together, and there's always stuff you just can't tell dudes you know.”

“That's true,” Katherine replied, smiling. “Thanks Nazz, and uh, I think we should probably head to the gym now,” she said, pointing at the clock on the wall.

“Ah crap, we're gonna be a little late!” Nazz exclaimed as the two girls locked their lockers shut as they power walked over to the gym together.


Back over in the guy's locker room, it seemed like the guys had subconsciously split themselves into two different groups. Those boys not yet comfortable with their bodies and tried to avoid having the others see themselves getting changed like David, Kyle, Rin, Roland and Double-D. They were changing in the bathroom stalls so that no one else could see their naked bodies. Then there was the guys who changed clothes together because they weren't insecure with their bodies or just didn't care like Vincent, Ed, Eddy, Rolf, Kevin and Jonny.

"Once this class is over I can shower off the smell and hopefully last out until school gets out," Vincent thought to himself as he got changed into his gym clothes. He now wore a black t-shirt, blue shorts and his regular shoes while he left his watch in his gym locker for safe keeping.

"Rolf hopes that it is basketball tag!" Rolf exclaimed. He too was in his gym clothes, now wearing a white t-shirt, red shorts and his regular shoes.

"Ugh," Vincent groaned. Basketball was by far Vincent's least favorite sport and he dreaded the thought of evening having to play it. Normally Vincent was alright with playing any sport, although football and wrestling were his favorites. But Vincent was just so awful at basketball that he knew it was downright sad to watch him play it and fail. “God please no basketball,” Vincent thought, cringing.

“Yo Rolf, you-” Eddy said as he walked up to Rolf before noticing that Vincent was right next to him, cutting his sentence short. He was in his usual gym clothes, which consisted of a white shirt with a yellow basketball jersey that had the number sixty-two on it over top of it. Eddy also wore a pair of blue shorts with palm trees all over them, and had a pair of old blue sneakers on. “You... ready for gym? And boy Vincent, I thought you'd be changing with all the other Lemon Brook kids or something, ha ha.”

“Yes no-neck Ed boy, Rolf is quite ready for what comes in physical training!” Rolf exclaimed.

Vincent looked over at the other guys from Lemon Brook who were isolating themselves from one another, clearly insecure with having to change in front of other guys. “I guess you can say I don't mind changing in front of the other people unlike them, ha ha,” Vincent replied.

“I figured you weren't one of those kinds of kids,” Kevin commented as he threw on his gray hooded sweatshirt for gym. “Like really, it's not that big of a deal to take off your clothes in the locker room you know man?”

“Agreed,” Vincent said back to him.

“Hey guys, what'cha talking about?” Ed asked as he walked up towards the other guys, now dressed for gym class in his raggedy, filthy white t-shirt and blue shorts.

Vincent tried his hardest not to hold his nose together or gag from the stench coming off from Ed. While the local kids were used to Ed's smell by now, Vincent and the other new kids were far from having adjusted to it yet. “We're discussing who the murderer is,” Vincent sarcastically told Ed as he coughed. “I am going to vomit if I don't get away from Ed's body odor,” he thought.

“Oh, uh... I see,” Ed said as he began to sweat nervously, biting his lip. “I um, well you see... uh I gotta... go to my locker.”

“Man, you're already changed for class,” Kevin reminded Ed. “What do you need to get outta it?”

“No, not gym locker, uh,” Ed replied as his eyes shifted the room and legs shaking. “Um, school locker, and uh... gotta get my um... new Chick's Galore magazine, yeah!” With Ed shouting that, he quickly sprinted not only from the locker room, but from the school itself. He ran down the streets of Peach Creek frantically as if his well-being depended on it.

“What the hell...” Vincent, while glad that Ed took his putrid smell with him as he ran off, was also unnerved now thanks to Ed's eccentric behavior.

“Don't worry Vincent, big guy's just messing around with us... I hope,” Eddy commented with a somewhat worried look on his face. Even though Eddy was Ed's best friend along with Double-D, he still had a hard time knowing when Ed was just screwing around with him or actually being serious.

“Hey guys, I think it's time we head to gym,” Kevin said as he looked at the clock. With Kevin in the front, the other kids followed behind him to gym class with mixed reactions.

"Is that Rolf guy always weird like that?" Kyle suddenly asked from behind Eddy, causing him to turn around and face him. Kyle was wearing a plain blue t-shirt with a pair of white shorts and white sneakers. He also had his black sunglasses on.

"If you think that's weird, you ain't seen nothing yet, uh..." Eddy answered, although he had forgotten Kyle's name.

"The name's Kyle," Kyle said as he grinned at Eddy.

"Right... well I'm Eddy, but you probably already knew that," Eddy responded.

"Sure I do, you seem like a pretty cool guy to me," Kyle said, causing Eddy to grin.

"I like you already, Kyle," Eddy answered. "I would lose the shades though, we're not outside ya know. Makes you like a bit like a tool to be honest Kyle," Eddy added, finding it strange that Kyle was wearing sunglasses inside.

"Yeah right, wearing shades inside is for the coolest of the cool only," Kyle answered as he lifted up his sunglasses a bit to look at Eddy.

"If you say so," Eddy answered as he looked around the hallway as he, Kyle and the rest of the kids walked into the gymnasium. "Oh well, we better get to the gym and see what boring activity we've got today," Eddy said in a downbeat tone.

As David and the other kids were walking into the gym, he spotted Double-D and approached him. “Hey Double, listen I am so sorry-”

“No need to apologize again David, you're not the one to blame,” Double-D said to David, interrupting him. "You were being manipulated by Marie to do her bidding and being new here, didn't know any better. Just remember to take caution and try to stay away from Marie or her sisters in the future."

"Wait what, manipulated?” David asked, shocked. “No Double-D, there was no blackmail or forcing, that was all me! Marie only suggested I do it! I... aw man, right now I just feel so confused and, crap is that butterflies? Dang it my stomach has butterflies..."

Double-D's left eyebrow perked up hearing David admitting that he had threw a bottle of ink and pretended to beat him up out of his own free will back in math class earlier today. It didn't take long for him to realize why David had really done this bizarre act now. “David, trust me there are far better girls out there,” Double-D told him. “I might not have much experience with the opposite sex, but truth be told Marie is not a girl you want to impress. Crude, disrespectful, unintellectual, etc. I wouldn't even wish it upon my worst enemy to spend the rest of his or her days with Marie. Believe me David, while this school doesn't have as much girls as it does boys admittedly, I would just wait to find someone to have the “butterflies” for.”

“Are you saying that because she's your ex-girlfriend, because I'll definitely back off if it makes you uncomfortable,” David clarified to Double-D while missing the point of his advice.

Double-D put his hand to his forehead as he took in a deep breath, trying not to freak out on David. “No David, Marie and I have never been in a real relationship with one another,” Double-D confirmed to David, clenching his fists tightly. “She makes many false claims about I being her boyfriend, but trust me, that is not the case. David, what I said about Marie is true and quite honestly, she's not a good person. You on the other hand are kind, albeit naive spirit, and for someone like you being around Marie would only make you either miserable or corrupt you into an immoral person like her, and I'd hate to see either of those things happen to you.”

“So I take it you don't want me hanging out with her then?” David asked once more.

“Yes!” Double-D shouted at him, flipping out as the other kids starred at him, causing his face to turn red in embarrassment. “Pardon my tone, but yes David, all I'm saying in layman's terms to you is that you can do better than Marie.”

“Alright, I get'cha Double-D, we'll talk later,” David replied. “Right now, let's get to exercising!”

Double-D could only groan as he and the other kids formed a line. “Let's just hope dodge-ball isn't today's activity, oh how I dread that awful game,” Double-D thought, cringing.


The gym teacher Mr. Downswald stood at one end of the gym and blew into his whistle. "Alright, simmer down kids, we aren't exercising just yet so sit down," he said as the kids sat down. He was a tall man standing at ten feet tall, although his posture left him slightly hunched. His head was bald, and his build was quite heavy looking, and he wore a rainbow tie-die shirt, blue sweatpants and brown shoes. At a time Mr. Downswald was once incredibly buff back in the day and a formidable power-lifter. That was until he contracted Parkinsons disease, leaving him physically impaired and making it so that he walked slowly and causing his body to have a tendency to jitter.

“Is this man physically fit to teach us?” Rin thought, a bit concerned for Mr. Downswald's condition.

