Build-Your-Own-Peach Creek (aka, where the hell is this place anyway)

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Build-Your-Own-Peach Creek (aka, where the hell is this place anyway)

Post by ChikaraGuy on Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:37 am

Hey there ol pals.

Well, i've been watching a ton of them good ol boys lately, and the vexed question popped into my head once again. One that I'd been pondering for years and years and just cant figure out.

Realistically, where the hell is Peach Creek?

Well, let's look at what we know.

Peach Creek is definitely located in America, as shown by a few subtle jabs at Canadians. Peach Creek is relatively close to the shore, but separated by a desert and...cow pastures? Also in it's general vicinity are an urban metropolis, several small boroughs and an abundance of industry. There's a lot of speculation as to where they could be located, and for the most part, this criteria could lead us anywhere, but here's some of my best guesses.

1. Peach Creek is located in none other than my native dump of Southern New Jersey, particulary a small town named Collingswood. I use Collingswood in particular because it fits the geographical criteria, sporting a main street lined with several shops, its close proximity to Philly (the city), a creek running through the town, and the bedroom communities adjacent to the town. Also, in the city of Camden to the west (note: DO NOT GO TO CAMDEN), theres a lot of crumbling industry, as can be seen in some background shots.
Some other pointers to the show's location being South Jersey:
-A shit ton of farmland to the east (note im replacing the desert with the massive forest separating us from the shore)
-Swamp lands to the south
-A ton of shore towns reminiscent of the one holding Mondo-a-Go-Go (which reminded me of a portmanteau of Stone Harbor and Ocean City, two tourist heavy towns with amusements)

So those are my best guesses, for now. So where do you think the town is?

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Re: Build-Your-Own-Peach Creek (aka, where the hell is this place anyway)

Post by Brimstone Behemoth on Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:41 pm

I've always got a southern Georgia vibe from EEnE. I mean Georgia is the peach state, there's a real Peach Creek in Georgia, and location-wise everything matches up. In BPS they end up crossing into Florida where Bro lives and they end up being close to the Atlantic as well.
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