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Post by Florida Hans on Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:32 am

Good evening. This is Sander Vanocur,
and this is the GNT World News.
After seven months of fighting,
the civil war in Shadaloo...
may have reached
the turning point.
The capital has just fallen.
[Speaking Native Languages]
This is Chun-Li Zang
with GNT News.
A.N. forces are consolidating their hold
on Shadaloo City today...
after a night of skirmishing that
secured this key Southeast Asian port.
But these soldiers
aren't celebrating just yet.
They know that defeating
the ragtag city militia is one thing.
Defeating the heavily-armed forces
of General M. Bison is quite another.
The Allied Nations forces know...
that they are dealing
with a power-mad dictator.
A dictator whose drug money
has equipped his army...
with high-tech weaponry,
which some intelligence experts fear...
is equal to anything
in the industrialized world.
It's been only 24 hours...
since this dangerous
and unpredictable warlord...
seized 63 Allied Nations
relief workers...
from a village north of here.
This self-styled general's
ransom demands:
An astonishing $20 billion!
Meanwhile, the location
of the 63 hostages...
remains unknown.
Of the 15 Allied Nations troops...
assigned to guard
the missing relief workers,
twelve are confirmed dead
and three are missing.
Their whereabouts?
Also unknown.
You came from across
the world to fight me, soldier.
[Computer Voice]
Stand clear.
Now is your chance.
- [Spine Cracks]
- Pathetic!
I think I see the A.N. commander
arriving now.
I'm going to try to talk to him.
Yes! Your turn now.
[Spine Cracks]
Colonel Guile?
Colonel Guile!
Col. Guile, Chun-Li Zang, GNT News.
May we speak to you, please?
Don't you want to speak
to the world audience?
No, but I do want to talk to someone.
That bastard Bison!
I know you like to look at yourself
on television, you sick son of a bitch.
So look at this!
What... are you doing?
Dee Jay, break in. Now!
You wanted me on TV.
I'm on TV now! Leave it!
What the hell?
- Balrog, do you believe this?
- Believe this, Honda?
Man, I'm shootin' it.
Col. Guile! Greeting!
He took the bait.
Trace that signal stat!
Why do you address a fellow warrior
with such disrespect?
Warrior? You?
How many doctors and nurses
have you killed this week?
How many children
have you orphaned?
- You will choke on those words, Guile.
- Anytime, dickhead.
We'll go worldwide just like now.
General, they're tracing this.
You think you're so clever, Guile.
Think about this.
You have three days.
If my $20 billion
are not delivered by then,
the hostages will die, and the world
will hold you responsible!
- Victory!
- Bison! Bison!
You hostages,
if you can hear me,
we're coming, we're coming!
Charlie, hang on, buddy.
We're coming!
We're coming!
Hang on, buddy.
Carlos Blanka.
So you are Guile's friend.
Take him to the laboratory.
Attention, all personnel.
Until zero hour,
all off-duty personnel...
must be in full gear
with sidearms until further notice.
We couldn't trace it.
He broke off too soon.
You know what?
For a minute, you were almost useful.
He doesn't like women, does he?
Oh, no.
No, he doesn't like journalists.
I assure you,
it's an equal-opportunity dislike.
Let's get ready to rumble
Street fighter
Let's get ready to rumble
- [Electricity Zapping]
- Aah!
Okay, we're off the street.
You feel safe yet?
Yeah... real safe.
Hey, this way.
Vega! Vega!
In here.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Good evening, Sagat.
Quite a party. Didn't anyone
tell you there's a curfew?
In Shadaloo City,
no one tells me anything.
[Helicopter Pilot Over Loudspeaker]
There's a 7:OO P.M. curfew
in Shadaloo City.
Violators will be shot
on sight.
May I offer you a drink...
or anything else?
[Clears Throat]
Let's skip the Miss Manners
and get down to business.
Do you have the $100,000?
Do you have the weapons?
- They're hidden.
- When we get outside
with our money, we'll call you on this.