Mr. Downswald slowly walked around the kids and examined theme with curiosity. “Looks like I lucked out this year and got a group of winners!” he exclaimed, laughing as he headed to the front of the gym. “Well, the name's Mr. Downswald, and I'll be your gym teacher for this class. You might also have me as a coach if you're in football, wrestling or track and field. Shoot, I'm even certified in counseling too if you ever need someone to talk to. Now I've been at this job for fifteen years now, and I don't regret a single moment of it. If some of you here may be wondering about why I shake and move so slow it's because I have Parkinsons disease. Your body tends to just start degrading in the motor systems and eventually you develop dementia. I haven't reached an absence of mind just yet, and I'm definitely not that slow as to be unable to deliver a good butt whooping if needed. Anyway, I believe in having you students gain more than just good, healthy bodies in this class. I'd like to see some leadership! And that's why I'll have one of you kids volunteer to lead the class each week in activities. Now who wants to be the head honcho for this week?"

"I will coach!" Kevin exclaimed, raising his hand up.

"Ah Kevin, I knew you'd jump on that chance like a cat pouncing on a mouse," Mr. Downswald told him. "So, what would you like to have us do today?"

"Eh, just some basketball," Kevin said nonchalantly.

Vincent was mortified at hearing Kevin say they would play basketball today in gym. He took a quick look at Katherine and thought, “No, I'm not embarrassing myself in front of her today.” Looking back at Kevin, Vincent then shouted, “Teacher's pet!”

Kevin turned around and glared at Vincent. “Excuse me?” he asked, walking towards Vincent.

"You heard me son," Vincent said, standing up. Although Vincent had nearly half a foot over Kevin in height, this didn't intimidate the redhead at all.

"The title of leader is being challenged!" Rolf exclaimed as he too stood up.

"I think you may be onto something Rolf," Mr. Downswald said as he pulled a lever inside the gym that resulted in a giant wrestling mat falling down from the ceiling and unrolling itself, creating a sort of arena. "Sumo!"

"That's... not what I had in mind," Vincent admitted as he looked back down at Kevin. "Since you're not a wrestler, I'll challenge you to tapout, Kevin. No hitting or kicking, just grapples, holds and pins. Best two out of three matches. Whoever taps looses and the winner leads the class."

"This is because I said we're playing basketball, isn't it?" Kevin asked. "Come on, if you're such a reasonable and sensible guy, just deal with it man!”

"Sounds like you're scared," Vincent called out, getting a bunch of the kids to let out a collective, "Oooo" at Kevin being sprung.

"That's it!" Kevin yelled back as he walked towards the arena, with Vincent following him. "You're going down Vincent!"

"I haven't done tapout with anyone for awhile now," Vincent said, cracking his neck and hands. The two grudgingly shook hands, glaring at each others' eyes with great ferocity as they were about to have a few matches of tapout.

"Now wait just a minute kids," Mr. Downswald said as Kevin & Vincent looked back at him. "I forgot to take attendance."

Quite a few of the kids face-palmed in disappointment. "Are you kidding me?" Vincent asked as his face was on his forehead.

"Kevin Anderson?"

"Yup," Kevin said.

"Vincent Garland?"

"Present," Vincent replied.

“Roland Hunter?”

“Sup," Roland said, thinking about seeing Kevin face off against Vincent in tapout. He wanted Kevin to win since to him Vincent was a jerk. However, he was also curious in seeing how well both of them fought against each other, even if it was just tapout.

"Eddward Jones?”

“Present, and you know it's alright to call me by “Double-D” to differentiate between Ed and I,” Double-D told him.

“Alright, I'll remember that,” Mr. Downswald replied as made a note of it on his attendance sheet. “Lee, Marie and May Kanker?”

There was no response as the kids looked around the gym, with the Kanker sisters being nowhere in sight. “No Kankers, that's a relief, guess now I can talk about those freaks all I want without them scowling at me,” Roland thought, devilishly smirking.

“Skipping on the first day as usual of course,” Mr. Downswald commented as he marked them as absent. “Edward Lancer?”

Like the Kanker sisters, Ed was nowhere to be seen. This actually surprised the kids of Peach Creek since Ed didn't usually skip class. “That's odd, I wonder why Ed isn't here right now?” Double-D thought.

“Has anyone seen Ed?” Mr. Downswald asked the class.

“I think he's still in the bathroom Mr. Downswald,” Eddy told him, covering for his best friend.

“Alright, hopefully he gets here soon,” Mr. Downswald said as he marked that Eddy was here, seeing it as unnecessary to ask for his presence when he already heard him speak. “Okay, I know you're already here McGee, so is there a Katherine Queen present?”

“I'm here,” Katherine said as she held her hand in the air.

"Kyle Rodriguez?"

"Hey," Kyle answered.

"David Thompson?"

"Uh, here!" David exclaimed, being caught off guard.

“Nadine Van Bartonschmeer?”

“Here, and you can call me Nazz, Mr. Downswald!” Nazz exclaimed.

“Okay,” he said, writing that down on the attendance sheet as well. “Jonny Woods?”

“Yeah I'm here,” Jonny said with a bit of grumpiness in his voice.

“Rin Yamaki?”

“Hai,” Rin answered.

“Hi to you as well,” Mr. Downswald said, not understanding that Rin actually told him “yes” in Japanese instead of a simple “hi” in English. “Okay, and then that just leaves Rolf, who's last name I won't even attempt to say in fear of massacring it just trying to pronounce it.”

“Ah, Rolf is here, yes,” Rolf replied.

“Alright, that seems to be just about everyone except Ed and the Kanker sisters so all in all, a good turn out for the first day of school,” Mr. Downswald commented as he made his way over to the blue mat. The kids then surrounded the arena to watch this battle between Kevin and Vincent take place. They couldn't help but talk about this fight and all the possible outcomes.

“Rip him to shreds!” Kyle yelled out, not really rooting for either Vincent or Kevin to win the fight, but wanting to rile everyone up for this as well. That and Kyle thought it would make him seem more “in” if he seemed into this battle as well.

"Wow, I feel like they should be serving popcorn for this," David stated.

“Come on Vincent, take Kevin down,” Jonny muttered, not too loudly so no one would hear him, but he couldn't help but feel biased towards Vincent and saying so out-loud.

“I hope Kevin puts some humility into Vincent,” Roland commented, showing his bias in who he wanted to have win this fight like Jonny, only rooting for the other opponent.

“Oh boys,” Nazz sighed as she looked over at Katherine and said, “Let me guess, you're gonna cheer for Vincent to win?”

“This is exactly the kind of stuff the bogans would do back down under,” Katherine commented as she looked back over to Nazz. “Oh sorry, um... how much of chance do you think Vincent has?”

“Well Kevin's far from being a wimp, I'll give him that,” Nazz told Katherine as the tone of her voice was sounding more stern. “I've seen him take on groups of people by himself before and come out on top. He's not the strongest kid in Peach Creek, but Kevin is definitely one of the best fighters. Shoot, one time Kevin came with me to the Taekwondo dojo I go to and he was holding his own against some of the black belts there!”

“I see,” Katherine replied as she looked over at Kyle, who she heard went to Lemon Brook with Vincent. Thinking he'd know how well of a fighter Vincent was, Katherine tapped him on the shoulder, causing Kyle to turn around. “Excuse me guy, but do you know if Vincent is ace at fighting?”

“I've heard some stories,” Kyle replied, getting Nazz's attention now too.

“Like what Kyle?” Nazz asked him, curious.

“Well for one Vincent has years of wrestling experience from what I hear,” Kyle told the girls as they looked at him. Kyle liked the attention he was receiving from two pretty blonds as he remembered how vital the art of storytelling is for social situations. “Besides that, I remember back in second grade this one time when he took down some fifth graders and sent them running back to their parents crying. Then there was this other time I heard he managed to knock out and stop a couple of creeps who tried abducting kindergarteners back when we were in fifth grade. That and Vincent's also a football player, and I remember how last year he and some of the other guys crushed you Cobblers, so yeah.”

“So Vincent can definitely hold his own,” Nazz commented, smiling. “That's good to know.”

“He doesn't sound like a bogan at all,” Katherine thought, trying her best not to show any strong emotions, still feeling fairly reserved about herself. “Yeah, this sounds like it'll be a good show,” she commented, smiling herself now.

“Why must people still feel it necessary to use violence to resolve even the pettiest of issues?” Double-D asked himself, not caring about the outcome of this fight at all.

“Vincent seems like he can be a rational guy Double-D,” Eddy told him. “As for shovel-chin, we both know that “reason” is a little hard for him to grasp sometimes. That's why they gotta go tapout now to see who leads this class instead of talking it over like a couple of girls.” Although Eddy was on good terms with Kevin now, he was still unsure of who he wanted to have win this fight. He had just met Vincent, who seemed like a pretty cool guy to him, but Kevin was the “cool” guy of Peach Creek. Eddy figured that this scrimmage between the two boys wasn't just to see who'd lead gym class for a week, but who would be the more “dominant” cool kid as well.


“Okay, let's see what you two got. Remember, both of you play fair or else there will be running, ha!” Mr. Downswald exclaimed, looking at both Vincent and Kevin as he called for the fight to begin.

