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Post by Muji on Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:03 am

Hello everyone! Its been a while. I've already posted on this site, but I guess I wanna make this thread in celebration of my first post on The3eds.

goodboys2007 wrote:Hi I am a new user  Very Happy  can i  join a team please.BigEd 45 can i join yours.
Rofl, this was made in response to the Fusion Fall Thread on The3eds, and there was somekinda clan or group being made from the members of the site, with Good old BigEd45 heading it. This was 8 fucking years ago. I found the site b/c of this website: special thanks to whoever made that, wherever they are. I felt like I had to include that site in this passage, so deal with it I guess.

Ofc, The3eds went through alotta stuff. I believe I lurked near the end of Philips rein, who was said to be a corrupt mod. O Rly? was the dankest meme back then. I remember Taking Kevin Down being the first big.. "Click" that The3eds had, or it seemed to me it was at the time. The people who participated in that seemed to be the most popular on the site. BR was something back then. WHERES OB2KMARIO was probably the dankest meme that The3eds would produce. The "BR wars" were fun. There were Flame wars also, we never got around to naming those . The Rise of TFKrew, ClubEd, the Rep system. Fun shit. Xat chat, man, I remember waking up and my highlight of that summer / each day I'd wake up to see what happened next in the flamewar / participate in the next part of the flame war. Jesus, that was some funny shit looking back at it. Alif leaving the site was a sad thing too. Yolka Ed never responding to any of us, say, what happened to him? why'd he leave? did he tell any of the mods why he left? I remember Colton's and BB's stories, the very best, along with Yoshermon's The Cube. Colton's and BB's Forum games and RPs and Dairy games were fun shit too. City 193: Infection in Paradise was the best forum game, rofl (never forget 2x4 I think?, Sock, Stryker).

TFKrew bragging about their adventures in Minecraft got the whole site to get Minecraft,I feel, or it made me get it. Never got to play on that server tho. Cowabanga's Minecraft server had a shittonna fun memories, from the petty arguments, to making a fucking godlike fort in The Nether with Adam, L, my Brother, and me. Was fun. The movement of people from The3eds to Steam was fucking huge too, ironic considering in the early days of the site people argued about The Wii Vs Xbox360 Vs PS3. That Thread was freaking controversial back then. Started from the consoles, now we here! I also remember doing Hi._.Pi or something like that as a greeting in the chat. That was really way back when tho. When the Site transferred I moved onto ... I guess this could be a dank meme made by me or mine catchphrase. The Fam was a freaking funny thing, the Colteone's it was called. I was the Dad, Scams was my son, Divine sheep was my Wife?/Ex? (where did Divine go Q_Q) ROFL, OC was the Toaster, Efe was the evil Uncle to scams, stryker was a part of it too. Colty and Sapp too. DP was the lady friend. I think there was even a freaking family tree. Maybe two versions of it.

Anyways, me not going to the site much kind of coincided with me becoming more social/beloved in High School. Funny thing, considering I was one of the most shyest people I knew Freshman year/most of my life Rofl. Now that High School is over, I'm in an area where there aren't that many people around my age and it sucks.

Oh well, now a days I've been getting into the competitive side of PC gaming (Coming back to being a nerd!). Not the big time Dota tournaments(ROFL), but I've been thinking of entering some small time tournaments/dominating unknown games/mods. Games like Little War Game, Lambda wars, but those are relatively unknown and ez to be the top in.

So yeah, an introduction/commemoration/whatever this was to ... me!

Love you all!

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Post by SkullDevil on Sat Oct 17, 2015 2:58 pm

Muji, mah boy! Welcome back bro!

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