- Tell you where your guns are.
- Do we have a deal or not?
You need this, Sagat.
Oh, no. I already know
that the weapons...
are on the pier
behind the Malpraiso Brewery.
In fact, my men...
have already unloaded the truck
and brought the weapons here.
What's the matter, gentlemen?
Surely you're not afraid
of your own weapons!
[Speaking Native Language]
[Native Language]
[Native Language]
I like my games live,
and in living color!
You aren't all talk after all.
Ah! Dr. Dhalsim.
How is your research today?
The same: Warped, corrupted.
My science twisted to serve
perversion instead of peace.
Tell you what.
After I've crushed my enemies,
we'll see about getting you published.
That should cheer you up. Hmm?
Now, let's have a look
at the patient.
He'll do very nicely.
- You'll have a perfect soldier.
- You mean a perfect killer.
Let's not quibble
over definitions.
- [Screaming]
- Is that a reaction to the programming?
What's he receiving?
See for yourself.
Merely educational software.
Why does he find it disturbing?
Because, unlike you,
he's not psychotic.
You take risks, Doctor.
Do not presume so much
on my good nature.
When his brain has become
a killing machine,
my... loyal scientists
will start on his body.
The next fight.
The challenger!
The defender...
my champion, Vega!
All bets start...
one hundred dollar American.
Sorry I talked you
into all this.
I'm sorry I listened.
[Crowd Chanting]
Vega! Vega!
Popular guy.
- The greatest cage fighter
since Iron Fist.
- Yeah? What happened to him?
He retired and became me.
Vega, over here!
Vega! Vega!
No weapons! No weapons!
Why are you making me watch this?
Research. You fight next.
[Buzzer Sounds]
You're all under arrest.
[Radio D.J.]
Good morning, Shadaloo!
The staff meeting is now in session.
New business.
Uh, Colonel, my commando team
is at full readiness.
But we need to know if the assault
will be by land, sea or air.
I knew that was coming. Cammy?
We were able to get Bison
to break radio silence.
Unfortunately, not long enough
to pinpoint the signal.
At this point, all we say for certain
is his base is hidden...
somewhere here,
the river delta region.
Any other new business?
Sir! Look.
Shadaloo Tong.
[P.A. Announcer]
There will be a series
of mandatory inoculations...
for all prisoners
commencing at 1400 hours.
Delousing will follow immediately.
That is all.
- You'd think they were afraid of us.
- Not us.
This could be the break we need.
If Sagat runs guns to Bison,
then he's got to know
where Bison is hiding.
All we have to do
is infiltrate someone... into his gang.
Excuse me, but Sagat didn't get to
the top of the Asian underworld
by taking risks.
He's not the type of guy
who makes new friends.
[Whistle Blows]
T. Hawk,
who are those two men?
Ken Masters and Ryu Hoshi.
A couple of low-rent operators.
We took 'em in in last night's sweep.
[Whistle Blows]
- Get them patched up,
and bring them to me.
- Yes, sir.
- If Sagat won't trust new friends,
- Hmm.
Maybe he'll trust
some new enemies.
Subject's muscle mass increased by 49%.
[Groaning, Screaming]
[Screaming Continues]
Subject's muscle mass increased by 50%.
[Man On Loudspeaker]
Attention, all medical personnel.
Refugees incoming on dock three.
Refugees incoming
on dock three.
Dr. Howard, report to
refugee infirmary at once.
[Baby Crying]
It's all right.
Here, here.
Come on.
These people here
have a chance.
Those hostages Bison is holding
have less than that.
What is this,
a guilt trip?
Call it a wake-up call, gentlemen.
Manila, Hong Kong, Shadaloo.
You tried to justify your con games
by telling yourselves...
you've been stealing
from criminals.
Now, are you the same
as Sagat and Bison?
Or am I right...
and you're different?
We're different.
Can we please leave?
The only way
you two are leaving...
is over my dead body.
[D.J.] Anybody know
what to do if a Bison trooper
throws a hand grenade?