"Very well," Vincent said as he threw out his right arm and tried to wrap it around Kevin's neck. Kevin however slapped his arm right off and tried to pick up Vincent by his legs. Taking the opportunity, Vincent wrapped both of his arms around Kevin's neck again as Kevin tried to pull up and throw him down. While Vincent fell down, Kevin was still in a fairly tight headlock, with him moving around to get out of Vincent's hold, even trying to use his legs. Yet Vincent wrapped his legs around Kevin's, preventing them from being used for maneuvering. Kevin couldn't even position his arms right to do anything with them, and prying his way out wasn't working that well.

"Alright Kevin, you gotta tap now," Mr. Downswald told him. "You aren't getting out of that one."

"Ugh," Kevin moaned as he squirmed, but to no avail. It was no use and Kevin couldn't do anything to Vincent this round. Now he tapped his hand on Vincent's body, signaling that round one was over.

"Boy Kevin was held tighter than a wolf in a tiger's grasp," Rolf commented.

"There's still a round two dude," Kevin told Rolf as he got up to adjust himself, coughing a bit.

"I'm ready whenever you are," Vincent told Kevin as he too got back up, smirking.


"Wow, round one went by fast," Kyle said to himself as he looked on.

"Dang, I can't believe that guy took Kevin down so quick," Eddy commented as he looked over at Kyle. Even though Eddy himself was a pretty decent wrestler, he still struggled when handling Kevin when things got physical between them.

"Yeah, well Vincent was a member of our football team, and, if I remember correctly, we whooped you guys good last year," Kyle responded as he looked over at Eddy, flashing him a grin.

"Ugh, don't remind me," Eddy replied, remembering the horrible experience that he had last year with the Lemon Brook Lumpers. "But that Vincent guy is pretty cool," Eddy added, remembering the fact that Vincent helped him get untied from the bus at least.

"One of those freaks from that team was giant annoyance to me," Roland said to Eddy, overhearing him and Kyle's conversation and deciding to join in.

"Well, there were some pretty rough characters on our football team admittedly..." Kyle commented as Eddy looked at him and then at Roland.

"Did one them pick on you or something?" Eddy asked as he looked up at Roland.

“Freaking Eli Inheritor,” Roland said as the tone of his voice grew very hateful. “Big and muscular jock, at least seven feet tall and oh did he take advantage of that. I'd like to say he was dumb, but that jerk was crafty with the crap he pulled. Eli could get away with practically anything, and man did he make my life hell back in Lemon Brook. He always just had to shake everything up whenever he walked into the damn room, and ugh, I don't wanna talk about how much he made me suffer anymore.”

“Hey Roland, it's okay now,” Eddy said, trying to reassure Roland so that he didn't have a mental breakdown or something. “If that jerk's here at Peach Creek now, I'll be sure to give him a piece of my mind for ya if that makes anything better.”

“After our middle school burned to the ground, Eli transferred to Orange River City,” Roland confirmed to Eddy as he took in a deep breath. “And if I ever saw that piece of dogshit again, I'd like to handle him myself, but thanks anyway Eddy.”

“No problem Roland,” Eddy said as he put his hand on Roland's shoulder. “Trust me, Peach Creek is gonna be a lot better than Lemon Brook.”

“Uh... yeah!” Kyle exclaimed, taking Eddy's side since it seemed like a wise opportunity. “Really Roland, no one actually liked Lemon Brook.”

“If you guys say so,” Roland replied as he took Eddy's hand off his shoulder and awaited what would happen for round two in the battle between Vincent and Kevin.

Meanwhile Rin gulped, seeing at how strong and skilled Vincent was at fighting. While Rin was skilled at kendo, he was admittedly utterly defenseless without his bokken. "Dang, Vincent is strong, very strong,” Rin thought as he had to give credit to Vincent's power. "I would not be surprised if he could be a champion in some wrestling tournaments.”

Double-D gulped as well, shaking a little bit at the fight between Vincent and Kevin. For one violent confrontations in general terrified a pacifist like himself. Second, it made Double-D realize that Vincent was not just a potential intellectual rival, but even an athletic one for the likes of Kevin. “Oh my, someone of Vincent's caliber could potentially be a serious threat if not well-checked,” Double-D thought as he shook a little in fear.

“Wow, looks like Kyle wasn't bluffing us,” Nazz commented, smiling at seeing Kevin get butt handed to him by Vincent. “Well, Vincent's already earned my respect. What about you Kat, how are you feeling about this?”

“Those be some killer ace moves Vincent!” Katherine yelled at Vincent, causing her face to quickly turn red with anxiety.


Vincent himself overheard Katherine cheering for him and smiled. “So far so good Vincent,” he thought to himself as he quickly wiped the smirk off his face. “Alright, now don't get cocky, you still have another round or possibly two to go,” Vincent told himself in his mind.

"Crap man, I shouldn't have underestimated Vince!" Kevin thought as he inhaled greatly and wiped the sweat off his forehead. It wasn't too often Kevin came across an opponent who could hold his own against him. "Well, no more messing around nest round Kevin! Now let's see how well this guy does in a triangle hold," he said to himself in his mind, now for sure not holding back at all.

"Oops, almost forgot about these," Vincent said as he took his glasses off and handed them to Katherine. “Mind if you hold these for a bit? Vincent asked her. The last thing Vincent wanted was to have his glasses to break and cause him to nearly go blind. Without those glasses, anything that was fifty or more feet away from him was a total blur thanks to his nearsightedness.

“No worries mate,” Katherine replied, giving Vincent a thumbs-up as he hustled back into the arena.

"Round two boys, ha ha!" Mr. Downswald shouted, clapping his hands in excitement. "You know Vincent, remember to talk to me about wrestling after this match, because I could sure use a kid like you on the team in winter."

"Thanks," Vincent replied as he now started to try and grab Kevin. Kevin however kept on either dodging or slapping his arms away as would any experienced fighter when seeing someone trying to grapple them. However, when Vincent threw out one of his arms at him, Kevin got it stuck under his armpit. He then put his other arm around Vincent's left shoulder, lifted up one of Vincent's legs with his own and then gave him and mighty side-push, causing Vincent to collapse. "Oomph!" Vincent exclaimed thanks to Kevin knocking the wind out of him for a second.

Kevin then got on top of Vincent, held on to his body and began to roll around. There was a lot of struggling and moving between the two, with both boys not giving up. However, Kevin soon managed to get behind Vincent and wrap his legs around Vincent's neck and began to pull back. Vincent tried to move back a little to get in some air, and even tried to get his arms in Kevin's triangle hold to help escape. Yet it was to no avail as Vincent realized that he was defeated and tapped out, loosing round two.

"Kevin wins this round!" Mr. Downswald yelled. "Gotta watch for those triangle holds kid," he told Vincent as he helped pull the two boys up.

"The alpha beast reigns!" Rolf exclaimed. “Let us rejoice!”

"Hang on Rolf, there's still one more round," Kevin said as he smirked before saying, "That I'll win."

"Okay captain confidence," Vincent said as he took in a deep breath. In terms of upper body, Vincent might of had the advantage. Lower body wise though, it was obvious that Kevin had far more muscular legs than him. "I can't allow Kevin to do anything with those legs next round," Vincent analyzed as he would be sure to watch out for this upper-hand that Kevin could have if he wasn't careful.


“Go Kevin, no wait, go Vincent, or maybe I don't know!” David stated excitedly, getting into the fight with much intensity. “I don't know who I want to win, but this is awesome!”

"Kevin's got this in the bag," Eddy said as he looked on. It felt a little weird cheering on Kevin, but since they had decided to forget about the past, Eddy knew he had to get over whatever misgivings he had about him.

"Yeah right, Vincent's gonna pulverize him next round," Kyle scoffed dismissively. "I hate to bring up that football game again, but Kevin was on your team, and Vincent on ours, and y'all lost. I think that says something," Kyle explained to Eddy, who looked up at him skeptically.

"We'll see about that," Eddy said, in his mind betting that Kevin would win no matter what.

"The tide of battle turns so easily," Rin said to himself, sitting down as he put his elbows on his knees and joined the fingers of his two hands together before resting his chin on them. He didn't care about who would win next round, and thought that nature itself would show that.

“So Rin, are you enjoying this barbaric activity?” Double-D asked him, noticing that Rin seemed to have taken an interest in this match between Vincent and Kevin.

"Yeah, the match is interesting," Rin replied as he gazed at the two fighters, waiting for them to begin their next and final round.

"I see," Double-D commented as he whistled or a bit before deciding to engage in some small talk with Rin. “How did your math class go earlier?”

“Math is one of my more difficult subjects,” Rin confirmed to Double-D. “I am more of the literature type of person you know Double-D?”

“You know if you need a little assistance in your math, I can always lend a hand,” Double-D offered.

“Thank you Double-D, that would be very nice,” he replied as he thought, “You made a wise decision getting on the good side of this Double-D.”

