The History of Wario Land.

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The History of Wario Land.  Empty The History of Wario Land.

Post by Florida Hans on Tue Oct 18, 2016 5:13 pm

Rumor has it that Reggie is indeed designed a game in the past called Super Hornio Bros, now you may think that's just the run of the mill pornography, but those vhs tapes are actually lp footage of the unreleased video game. YES those are SNES graphics made by the heart and tears of Reggie Fis Aime. While it is a porn game based on the Super Mario Bros movie Shigeru Miyamoto was like "DAYUM BRAH YOU CAN GRAPHICS"

and he followed up with, "ngl, I masturbated to that shit for hours."

This pretty much inspired the Wario Land games as Shigeru Miyamoto was reminded of Wario as he kept fapping to the snes game

He wanted Wario to fuck Captain Syrup in her pancakes, but Iwata was like "No Miyamoto we are a family friendly company, you pull this shit I'm gonna kill you."


"FINE" Iwata proclaimed, "How about this, we make Mortal Kombat II Gorey as fuck, and you don't have Wario fucking, deal?"

Miyamoto had to think long and hard about this, it was his penis or his mortgage. He was going to pick his penis but his wife was going to chop them off with hedge clippers if he picked the porn so he got in favor of making Mortal Kombat II for the SNES to be "Gorey as fuck"

Shigeru Miyamoto, believed it or not, went insane after this and while he was trying to relieve his stress by engaging in sex with British High Schoolers, he kidnapped Rare Ware and force them to make Donkey Kong games and also to create his own Mortal Kombat and rule the world with it. This was Killer Instinct.

Believe it or not Nintendo and Rare had a good relationship even engaging with a threesome with Pierce Brosnan. Grant Kirkhope fell in love with Shigeru Miyamoto, but since they didn't use his voice for Super Smash Bros Melee, Grant went to Microsoft and convinced them to buy the Rare Ware and everyone is sad, all for love and Shigeru Miyamoto wasn't even aware, he has a boner for devastation. He is not a human, but a fucking alien! LOOK AT HIS FACE

The History of Wario Land.  Large10

HAVE YOU PLAYED SUPER MARIO BROS, the man has a messed up mind, he escaped Area 51.

Also don't forget to buy your 2010 Naked Clown Calendars, they're very charitable, it's for a great cause, and they last up to 63,461 years.
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Florida Hans

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The History of Wario Land.  Empty Re: The History of Wario Land.

Post by Phoenix Brave Hideki on Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:59 pm

Seems legit.
Phoenix Brave Hideki
Phoenix Brave Hideki

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The History of Wario Land.  Empty Re: The History of Wario Land.

Post by Fenney on Sat Oct 22, 2016 6:25 am

It is said that Shigeru Miyamoto made the sound effects for Super Mario by recording the screams of his MK Ultra victims

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The History of Wario Land.  Empty Re: The History of Wario Land.

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