Angh! You pick it up, pull,
and throw it right back at him!
All right!
Load 'em up. Move 'em out.
I'm tired of being a warden.
- Take 'em to the harbor.
The navy has a brig waiting.
- Yes, sir.
Bon voyage, Sagat.
Enjoy the sea air.
This isn't over, Guile.
I own this city!
Well, I'm the repo man.
And you're out of business.
You just had to come
to this country, didn't you, huh?
Why'd I listen to you?
You can't think. You can't fight.
- You can't even...
- I'm sick of your crap!
- Break it up! Get in the truck!
- Son of a bitch!
- Get in the truck. Come on!
- All right, next batch.
Cell block "D,"
line up for the next truck.
Ryu! Ken!
Throw us the keys.
Go to hell.
Forget our past.
I can help you escape the city.
Let's go.
Go! Go!
[Machine Gun Fire]
Go! Go!
- [Rifle Shots]
- Don't!
You'll hit the Colonel!
[Cameras Clicking]
Cool it. Hey, man, cool it.
[Cameras Clicking]
The temple above us...
was the wonder
of the ancient world.
Bisonopolis shall be
the wonder of my world.
But I think the food court
should be larger.
All the big franchises
will want in.
[Chun-Li] Dateline Shadaloo City,
Shadaloo, Southeast Asia.
The world is in shock
at the news...
that Colonel William F. Guile
has been killed.
It happened 30 minutes ago
during a jailbreak by Victor Sagat,
the gunrunner who was
the principal arms supplier...
for renegade Gen. M. Bison.
It was hoped that the Allied Nation
forces would restore order here,
but after today's tragedy,
nothing is certain...
except that Bison's
mad threats will continue,
and that the new A.N. commander's
first order of business...
is to bury Col. Guile.
For GNT, this is Chun-Li Zang.
That's great news, General!
- On the contrary, I mourn.
- Okay.
I was hoping to face Guile personally
on the battlefield.
One gentleman warrior
to another...
in respectful combat.
Then I would snap his spine.
The road not taken.
But why?
Why do they still
call me a warlord?
And mad?
All I want to do...
is to create
the perfect genetic soldier!
Not for power,
not for evil,
but for good!
Carlos Blanka will be
the first of many.
They shall march
out of my laboratory...
and sweep away
every adversary,
every creed, every nation,
until the very planet
is in the loving grip...
of the Pax Bisonica.
And then peace will reign...
in the world,
and all humanity...
shall bow to me...
in humble gratitude.
That was beautiful.
[Man Over Loudspeaker]
Curfew violators will be arrested.
Anyone resisting arrest
will be shot.
Clear the press.
A wireless mike on the coastal
highway heading north. Hmm.
Damn! We got interference.
- That's not interference.
It's too steady.
- What's the problem?
We're not the only ones
who put a homing device on that truck.
Well, let's analyze
this other signal.
Whoa! Looks like
that other signal...
is aimed right back here:
A.N. Headquarters.
That doesn't make any sense.
- Hmm.
- [Knock At Door]
Your five minutes are up.
Move out.
Honda, we gotta go, bro.
- Excuse me, bro.
- [Groans]
[Rock On Radio]
You two, follow our signal. I'll
catch up with you at the thieves market.
I'll find out
who's playing games with us.
- Watch your back, Li.
- I didn't know you cared.
We don't. You're the only one
who can sign our expense accounts.
It's clear. Go!
They can go.
[Door Opens, Closes]
[Beeping Continues]
Another homing device.
If I didn't give you
an interview when I was alive,
no way I'm gonna do it
when I'm dead.
Of course! Those two young men who led
the prison break and killed you!
They're working for you,
aren't they?
Are you asking as a reporter
or... as something else?
Sergeant, take Miss Zang
into custody.
No, wait, wait!
Wait, please.
You're right. I'm not here
just to cover the news.
I don't want a story about Bison.
I want his head!
Now, it's taken me...