“That was no pork pie you told me about Kevin,” Katherine commented as she still held onto Vincent's glasses for safekeeping.

“Yeah, there's a good reason why most people around here either fear or respect Kevin,” Nazz grudgingly said as she took in a deep breath.


"Come on, let's see round three, ha!" Mr. Downswald shouted as he stumbled about and blew into his whistle.

Vincent tried to get in some grapples on Kevin again, but in an outstanding counter-attack, Kevin grabbed Vincent's right arm with both of his arms and fell down. Wrapping his legs around Vincent's arm, Kevin had managed to successfully pull off a flying armbar. Before Kevin could roll around though, Vincent, with great effort, lifted his right arm up in the air and then slammed Kevin into the ground, causing a great thud and for him to let go.

"A violent move, yes," Rolf commented.

"It's legal," Mr. Downswald reassured.

"Ouch," Kevin said as he could feel his back aching. Vincent now got on top of him and decided to go for an armbar himself, grabbing Kevin's left arm and pulling back hard. Kevin however flew himself forward as he did this and tried to wrap his legs around Vincent's neck again. Quickly Vincent let go of Kevin's arm, but failed to dodge the incoming attack. Before long, Vincent wrapped his legs around Kevin's neck, ready for a triangle hold of his own. The position they were in did look awkward, and it was only a matter of time before one of them would tap. "Just give up," Kevin told him as his face was starting to turn blue. Both boys had somehow managed to put each other in triangle holds, and now this fight boiled down to a battle of willpower.

"Can't let that happen," Vincent said as he too squeezed his legs tighter, although his face was starting to turn purple.

Since the match was at a standstill and both Kevin & Vincent had each other in tight roles, Mr. Downswald threw in a white towel and tapped on both boys. "Okay, I'm calling that a draw."

"A draw?" Kevin said as he got up, taking in a couple of deep breaths. "That doesn't solve anything!"

"Maybe we can compromise?" Vincent exclaimed as he too got up and took in a couple of deep breaths.

"Well what did you want us to do Vincent?" Kevin asked.

"Let us go outside?" Vincent asked. "You know, since it's the first day and all, we can have guys throw the ball around, walk the track, etc?"

"Okay, I'll have basketball in the gym and we can have people playing catch or walking around the track," Kevin replied as Mr. Downswald tossed him the keys to the storage closet. Soon enough all the footballs and basketballs were given out and thanks to Vincent taking the initiative to fight Kevin, there was now a choice in activities and not just one option he personally disliked immensely. Kids like Rolf & Kevin stayed inside to play some basketball, while Vincent took a football and ran outside with it. The other kids were now free to choose were they went for gym class, something that didn't happen too often.

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

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Well this took longer than I thought to write, but hey college and work does that to your personal time. Anywhere, here's the second half to chapter six after all of these months!

Chapter 1: Part 6 – Getting Physical – Half 2

In the aftermath of the tapout match between Kevin and Vincent, the kids spilt up where they would run off to for gym. Many left the gymnasium opting to spend some time around the football field/track outside. This only left Kevin, Rolf, Kyle and Jonny inside to play basketball, under the supervision of Mr. Downswald of course. As a result everyone else was outside enjoying a more relaxed and free version of gym.


Vincent was still thinking about how he and Kevin tied in their match, but he had another reason to fight for playing outside besides how much he detested basketball. Rushing towards underneath the bleachers, Vincent pulled out a cigarette and lighter as he ignited his cancer stick and took a nice puff out of it. “Hell yes,” Vincent muttered to himself, finally being able to relax and loose some anxiety. He knew that being only thirteen years old and already having a cigarette addiction was far from healthy. Of course a year ago he just had to get curious when he saw his mom leave out her pack and a zippo lighter on the kitchen table. Both of Vincent’s parents were also smokers, and it seemed like the love for nicotine ran in the Garland genes.


Eddy stepped outside after Vincent had walked out, with Double-D, Rin, David, Roland, Nazz and Katherine following behind him. “So do you guys just wanna walk around the track, or does anyone want to toss the ball around?” Eddy asked. Back in his sixth grade year, Eddy would have preferred to just hide under the bleachers and lie around while everyone else participated in class. Yet ever since that incident with his brother over the summer, it turned out that Eddy needed another outlet to release his energy since he had officially retired from scamming. Taking a suggestion from Kevin at the time, Eddy decided to give sports another chance. Sure enough it proved to be an excellent outlet for Eddy, and an area he was surprisingly better at than he gave himself credit for.

“Track!” the rest of the kids exclaimed loudly, blowing Eddy down with their powerful group-yelling. The six kids formed a group and made their way walking around the track around the school’s football field to engage in conversation.

Eddy pushed himself back up as he muttered, “Sheesh, talk about a bunch of conformists.” He then noticed that Vincent wasn’t in his sight, despite him leaving the gym to head outside first. “Where the heck did the new guy go?” Eddy asked himself in his mind, observing the landscape to see if he could spot him. It was then however that a light bulb appeared over Eddy’s head as it seemingly “clicked” to him.


Vincent was still enjoying his smoke break under the bleachers, along with having some space from the others. Sure Vincent was a smooth talker, but at heart Vincent was an introvert and at the end of the day, Vincent liked having a little alone time. “I should be good for another hour or two at least,” Vincent thought to himself, with his cigarette being half its original size by now.

“Ah ha!” shouted a loud voice, startling Vincent enough for him to drop his cigarette onto the ground. Peeved from having his cigarette go to waste, Vincent turned around and saw that it was Eddy who alerted him as the short and stout kid approached him. “Don’t tell me you went up against Kevin just so you could have a smoke break,” Eddy stated, causing Vincent to back up a bit as his face turned red.

“Shit, I knew I should have gone out to the woods to smoke instead,” Vincent thought to himself as he then realized he needed to regain his composure to speak with Eddy. He didn’t expect his smoking habit to be found out so soon, but then again Vincent admitted to himself that he didn’t exactly choose the best spot to get away from everyone else. “Yeah, you got a problem with it Eddy?” Vincent retorted, getting defensive.

“Vincent chill, I ain’t gonna rat on you,” Eddy replied in an effort to get Vincent to calm down. He then noticed that the cigarette Vincent was smoking now lied on the ground, still giving off smoke. “Here, have a dime for that cig I owe ya,” Eddy said as he pulled a dime out of his pocket and flicked it to Vincent, who easily caught it.

“Thanks,” Vincent said as he managed to regain his composure. Eddy was surprisingly cool about his smoking habit, and at this age Vincent knew that meant Eddy probably had some experience hanging around smokers or was a smoker himself. “Sometimes a guy just needs a way to relief a little stress you know?”

“Can’t say I don’t know that feeling,” Eddy admitted. As Vincent accurately guessed, Eddy had been around the block a few times with smoking. An individual cigarette actually cost less than one jawbreaker, and combined with apathetic gas station clerks, it was far too easy getting a smoke in Peach Creek. It was back in the spring of Eddy's sixth grade year that he picked up on the habit out of inquisitiveness. Jawbreakers were starting to loose their taste and Eddy needed something else to fill in his addictive personality. Thankfully Ed and Double-D helped him quit this bad habit after leaving him trapped in Ed's closet for all of spring break in what was the most hellish withdrawal of Eddy's life. The urge to smoke would come up periodically, but so far Eddy had been strong in not giving back into temptation.

“So, why did you come all this way to find me?” Vincent asked as he leaned on a support beam that held the stands up. “Curiosity got the better of you?”

“Actually I wanted to see if you wanted throw the old football around,” Eddy replied as he showed the football he was hiding behind him. “I remember when I was talking to Kev and Roland earlier today that I heard you played.”

“Damn right I do,” Vincent said as he started to make his way out from the bleachers. He looked back at Eddy and told him, “Please though, I really don’t want the others to find out I smoke, at least right now.”

“Hey now, my lips are sealed,” Eddy said as he made a “zip your lip” motion with his hand and mouth. “But if the others can’t figure it out from the smell coming from the bleachers, then they don’t deserve to even have a clue.”

Vincent gave a worried laugh as he and Eddy crawled out from under the bleachers as the two rushed towards the football field to throw the football around. The other kids walking around the track noticed them leaving from the bleachers, which caused Vincent to smile nervously. “I didn’t know where the footballs where!” Vincent yelled out at them, hoping they’d believe his bullshit.

“But don’t worry, I showed this newbie what’s up!” Eddy shouted, covering for Vincent much to his relief. Vincent had only known Eddy for a few hours but already he was starting to earn his respect, a lot.


While Eddy and Vincent tossed the old pigskin around on the football field, the rest of the kids were already talking amongst one another. “I think Eddy is a pretty cool guy,” Rin commented. “He has confidence and doesn’t afraid of anything.”

