Who Framed Bugs Bunny?

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Who Framed Bugs Bunny?

Post by Spikender on Tue Aug 30, 2016 7:31 am

It's the year 2016, and the crime saga that surrounded Roger Rabbit is now a distant memory.

But times have changed and now another bunny is now wrapped in a murder mystery and is hiding out in an undisclosed location. Bugs Bunny has phoned The ZeBunker Detective Agency for help to clear his good name.

The Case So Far:

Elmer Fudd was found in the trunk of a car in Toon Town with a carrot stuffed down his throat and pellets from his own shotgun peppered in his chest. Judge Claude Frollo, the new administrator of justice in Toon Town, has declared a Toon Hunt for the wascally wabbit's head, being the most likely suspect. Frollo has sent out his own Toon Patrol, the Gangreen Gang, to hunt down and capture the rabbit so he can be burned on a stake covered in Dip.

Who from the ZeBunker Detective Agency will help with this case? Enlist now, flatfoots, and solve this horrifying crime and catch the real culprit before Bugs Bunny meets an unjust end at the just hands of justice!

Sign Up Sheet:
Cartoon Character (The Detective You're Playing):
Outfit (The clothing your character wears while out on the job):
Equipment (The tools of the trade your character uses in the course of his work):
Skills (The abilities your character has to aid in sleuthing):

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