You can't lock me up,
not when I'm this close.
Take her away.
Yes, sir.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
I understand better
than you know.
This war is not about
your personal vendetta.
It's about mine.
Darling, basic black's
not really you.
- Prison gray, perhaps?
- [Chuckles]
Stop! Hey, come back here!
Where do you think you're going?
Hey, stop. Stop!
[T. Hawk]
You don't have a chance.
What a screwup!
What a woman!
Cruise missile. All original equipment.
You add your own warhead.
Armored personnel carrier.
Surplus from Iraqi Army.
Five speeds.
Two forward, three reverse.
Like new.
Only used once to evacuate
American Embassy in Saigon.
Welcome, warlords of Shadaloo.
Gen. Bison invites you to share
his food, drink and entertainment.
No, no, no, no.
Yes! Yes!
- Yes!
- No!
She likes me.
- How 'bout our explosive finale?
- Not yet. We have a problem.
to business.
This place makes Detroit
look like Disneyland.
The only question is,
whose lowlifes are gonna kill us first,
Sagat's or Bison's?
[Ryu] I was right.
You've forgotten everything
our sensei talked about.
Trust. Honor.
Whatever you think,
we're in this until we get that
homing device up to Bison's fortress.
You got another one of those masks
for me, darling?
[Punch, Scream]
[Bison] I am pleased
with your goods, Sagat.
Now, as for payment,
why settle for mere money?
After I defeat the A.N.,
what if I were to share
the country with you?
When the war is over, we'll see
how much of the country is left.
let's see the color
of your money.
Is this a joke?
This money isn't worth the paper
it's printed on.
On the contrary!
Every Bison dollar
will be worth...
five British pounds.
That is the exchange rate...
the Bank of England will set
once I've kidnapped their Queen.
We know you're working
for Col. Guile.
You may not believe me,
but we're your friends.
I must've been insane...
to think I could do
business with you, Bison!
You raving lunatic!
I know you.
You're Edmund Honda, the sumo
from Hawaii. You almost made Yokozuna.
Until the Shadaloo Tong
destroyed my reputation.
They did the same thing to me
and my boxing career.
Don't tell me!
Figure skating.
All you need to know...
is that the weapons,
ammunitions Bison and Sagat deal in,
are gonna blow them
straight to hell.
This conclave is over!
You will die for this insult, Sagat.
You've got ten minutes.
- [Ken] Well, that was special.
- Come on. We've got work to do.
It's show time.
[Indistinct Shouting]
She said this place will blow
in ten minutes. Things can't get worse.
[Guns Cocking]
Uh, I was wrong.
It got worse.
Ken, back me up.
- General, you should be...
- Sagat, loosen up.
- Are you with me or against me?
- Is that multiple choice?
You dare to interfere?
Yeah, uh, because...
Because there are enemy spies
everywhere among us, General.
Show me these spies.
This is Chun-Li Zang. This may be
my final broadcast, but if it is,
- I and my comrades will know...
- There they are!
We have not died in vain,
for we will have ended the careers...
of the two warlords who have brought
so much death and destruction...
to this part of the world.
Bison! Sagat!
All your weapons of death
are going to be blown sky-high.
Happy landings.
Change the channel!
Evacuate at once!
[Bison] Search the camp.
Find Chun-Li!
The technology of East and West.
While the governments scorned me,
their corporations adored me!
Zangief, see that Ken and Ryu
are given clean clothing,
for it was they who first warned us
of Chun-Li's treachery.
They are our honored guests.
Sagat, Vega,
you are welcome to stay here.
I think you will find
the coming events...
most educational.
General, what about them?
Take these two
to the interrogation room.
[Guards Speaking
Native Language]
They will talk...
or they will die.
Preferably both.
Take the, uh... journalist
to my chambers.
We have decided...
to grant her
a private interview.
- [Grunts]
- [Balrog] Get off me, man.
There. Let's go.
Ken, Ryu, come with me.
We take care of you.
- This way.
- [Computer] Attention.