Double-D & Kyle couldn’t help but cringe at Rin’s poor English. “Rin, pardon my Grammar Nazi tendencies, but I think you meant to say, “Eddy gives me the impression of a man who has some real confidence while also being a fearless leader,” Double-D corrected.

“Yeah, for the love of God and all that is holy, please do not remind me of Mr. Okazaki again,” Kyle stated as he facepalmed from just having to remember the terrible usage of the English language by their English teacher.

“Who is this Mr. Okazaki you speak of?” Rin asked, intrigued by the presence of another Japanese man being here at Peach Creek. “Is he the English teacher that my group has later?”

“Yeah, and he’s awful at his subject dude!” Nazz exclaimed. “I know I’m not the best when it comes to like English and stuff, but that guy is going to make me even worse at English with him as a teacher!”

“He even made me read a whole story without letting me get water till the very end!” David exclaimed with frustration. “I can still feel a gallon of water jiggling around my belly.”

“Well at least he can’t be a sarcastic ass like Mr. Own, the history teacher,” Katherine stated. “Vincent seemed to be the only one who could enjoy that terrible attitude of his.”

“Implying that Vincent himself doesn’t have a terrible attitude,” Roland interjected, laughing a bit after making his statement.

“I’ll admit that something seems a little off with that guy, but he doesn’t seem all bad,” Katherine replied, defending Vincent. “Sure he punched Rin so we could get out of some homework earlier, but his intentions are in the right place. Oh, and he let me and Rin punch him back, so it’s all good.”

As Roland chuckled a bit at the idea of Vincent being the subject to karma, Double-D then raised his voice to say, “Ladies and gentlemen please, we can do better than talk about others behind their backs!”

The other kids were silent for a bit before Rin spoke up. “You are right Double-D-san,” Rin said. “Even though I spoke well of Eddy, it is best to say words face to face rather than in safe distance.”

“I guess so…” Roland commented. Even though he felt justified in his actions, Roland decided to respect Double-D’s wishes of not talking bad about someone behind their back.

As the kids continued walking around the track and talking, Katherine couldn’t help but notice Nazz gazing at Eddy as he and Vincent tossed the football back and forth. She poked her on the shoulders and said, “Got your interests on the short one Nazz?”

“Used to,” Nazz said, getting the attention of the other kids around her. She didn’t like them gawking at her with a paparazzi crowd wanting a good story. Yet Nazz figured that they would only pester her about it later, so she decided to spill the beans now. “Well, Double-D knows this already, but me and Eddy had a thing with each other over the summer. We hung out, had a few “dates” and for a while it was nice going out with him. But later on both of us realized that we really didn’t have that much in common. That, combined with me being busy and Eddy trying to rediscover himself, both of us agreed to end our relationship. Now don’t get me wrong, Eddy’s a great guy and we still get along as friends, but sometimes it really is best to just remain friends with someone instead of taking it up a step.” Nazz decided to omit the parts about Eddy being nervous around her half the time they were together, along with how she still had feelings for Kevin. Of course, Nazz decided that both of those details could be left out for the others to know, seeing that they were too personal.

“I wonder if that means she’s single now…” David wondered to himself after hearing Nazz go on about her dating life.

“Well, at least you and Eddy can still get along and not feel uncomfortable like a wombat out of its burrow,” Katherine commented as she shook a little.

“Yeah, it’s good knowing that both of us can respect each other still,” Nazz replied as memories of Kevin started to cloud her mind. She had a long blink and slightly shook her head to get Kevin out of her mental pictures.

“Indeed, it is very mature for both of you to still interact with each other after your relationship,” Double-D told her, causing Nazz to think of Kevin again, much to her dismay.

“God, stop making me think about that prick you guys,” Nazz thought, not enjoying all this talk about relationships anymore. “So, did anyone hear that Peach Creek is like getting a Want*More having grown tired of the previous conversation.


Back inside the gym, what four kids remained there were playing basketball. Kevin and Rolf were having a one-on-one game with each other while Kyle and Jonny were shooting hoops solo. “Let’s do this like Jordan!” Kyle exclaimed as he dribbled the ball for a bit before shooting it into the hoop. The basketball ended up hitting the rim and bounced off into the distance of the gym. “Oh come on, that was close!” Kyle thought, disappointed that he had been so close to making a shot and felt robbed of it. He didn't like to admit it, but he wasn't the most athletic kid around; Kyle usually just relied on smooth talking his way out of doing any physical activities, but Mr. Downswald looked and sounded like the type of guy who wasn't going to take any of that crap from him. Kyle sighed as he looked over at Kevin and Rolf, who were still playing with each other, and then Jonny who was also just playing by himself.

“He shoots!” Mr. Downswald shouted as he stood in the middle of the gym to make a half-court shot. With his precision and power, the basketball honed in on the hoop and like a homing missile, hit its target as the ball dropped through the net. The four boys in the gym gave Mr. Downswald applause for his excellent shot, when suddenly their P.E. teacher fell backwards, creating a loud “thud” that echoed throughout the gym. “And he scores,” Mr. Downswald finished as he gazed into the lights and the roof above.

“Okay guys, on three,” Kevin commanded. The four boys quickly rushed to their gym teacher’s peril, with Kevin and Kyle grabbing one arm and Rolf and Jonny the other as they pulled Mr. Downswald back up on his feet.

“Are you okay teach?” Kyle asked as his veins bulged trying to pull up his large teacher.

“Oh don’t worry about me Kevin, I’ve had far worse falls,” Mr. Downswald replied as the four kids finally managed to pull their gym teacher back on his feet.

“Um, Mr. Downswald, I’m Kevin,” Kevin corrected as he, along with Rolf, Jonny and Kyle, was sweating and panting with exhaustion from the sheer force that they exerted in lifting Mr. Downswald.

“Sorry about that, you two got pretty similar names,” Mr. Downswald said as he began to walk out of the gym. “If any of you need me, I’ll be getting some ice from my office.” With that the gym’s doors slammed as Mr. Downswald left the area.

“How can he get us confused with each other?” Kyle asked, getting Kevin, Rolf and Jonny to turn their attention to him. “I mean shoot, we look nothing alike, huh guy?”

“Eh, Mr. Downswald is always a little outta it, I can cut him some slack for getting our names mixed up,” Kevin replied. “Kyle is it?”

“Yep that’s me,” Kyle said, shaking hands with Kevin as he grinned nervously. “So, you seem like a pretty cool guy Kev, like skateboarding?”

“Ah hell yeah dude, skateboarding is totally choice!” Kevin replied, his tone of voice showing approval for Kyle’s interests. “I mean, it’s not as radical as biking, but it’s still pretty cool.”

“Oh yeah, if I remembered to bring my skateboard today I would be shredding it outside right now!” Kyle exclaimed with moxie. “But you know, first day of school and my folks and I just moved into town earlier today.”

“So where are you from man, Lemon Brook?” Kevin asked, but before Kyle could respond, Kevin began to speak again. “Of course you are, just like all the other new kids. To be honest, before you new kids moved in, I thought all you Lemon Brookers were big, muscled-up brutes. But now I see Lemon Brook had its chumps too after all, ha ha.”

Kyle looked a bit distressed at Kevin suddenly mocking him and his Lemon Brook heritage unprovoked, but he did his best not to look offended. “Yeah, Lemon Brook had its losers, but a lot of them didn’t transfer here after the town’s economy tanked,” Kyle retorted.

“Is it only you six newbies that moved in or what?” Kevin asked.

“I think so, but I’m not sure,” Kyle admitted. “There might be more in the other groups in our grade, but I haven’t met them yet.”

“Comrade Kevin and newcomer Kyle, look!” Rolf exclaimed as the boys looked over and saw Jonny playing basketball all by himself.

“It’s just that bald kid playing basketball like a loner,” Kyle commented. “He seems weird yeah, but it’s nothing that eye-catching, is it?”

“Weird doesn’t even begin to describe Jonny,” Kevin said as he turned to Rolf. “But yeah, what gives Rolf, the freak’s just playing basketball. Do you want to mess with him or something?”

“Jonny the wood boy’s board of timber is absent!” Rolf stated which caused Kevin’s eyes to widen and Kyle to look confused.

“Didn’t you notice earlier today?” Kevin asked, with Rolf shaking his head. “Alright, let’s go see what’s up, come with me Rolf.”

“What the hell’s going on?” Kyle asked as Kevin and Rolf walked over to Jonny and approached him. Jonny continued to shoot some hoops as Kevin and Rolf watched.

“Hey Jonny,” Kevin said as Jonny dribbled the ball before running up to the hoop and jumping, performing a slam dunk. “Nice dunk.”

“As Rolf would say back in the old country, “Get dunked!” yes!”

Jonny kept ignoring the boys as he worked on his basketball skills. Frustrated with Jonny not acknowledging him or Rolf’s presence, Kevin decided to stop trying to make small-talk and confront Jonny face-to-face. “Alright Jonny, we just want to know where Plank is.” Kevin blocked Jonny’s path and stood right in front of him.

Only silenced echoed throughout the gym. Kyle stood in the distance watching this confrontation going down, not really sure what to make of it. Rolf then decided to stand right next to Kevin, towering over both him and Jonny. Jonny himself decided to stare Kevin and Rolf in the eye, stoic and harsh. “Plank is dead, I killed him,” Jonny quietly muttered.

“Speak up, Rolf cannot hear one is talks like-“

“Plank is dead and I killed him!” Jonny roared, blasting Kevin and Rolf into the wall of the gym with the booming loudness of his voice. He then walked forward, standing his ground against Kevin and Rolf who were now embedded within the gym’s wall. "Plank represented the wrong man has done against nature! He used to be a tree with promise, but he malformed into a board of wood meant for construction until I rescued him one day. I tried to fix Plank by giving him a purpose, thinking I found a misfit like myself to connect to. No one has compared to Plank as a friend, but now I realized he was meant to be a tool, not a living being. That's when it hit me... I could never trust man... if not for what you kids did to me this summer! You cannot expect me to forgive any of you, much less be your pal again after what you’ve done!”

"Holy crap, Jonny's even more insane than I thought," Kevin thought as he started to sweat nervously before remembering that this was Jonny after all. Jonny had always been a nut case, but he was a passive, peaceful individual who would rarely, if ever get this ballistic. With the wall cracking, Kevin and Rolf loosened themselves out and now got in Jonny’s face, pissed off. "Me and Rolf were about to say we're sorry and this is how you react? You know Jonny, I was willing to put this all behind us, but I can clearly see that you just want to keep holding grudges. Let it go man, you're starting to become a freaking dork and it’s pathetic."

"Jonny the wood boy, you had Rolf's mercy but now you have Rolf's wrath!" Rolf yelled before Kevin held Rolf’s fist back.

"As much as I'd like to give this punk a pounding, this loser's not worth it," Kevin told Rolf. "Now come on Rolf, let’s head back to the locker room and work on our plans for lunch."

"Ah, the planning for the initiation, Rolf is eager to get involved, yes!" Rolf exclaimed with his mood turning a complete 180.

As Kevin and Rolf walked towards the locker room entrance, Jonny stepped right back in their faces, not backing down quite yet. "A freaking dork!”  Jonny shouted, causing the skin on their faces to flap as if they got caught in a strong breeze. "You were the ones who seemed like dorks this whole time! I tried to be a good friend and ally to you guys and what do I get?” Jonny’s voice then started to sound gruff, parodying Kevin’s voice. “Hey dudes check it out, that strange Jonny two-by-four kid came by to save the day, so let’s beat him up for only trying to help!"

At this point Kevin nearly took back what he said about Jonny not being worth it as he picked him up with one arm. “I should have done this a long time ago,” Kevin uttered until Rolf got in-between the two boys and pushed them aside, releasing the jock's grip on the poor outcast. "Hey, what gives man?

"You will only cause cataclysm and malicious thoughts with a blow to Jonny the wood boy," Rolf interjected. "Rolf understands the frustration with the boy as bald as a shiny freshly polished kettle, yes. Still, such a barbaric beating would be a waste of energy and disrupt the mood for the future, yes?" Rolf gave Kevin a small wink, which the boy was able to pick up on.

"Okay, I get ya Rolf, save my energy for something worth my time," Kevin understood. He was about to say something to Jonny, but to everyone's surprise, the African-American child had vanished. "Huh, he ran off, the coward."

“Holy crap these Peach Creek kids are lunatics!” Kyle thought, sweating with fear after seeing that ugly conflict with Kevin, Rolf and Jonny which almost escalated to violence.

“Hey Kyle,” Kevin said, getting Kyle to look up, drops of sweat trickling down his face. “Do me a solid and find Eddy outside for us. Tell him to come and meet us in the locker room now.” Kevin and Rolf opened the doors of the locker room and then closed them, leaving Kyle alone in the gymnasium.

“Damn, it’s your first day of school and you’re already getting caught up in politics Kyle!” Kyle thought as he began treading out of the gym, breathing heavily. It was a good thing Mr. Downswald hadn't been there to see that hideous scene. Who knows what kind of punishment the boys could have gotten in for that incident? Still, Kyle tried to get a grip on himself as he exited the gym, leaving the large room alone.

“So, are you much of a wrestler, Eddy?” Vincent asked as he threw back the football to Eddy.

“I started up last year when Principal Antonucci forced me to join the team so that I would have an outlet and learn how to be “disciplined” since I used to cause so much trouble back then,” Eddy replied as he leaped into the air and caught the football. “Turns out that wrestling was something I happened to be good at. Are you planning on joining the team this winter?” Eddy tossed the ball right back.

Running, Vincent dove onto the ground and barely caught the ball. “Of course, I’ve been wrestling for ten years now,” Vincent said as he got up and kicked the football this time. “I’ve always been a wrestling guy. Not a fan of that fake WWE crap, but the real deal.”

The kicked football flew into Eddy’s chest as his arms wrapped around it. “Sounds like you have good taste my friend,” Eddy said smiling. He then tossed the ball high into the air as it spiraled before coming back down.

“Awesome man, I can’t wait to beast it up wrestling,” Vincent commented as he was about to catch the football, only to be tackled aside. Looking back up it was none other than Ed who shoved him down, catching the football in his jaws before mangling the leather to mere straps.

“I shall be the champion of the wrestling team!” Ed roared. His clothes were covered in even more dirt than usual and there was rusty odor that was only masked by Ed’s natural stench.

“Ed, where the hell have you been?” Eddy asked at his friend’s return. “Did you really go bury a body or something?”

“Uh… buttered toast and um, gravy, yeah, yum, I like chickens!” Ed uttered, disregarding Eddy’s question.

“Hey Eddy,” Kyle said as he walked over, still a little shook-up from the events back in the gym. “Kevin said he wants to see you in the locker room for something.”

“Oh man, looks like Kev wants to get things going,” Eddy stated as he pulled Ed by the ear. “Come on Lumpy, we have a game plan to make.”

“I claim the Orc barbarian!” Ed shouted as he was dragged back inside by Eddy as they went to the locker room to meet up with Kevin and Rolf.

“So uh, Vincent, want to throw the ball around?” Kyle asked, wanting to get his mind off of the more recent events in gym today.

“I would, but Ed turned the pigskin into pig shreds,” Vincent said as he got up and pointed at what remained of the football. “Come on, let’s just join the others walking around the track until class gets out.”

“What people around the track?” Kyle asked. Vincent looked around and had only now realized that he was so absorbed in hanging around Eddy that he didn’t even acknowledge the others.

Vincent looked over and saw that Double-D, Nazz, Rin, Roland, David and Katherine now sat on the bleachers, just relaxing. “Let’s head over to the benches Kyle,” Vincent told him as they walked over to the metal seating.


“So that’s why once we hit the twenty-first century in a few years, we’ll have a film noir revolution in the industry!” David exclaimed. He was mainly talking to Roland, while Double-D was engaged in conversation with Rin, and then Nazz and Katherine were having some “girl-talk”, with the two giggling much to the boy’s confusion.

“Implying that the world won’t just end right after 1999,” Roland stated, with David squinting his face in doubt. “Hey, I don’t actually believe that crap. But yeah, I don’t think that those old film noir movies will be making a comeback anytime soon, sadly.”

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Kyle asked as he and Vincent approached the others, grabbing their attention.

“Hi Kyle, how was basketball?” Nazz asked.

“Oh it was alright, but then I got bored of dominating and left,” Kyle shot back. Nazz and Katherine chuckled while the guys could easily see through Kyle’s thin veil of bullshit.

“Excuse me Vincent, but you wouldn’t happen to know why Ed and Eddy ran off, do you?” Double-D asked.

“Oh, they went back inside because Kyle told them that Kevin and Rolf wanted to see ‘em about something,” Vincent stated as he decided to sit down, not wanting to feel like he was standing and giving a speech to a sitting crowd.

“Don’t ask me what it was for either,” Kyle gave input as he too sat down right next to Vincent. “Kevin just said he wanted to see them.”

“You have a clue what those four blokes could be up to, Nazz?” Katherine asked.

“Not sure, probably just some stupid guy stuff,” Nazz replied. There was a slight hesitation in her voice that only Roland picked up on, but he didn’t say anything about it.

“Excuse me fellows!” Rin exclaimed, standing up and grabbing everyone’s attention. “I have decided to have a little “get together” as it is called in America. Tonight at around six after school, all of you guys can come over. Stay as long as you’d like, I will have some Japanese food too, but you can bring your own if you’d like.”