You're gonna dehydrate yourself.
Move! I said, "Move!"
This sucks!
Those guys are good guys... like us.
Lately I don't feel very good.
An attack from the air
is impossible.
The only chance is an assault
with a small amphibious force... here.
The main force will come
from the north,
while a single vessel equipped...
with the latest
in stealth technology...
will come up this channel
and strike these defenses from the east.
- Colonel?
- Yes?
A single boat
against everything he's got?
The pilot would have to be
out of his mind.
Luckily, Bison has driven me crazy.
So I'm gonna do it.
Cast off at 0600.
This is it.
Let me show you
how we treat foreigners in Shadaloo.
- You are next, Yankee!
- Maybe you oughta lie down first.
And take a bath! Whew!
Oh, man!
Oh, God. How do you keep
from crying out?
I'm sumo, brother. My body can be
in one place, my mind another.
Next time your mind leaves,
tell it to bring back a pizza.
- Honda, gimme your hand.
- We've only been in jail
two hours. Maybe next month.
Gimme your hand, fool!
Ready? Go!
Now you look like
Bison troopers!
This is where we train...
in our glorious struggle
against the Allied Nations tyranny.
- How ya doin'?
- Hey, lookin' great.
- Nice goin'.
- Hey, great uniforms.
- Long live Bison.
- Yep, Bison.
I see you later
in the commissary, huh?
You get a good look
at that video map?
- Just got the left half.
- Good. I got the right.
Troops... fall in!
I'll handle this.
As you were, Colonel.
What a surprise.
Welcome to the Shadaloo front.
- You're just in time for the kickoff.
- I'm afraid not.
The Security Council has just voted.
They've decided to negotiate.
- You're joking!
- We think we can deal with Gen. Bison.
You're instructed to call off
the assault. Contact him.
Request an extension
of his deadline.
We are prepared to pay
the ransom demand.
Twenty billion dollars?
What will prevent him
from taking more hostages next month...
and asking for 50 billion,
Colonel, have you lost your mind?
No. You've lost your balls!
Col. Guile,
deliver these instructions
to your troops.
Then consider yourself
relieved of your command.
I just received new orders.
Our superiors say
the war is cancelled.
We can all go home.
Bison is getting paid off
for his crimes,
and our friends
who have died here...
will have died for nothing.
But... we can all go home.
Meanwhile, ideals like peace...
freedom and justice,
they get packed up.
But... we can all go home.
Well, I'm not going home.
I'm gonna get on my boat,
and I'm going upriver.
And I'm going to kick
that son of a bitch
Bison's ass so hard...
that the next Bison wanna-be
is gonna feel it.
Now, who wants to go home...
and who wants to go with me?
Come on!
- Let's go!
- Yeah.
Col. Guile?
Move it! Move it!
Let's go!
Move! Move!
- Come on!
- Col. Guile!
Col. Guile, these instructions...
Stop them, please.
Hey, I would love to!
But some moron just canned me.
It was 20 years ago.
You hadn't promoted yourself
to general yet.
You were just
a petty drug lord.
You and your gang of murderers
gathered your small ounce of courage...
to raid across the border
for food, weapons.
Hmph. Slave labor.
My father
was the village magistrate.
A simple man
with a simple code: Justice.
He gathered the few people
that he could to stand against you.
You and your bullies
were driven back...
by farmers with pitchforks.
My father saved his village
at the cost of his own life.
You had him shot...
as you ran away.
A hero... at a thousand paces.
I'm sorry.
I don't remember any of it.
You don't remember?
For you...
the day Bison
graced your village...
was the most important day
of your life.
But for me...
it was Tuesday.
Attention, all troopers.
Weapons inspections will continue
to be at random until further notice.
If your weapons are not
at full battle-readiness,
penalties will be severe.
- [Beeping]
- Those guys'll be happy to see us.
Well, if it isn't our little buddies
who double-crossed us!
- What did he say?
- Hell, these guys are fanatics.