“Rin, may Ed and Eddy also come over?” Double-D asked his new friend. “They’ve been my best friends for years and I think it would be unfair for me to attend a social gathering and leave them out.”

“Sure, but I have to set a cap for people, so that is the limit now,” Rin told him and the others.

“Where do you live Rin?” Vincent asked for clarification on his address.

“Over in Peach Creek Estates and it is the Japanese looking house,” Rin informed him. “Sorry, I just moved in today and I am not familiar with my own address yet.”

“You’re definitely not alone in that boat kid,” Kyle commented. “But yeah, I can try and come, we’ll see, may end up being fashionably late you know?”

“Oh cool, you live right next door to me,” Katherine stated, getting the others to stare at her. This put Katherine at unease, until Nazz picked up on this and picked up a small pebble lying on the bleacher and tossed it behind. The clashing noise drew their attention to turn around, making it so they weren’t directly looking at Katherine anymore. Katherine smiled as she then said, “It’ll be pretty cool to meet the neighbor at his rage!”

“Can we bring games with us too?” Roland asked. Although Vincent found Roland grating to be around, he was relieved that he asked this question, not wanting to appear as too big of a nerd in front of the others, at least for now. “I could probably bring either my Genesis or SNES over for us to play on.”

“Oh I love gaming!” Katherine squealed, causing the kids to gawk at her again, causing her face to turn red. This time however she didn’t feel as nervous or threatened by the others paying her much attention. “Thanks to some connections, I managed to get that new PlayStation early.”

“No way, that doesn’t come out for a few more days!” Vincent shouted, which brought the attention of the kids to him. “Do you even have any games for it?”

“Yep, I got this new game called Rayman that’s supposed to be a launch title for it.”

“Hot damn, I am so coming to over to see that!” Vincent shouted, losing his stoic demeanor. He then looked back at Rin and remembered to play nice. “Of course, since you’re bringing that new PlayStation, I’ll bring over my SNES and Roland can supply us with the Genesis. Rin, you are going to have one hell of a get-together tonight, that’s for sure.”

“Ah, and with my NES that is four game systems total,” Rin stated. “An unlucky number, but hopefully that means nothing in America. Any who, you guys got some extra televisions?”

“Of course,” Vincent, Katherine and Roland replied in unison. They looked at each other and their faces twitched.

“Don’t worry Kat, I’ll come with you so you’re not the only girl there,” Nazz reassured her.

“Thanks, the last thing I want is to be the only chick at a sausage fest,” Katherine acknowledged.

“Okay let’s see now, that’s me, Rin, Kyle, Vincent, Roland, Katherine, Nazz, Ed, Double-D and Eddy,” David counted on the tips of his fingers. “Son of a biscuit, that’s ten people! I don’t know if I can handle a large group like that right now!”

“Hey David, is something like wrong?” Nazz asked him, noticing that David was sweating and breathing rather fast.

“Oh, um, just getting hot, yeah,” David panted, rubbing the sweat off his face. Numbness began to overtake his body. His skin felt like fresh fish taken right out of the refrigerator. The inside of his mouth now tasted like chalk, and the surrounding imagery distorted.

“It’s only what, maybe in the mid-seventies?” Vincent stated. “Are you feeling well man?”

“David, would you like me to escort you to the nurse’s office?” Double-D offered.

“Man, you’re starting to look a little pale around the face pal,” Kyle commented.

Everything went black as the limp body of David tumbled down the metal bleachers. Rin and Roland rushed to catch the now bruised boy before he could flop downwards anymore. Vincent and Katherine leaped in to help move David onto the football field and set him down. “Alright people, give the man some space!” Double-D shouted as he pushed at the others to move them back. “Someone get Mr. Downswald quick, or any teacher!”

“Holy shit David actually passed out,” Kyle commented. This was the first time he had seen someone lose consciousness today. For only a first day of school, today was far more exciting than Kyle could have ever imagined.

“Hey guys, it looks like he’s still alive!” Nazz remarked as David’s eyes slowly opened as he let out a moan that was agonizing on the ears.

“Ugh, it feels like I ran into a pole or something,” David commented as he rubbed his head. “Guys, what’s going on?”

“David, you blacked out like a deer about to get whacked by a car,” Katherine told him as she lent him a hand. She pulled David back up as the boy was now back on his feet again.

“If me and Rin didn’t grab you in time, you could have been badly hurt,” Roland said.

“You seem confused and could use a nice time to relax,” Rin told David. “At my house is a koi pond. The fish always sooth me when I am at unease. Would you like to see them later tonight?”

“Sounds good, aquariums are nice,” David said as Double-D examined him.

“Some bruising yes, but otherwise you seem physically fine,” Double-D stated after checking up on David. “Do you still want to see the nurse?”

“I think I’ll be fine Double-D,” David said. “Some one-on-one goldfish therapy tonight is the ticket I need.”


"Alright, you guys got the paint?" Kevin asked. In the corner of the boy’s locker room, Kevin, Rolf, Ed and Eddy plotted. A knot couldn’t help but form in his stomach at the idea of him teaming up with two kids who he previously despised just a few months ago. Now Kevin and his best friend Rolf were more than willing to team up with a couple of ex-dorks in this plan. However, it still slightly disturbed Kevin just how well he and Rolf synergized with the Eds, something he never thought would happen.

"The colors of blue and orange of Portal Creek Jr. High, yes?" Rolf asked.

"Peach Creek Jr. High dude, not Portal," Kevin corrected. "Anyway, I already got the peaches in my school locker, and lots of them. And Rolf over here's gonna get everyone in on dogpiling those Lemon Brook kids during lunch, right?"

"There will be piles of dogs higher than the hairs on papa's back," Rolf confirmed.

"I'll just take that as you'll do a good job," Kevin told him.

"Heck yeah we got the paint!" Eddy whispered back enthusiastically. "I'm just glad Ed didn't try to eat it or something," Eddy joked before looking over at his tall friend. "I can't wait to see the looks on the new kids' faces... it's gonna be hilarious," Eddy added, barely able to contain himself.

“They believed the body story like a bunch of doves Eddy!” Ed exclaimed in laughter, rolling on the revolting floor as he chuckled.

“Boy I would have really picked a better cover if I were you dude,” Kevin pointed out to Ed. “You’re gonna scare these newbies too soon man.”

“Pigeons Ed, not doves,” Eddy corrected his friend before turning his attention to Kevin. “I’ll remind Nazz to set up our grand introduction and then POW; those Lumpers are going to be the ones covered in lumps!”

“Choice,” Kevin flatly stated. The stomping of footsteps started to echo through the walls now. “Looks like the others are coming back to change. Come on; let’s shower so we don’t look suspicious.”

“Showers are bad for Ed!” Ed roared as he took his bag of supplies and rushed out of the locker room at lightning speeds. The other three boys quickly changed out of their clothes and entered the showers as the other boys walked in. Eddy smiled, ecstatic about the soon-to-have thrills. Rolf too felt good, smirking as he looked at the others walking in. Kevin however felt a black flame ignite inside him, and for the first time in months a spark of life seemed to return.

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Tech097 on Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:56 pm

long winded explanation about why it's late:
I'm sorry that it's taken so long for me to get this to you Sam.  Basically when I tried to read this for your birthday, SURPRISE, that virus or whatever was going on with my body came back even worse.  Add that with pre-Christmas planning and my Mom going clean crazy (my parents do NOT know how to enjoy themselves during the holidays, heck my Dad as Christian as he is dropped an F-Bomb when he thought he was alone DURING Christmas), I sadly forgot to come back and finish the 3 chapters.  BUT I am now doing better and after having read your message on Skype, I remembered and got to this ASAP (course I slept in which is why it's around nighttime haha).  SO YEAH here are my thoughts:

Honestly Sam you are a good writer.  You're taken something as content and text heavy as Day 1 of PCL3 and managed to convert it into something easier to read, while also cutting down on some filler while keeping a good chunk of the introductory pace in.  I admire you for that and like it!

I also like some of the original details you put in, particularly with Kat! IDK if Sapph has read this yet but I feel you've done her character justice (at least pre-Doctor Who Regeneration Kat lol).  Another thing I really like is how well you integrated her with other characters.  SPECIALLY with Jonny, that showed a good side of him that I really wanted to keep in his character in PCL3.

(Potential Finale Spoilers)
Especially having reached the finale, the fact that it's implied he has researched WW1 not only can imply he's sinisterly up to something, but also that he's well educated and cultured, I REALLY like imagining Jonny as THAT type of Antagonist.

I also think that giving more focus to the wrestling match gave the Gym chapter more purpose than just more talking, considering the first half is more action/goal focused, while the other half is expositional and development focused.  And the fact that Nazz goes into her relationship with Eddy I think is a nice touch, going ahead and showing her growth as a character, and further showing how Eddy is slowly gaining a more settled in role with The Peach Creek crew, while Kevin is struggling against himself.  And added/tweaked moments like David's passing out better shows him adapting to being with others as  opposed to keeping to himself most of Day 1.