[Gagging, Mumbling]
I think he said
he could lead us outside.
What I said was...
we're on the same side!
I spent the past ten years
working in the media world,
using it to gather
intelligence on you.
[Romantic Music]
I found partners who hated you
and your friends...
as much as I did.
But most importantly,
I studied the martial arts
of three continents.
So that one day...
I could meet you,
avenge my father...
And end your reign
of terror... myself.
I don't think so.
You see,
no one has ever seen you
in combat.
You always hid behind
your sumo and your boxer.
Why, since you entered
this country,
you never even threw
a single punch.
No, my dear.
I know women.
And you...
are harmless.
That's exactly what
I wanted you to think.
Li! Hey, Li! We're comin'!
Hang on! Li!
Li, let me at 'im!
[Gas Hissing]
Son of a...
It's gas!
- Oh, no!
- We gotta get out of here!
Come on!
[Coughing, Groaning]
[Wicked Laughter]
Attention, all boats.
Stand by at attack vector Alpha.
I'll take out the enemy radar.
Capt. Sawada,
I'm counting on you.
We'll be there, Colonel.
Just save some for us.
Formation attack.
Coming about.
[Continues Indistinct]
Some people choose
to find a 'tude
Some things are worth
fighting for
[Continues Indistinct]
What's wrong with that?
[Laughter On Video]
Subject's muscle mass increased by 71%.
- [Blanka Screams]
- Subject's muscle mass increased by 72%.
[Blanka Groaning]
Subject's muscle mass
increased by 73%.
[Screaming, Groaning Continue]
[Dolphins Screeching]
[Martin Luther King]
I have a dream that one day...
[People Laughing]
Attention, Quartermaster.
Uniforms and sidearms will be
issued to the Shadaloo Tong...
by 1800 hours.
- Move it, fat boy! Come on!
- Move it, cutie.
- Don't try anything.
- [Vega] I told you...
we couldn't trust them.
Vega, be civil.
They worked so hard to get here.
Let them enjoy
their ringside seats.
You know, it's interesting.
Had you worked together...
instead of against each other,
you might have been successful.
[Cammy] Colonel, we're approaching
Bison's outer radar perimeter.
Prepare for stealth mode.
- On line.
- Systems ready.
Three, two, one! Now!
Enemy radar position
coming up, sir.
It's going down.
Something very strange
on the river.
Two of our radar stations
just went down.
Go to visual.
System alert. Radar stations
two and three are off-line.
Confirm and rectify.
Radar stations are off-line.
Activate sonar detectors
and filter all inputs.
Colonel, someone's picked us up.
Stealth mode detected.
- They're jamming us!
- System failure!
Stealth mode compromised, sir.
We're busted. They know we're coming.
Alert! Alert!
Intruder craft detected
at base of radar station seven.
Prepare for attack mode.
Intruder at radar station seven.
- [Alarm Beeping]
- Yellow alert!
Off-duty personnel,
report at once to shift commanders.
Yellow alert.
Perimeter guns.
This is Gen. Bison.
Our defenses are locked onto you.
Identify yourself.
This is the collection agency,
Your ass is six months overdue...
and it's mine.
- Guile? Alive!
- Of course!
His death was designed
to ingratiate his spies with you.
I guess you didn't see that,
did you?
This time, Colonel,
you die for real.
Attention. Attention.
Stand clear.
Stand clear.
And now, Miss Zang,
you will witness firsthand
the power...
that you spurned.
- Mine field ahead!
- Proximity sensors!
Oh, great.
Colonel, they have a radar lock.
Thirty seconds, we're gonna be swimmin'.
In that case,
let's get an early start.
[Bison Laughing]
Game... over!
[Computer] Intruder destroyed.
Intruder destroyed.
Stand down from yellow alert.
Repair crews to radar stations
one through six.
- Estimated time to repair radar net...
- What are you doing?
I have a dream today.
Nothing, eh?
Security, this is...
[Groaning, Growling]
So you think you're smart, eh?
Let's see how smart you are
when you're not breathing.
[Alarm Beeping]
[Dhalsim Groaning]
[Native Language]
- [Snorts]
- [Shouting]
[Men Laughing]
Come on!
Yes, yes, Madam Secretary,
I gave him the orders.
The man's impossible.
No, no, no.
I stopped him from taking
all the soldiers.
The rest of the army's...
back at the base.
[Cat Meowing]
T. Hawk, what's with the headband?
It's Cherokee.
I wear it for good luck in battle.
You should have brought
three of them.
Colonel, are you all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
- Is the rope secure?
- Almost.
[Water Splashing]
Four years of R.O.T.C.
For this shit.
[Vanocur] It is now only moments from
the deadline set by Gen. M. Bison...
for the delivery
of the $20 billion ransom
he has demanded for the hostages.
Reports from Shadaloo itself
are unclear,
and GNT correspondent
Chun-Li Zang...
has been reported missing,
along with her news crew.
- We are hopeful for a peaceful
solution to this crisis,
- [Alarm Beeping]
And we appeal to Gen. Bison
in the name of humanity.
For GNT, this is Sander Vanocur.
Dee Jay, has the A. N...
deposited the 20 billion
in my Swiss bank?
Hell, no, General.
Sir, we've set electronic
and visual markers.
E.T.A. landing zone:
Roger, Lieutenant.
I'll be ready.
If I'm alive.
Open the hostage chamber.
Hostage pit open.
Stand clear.
Stand clear.
Hostage pit open.
Charlie! It's me.
I-I'm your friend, William.
- Huh?
- William.
What have they done to you?
What have they done to me?
Help me!
- Help me.
- I'll help you.
Help me!
[Cocks Gun]
I'll help you.
And then... I'll make them pay.
You have no right.
The world thought very little of you,
my dear guests.
Too little to pay the pittance
I asked for.
Too little to even mount
a decent rescue attempt.
Move out!
Your masters at the A. N...
call me a wild beast.
So be it!
You do not deserve...
the martial dignity
of a firing squad, no!
You shall be killed
by a wild beast!
A beast...
born of my own genius!
Raise the incubation chamber!
[Dhalsim] It was Bison's scientists
who warped his body.
I did what I could to preserve his mind,
to keep him human.
You call this human?
His mind retains the capacity for good.
Yes, and for evil as well.
Will you kill him
because he has difficulty
understanding the difference?
[Computer Voice]
Stand clear.
Incubation chamber
arriving to command room level.
The signal!
The real monster's upstairs!
He expects to see his creation.
Stand clear.
Incubation chamber arriving.
Behold, the face of your destruction...
and of my victory.
Shoot the hostages!
[Computer] Hostage pit closing.
Stand clear. Stand clear.
"Fat boy" this!
Go! Go!
[Alarm Beeping]
Red alert! Red alert!
All personnel,
report to battle stations.
Battle stations.
Report to battle stations at once.
You wouldn't happen to have
our passports handy, would you?
Get the hostages free, and I'll get you
two first-class tickets home, okay?
Go, cowards!
- [Growls]
- Ah-sah!
Come on. Go!
All that's left is revenge.
Find Ken and Ryu,
and get the hostages out.
Hey! Good-bye!
We'll do what we can.
Okay. Go.
Attention, all troopers.
Remember that maintaining
your health plan benefits
is your responsibility.
- Mainframe link has been severed.
- Where's Blanka?
[Dee Jay] I don't know, General.
Everything's crossing!
He's fighting my men!
The cerebral programming!
Quick, patch it in here!
Now! Keep movin'!
Let's rock and roll!
Hup, hup!
Watch your step!
Then defeat is a possibility.
Very well.
We shall face it together, Dee Jay,
- [Man Screaming]
- With the stoicism...
of the true warrior.
Battle systems are compromised.
Estimated repair time:
- Sayonara, buddy.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Where are you going, man?
- What are you, nuts?
Ryu, Guile put a gun to our head.