However that being said there are some things I do consider probably a bit much.  For example, the fact that Eddy was smoking is something that I debate if it was there for the sake of showing how dark Eddy's life has been, or whether it was just dark for the sake of being dark.  I mean it'd be one thing if it was implied he did it for a short period like a week or month, but this is implying all the way up to TBPS, which really seems unecessarily long considering how good of a character he was WITHOUT the clutch.  Not to mention that detail where it ENDED pretty much months after PCL3 begins kinda makes this detail moot.  I mean after all an addiction is an addiction, even if cigarettes DO get people hooked more easily than other things, having him constantly craving Jawbreakers not only would've kept his character's integrity but also been more comedic and less serious for such a brief explanation.

Again there are also the little things like David wondering if Nazz is single (like him swearing that one time I think he'd see Nazz as a person before he did a potential girlfriend.  Heck the point of his crush on Marie is basically him experiencing "The Birds and The Bees" for the first time, and even then he doesn't even consider MARIE to be his girlfriend since he's so shy about it.  And MAYBE them criticizing Okazaki WAS warranted but maybe a little too backhanded?  Again these are little things.

But the one detail I REALLY don't believe should have been written was Kevin beating up Jonny.  As brief as it was the point of the scene in PCL3 was Jonny was MAD about everyone's sudden scorn for him without any explanation AND the fact that no one bothered to apologize to him until MONTHS later, when the damage had been done too much for him to go ahead and accept their apology without considering how he felt.  Kevin and Rolf's response in the RP was great, as it showed they feared him, but still thought he was in the wrong since they didn't know how much it hurt Jonny.

HOWEVER, the fact that Kevin went ahead and just impulsively beat up Jonny because he yelled at him, seems too far.  I mean I know the point of Kevin in the first Arc of PCL3 is that he's still struggling finding himself after the new social order and his SORTA breakup with Nazz, as well as after he did his time in juvie.  It makes sense that he's refusing to believe he was wrong and being stubborn about it.  But this act is so dark and violent for him, to dump someone who wasn't even ATTACKING him, but yelling at him because he felt hurt, it's so malicious I feel more bad for Jonny than I do Kevin.  I understood Kevin's anger in the game but he never took it so far so early in the game to be violent, other than his rivalry with Vincent in the Gym scene.  This act is so malicious that the only way I can see myself still wanting Kevin to succeed in the end, is if he feels the same pain Jonny goes through as a result over the course of time till the first arc's end...which is something I wanted to avoid.

Having that happen WOULD justify his redemption as he knew what it felt after he was such a Prick, but as a result it'd make the tone at least in THAT moment darker than I ever wanted for PCL3.  Moments like this and small details like Eddy's smoking, Ed's secret, and Kevin's "Black Flame" really make me nervous that as well of an adaptation this can be, that this fanfiction's tone will be much darker and serious in contrast to PCL3 which is meant to be semi-serious but still as fun and representation on the good aspects of growing up that EEnE touched on, and that I wanted to go for in my intent for PCL3's tone.

Again Sam, you are a good writer, you solidly adapted while making necessary changes to a lengthy source material that keeps the moments from the game itself easily recognizable and easier to read through.  But the negative aspects I note are still pretty much the things I critiqued about in the past: that I worry it is added for the sake of being serious/darker, or that it will influence the tone of the overall fanfiction rather than just little moments throughout the story.  But again, the positives are still great, it's just that I worry since I noted the negatives more in THIS readthrough that they'll outweigh the positives.  Since these negatives are mostly toward it being an adaptation, you COULD argue on its own and as it's own thing it COULD be good, and these problems wouldn't exist, and I'd probably agree to that!  But I can't stop seeing this as an adaptation first and most importantly, especially since it's something that I developed with a goal in mind, despite the help I've gotten from you and the others.

That being said though, I enjoyed the read, and am curious as to where it all ends up, so I give these 2 (technically 3) chapters a solid 8/10.

(The only weird thing about this is that the David and Double D and Marie ink scene wasn't included even if it was referenced by Double D and David was weird but it's bearable, since again it was mostly filler, so still it's a solid read.)

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Spikender on Fri Feb 13, 2015 9:34 pm

Damn boy you need to continue this story this instant, it's hilarious reading this rewrite/story version of PCL3. I was so engrossed reading this mess that time just flew by without me noticing.

As for the smoking thing... I mean, that's not that dark. I knew kids that age who smoked. Now if BB had Eddy doing crack or something then I mighta been in agreement.

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Tech097 on Fri Feb 13, 2015 10:52 pm

Spikender wrote:As for the smoking thing... I mean, that's not that dark. I knew kids that age who smoked. Now if BB had Eddy doing crack or something then I mighta been in agreement.

Weeell it's more of the principal of the thing buddy. Like, I just don't feel comfortable seeing my childhood characters in any sort of dark light when for the most part the show was pretty tame despite the mature/deep topics it touched upon in it's style.

I hope that makes sense, cuz yeah I agree there are FAR worse things than smoking cigarettes. All I'm saying is that just because it happens in real life, doesn't mean it should in a cartoon. I do understand WHY you're OK with that though so that's fine!

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Spikender on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:15 pm

Yeah I remember that was the same reason you weren't so cool with Forfeit if I'm not mistaken.

I kind of see where you're coming from, but I sometimes find doing stuff like that with cartoons to be hilarious. The thought of the Eds ripping on a bong out by the creek is hilarious to me, for example, but that doesn't make me enjoy the show any less. I like the show because it didn't have to resort to things like that to make me laugh. Just as a fan, it's funny to me to imagine stupid things like that. That's why for me, Eddy smoking a cig is very minor. Plus, now I can empathize with his struggle, mate.

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Tech097 on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:23 pm

Actually dude you ARE mistaken, I ADORE Forfeit, just some aspects of it specifically the Kevin revenge plot felt a little like less fluid and not forced than the others. It's still a very impressive fic though man I really respect it.

And believe me man I'm not saying it doesn't make sense, for what it is it does make sense and can be sympathized cuz Eddy is so likable, just, I'm always going to be comparing this to the show and the main game which I try to keep like the show. IE I don't dislike gritty things, I'm just saying if the source material doesn't match the grittier tone it usually will bound to feel somewhat "off" to me.

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Spikender on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:27 pm

My bad. It's been a while since you read it and gave me reactions and I couldn't really remember what you said about it. And yeah, hard to make every plot 100% when the main one was really between the Eds and the Kankers. I've gone back and read it a few times and wished I could've written it differently and with way fewer giant paragraph blocks. Oh well. Thank you either way, you flatter me.

I getya. But that's what attracts me to those grittier or ridiculous things when it comes to fan stuff surrounding cartoons or shows. To me it's hilarious if a character does something off-color that they would never do on the show. If it's done right. Kevin chopping off Eddy's head and then smoking a giant blunt, for example, isn't all that funny, even if I'm laughing my ass off while typing it.

Also what do you mean main game? You mean the console game?

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Tech097 on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:30 pm

And oh no problem man you are VERY skilled at writing from what I've seen from you man. I actualy hope to be posting some stuff here or on T3E that I've been doing with some friends of mine lol

I do see what you mean lol

And I can find humor in that as well, that's why the ELs for as MUCH as they can be DO make me laugh at times lol

And OH sorry, it's PCL3 the RP game I mean lol

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Spikender on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:33 pm

You make me wanna write again, it's a skill I've lost some luster off of from being delinquent in it. And what sort of stuff we talkin'? And what friends? You know you're not allowed to have friends outside of this website, punk.

Oh aight, wasn't sure what that meant. And granted PCL3 goes off the rails sometimes with it. I mean, we've had stoners hanging around the trailer park smoking joints and rolling up thanks to BB up there.

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Tech097 on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:36 pm

lol Don't worry it's just a lil RP series I'm doin with some friends, I might post on DA if not here. And dun worry my heart is big enough for everyone, includin u gaiz.

Admittedly so, but I try not to make it TOO much, I think it's just the right amount imo. It's different from a main character having a drug addiction in the past as sympathetic as it is.

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Spikender on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:40 pm

That's a big heart, fella. Just mind not to let it bust from all that friendly love. And that's cool. What sort of RP is it at least? Is it about Ed, Edd, n' Eddy? If so, how many parts involve your character making out with Marie Kanker?

Maybe. Though if any of the Eds ever fell to an addiction, it would be Eddy to me. Well, outside of Ed's canonical addiction to gravy, comic books, and smelling like my socks after I reuse them for a week.

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

Post by Spikender on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:41 pm

Also we derailed the hell outta this topic.

This topic is now property of Tech and Spikender bitch, deal with it or get pounced by Xing's Gang's Gang, ya hear?

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Re: Peach Creek Life 3: FES

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