We did our part.
The real soldiers are here,
and we're gone.
What's wrong with you? There's people
fighting upstairs, dying upstairs.
And they get paid for it.
We don't!
Now, you comin' with me or not?
Maybe before this place blows up,
we can find something worthwhile.
No, thanks. I already found
something worthwhile.
- I don't understand.
- I know you don't.
Stop! Stop!
We're pushing back the enemy,
but there's skirmishes on every level.
Still no sign of Bison.
He's probably hiding.
What do I have
to fear from you?
Worker ants scurrying about...
with their pitiful weapons,
afraid of the purity...
of unarmed combat.
Come out from behind
the curtain, wizard!
Let's see how pure
your combat really is.
Come on!
Sir, no!
That's exactly what he wants!
No, T. Hawk.
That's what we both want.
Am I right, Bison?
Are you man enough
to fight with me?
Anyone who opposes me
will be destroyed.
- Colonel, you can't!
- Oh, yes, I can.
Just take the hostages out.
If I'm not topside
in 15 minutes,
evacuate without me,
both of you.
- That's an order!
- Move out!
That's right, men.
Move out!
Troopers, out!
Throw the enemy
into the sea!
Leave us!
You have made me a happy man.
Next, I'll make you a dead one.
- You'll have to do better than that.
- Okay.
That's for Charlie.
That's for his soldiers.
Come on!
The hostages, where are they?
Now then,
where are those hostages?
C.Q., this is Guile.
Cammy here.
Colonel, are you all right?
I'm okay.
I'm just half dead.
- And Bison?
- All dead.
- What's the situation?
- Fighting in every corridor, sir.
What about our reserves?
Have they arrived yet?
Sawada's reinforcements
are still hitting the beachhead.
They have their hands full
with the enemy outside the fortress.
I'm afraid it could
still go either way.
Well, it's gonna go our way.
Have our troops
on the upper levels...
fall back and turn on the enemy.
- We'll trap the forces outside
between both of our columns.
- We'll do it, Colonel.
But we still haven't
found the hostages yet.
I've got some volunteers on it.
And maybe they'll be...
able to help.
Colonel, I didn't read the last part.
Colonel, are you there?
Ah, yes!
My mama didn't raise no fool, baby.
Oh, man!
I should have stayed at Microsoft.
[Computer] All personnel,
report to battle stations.
Battle stations.
Report to battle stations at once.
There's gotta be somethin'.
Where's the old front door?
Ryu, where're you goin'?
Ryu, hang a "U," amigo!
You're walking into a trap!
Ryu, get outta there!
- Vega!
- Where were we?
You were losing.
No weapon, Bison.
What happened to the purity
of unarmed combat?
This is merely
superconductor electromagnetism.
Surely you've heard of it.
It levitates bullet trains
from Tokyo to Osaka.
It levitates my desk,
where I ride
the saddle of the world.
And it levitates...
Something wrong, Colonel?
You come here prepared
to fight a madman,
and instead
you found a god?
Here you go, Sagat.
I owe you.
If I hadn't met you,
I might've become you.
M. Bison wrote:You still refuse
to accept... my godhood?
Keep your own God!
In fact, this might be
a good time to pray to him.
For I beheld Satan,
and he fell from heaven...
like lightning!
Bison, you're off the air!
[Computer] Warning! Warning!
Energy field unstable.
This'll take one minute.
Excuse me.
Maybe less.
We're the rescue team.
We'll take you to safety.
Head up the stairs.
Please hurry.
[T. Hawk]
Come on! Get goin'!
This way. Hurry! Go! Come on!
Honda, come on!
Sorry, man.
Can't play no more.
Coward, come back!
Dee Jay!
Superconductor field meltdown.
Evacuate. All personnel, proceed to
main entrance level immediately.
Dee Jay!
Why you out of uniform?
The enemies of peace and freedom
are at our walls.
Are you totally demented, man?
Our boss is the enemy
of freedom and peace.
These people have come
from all over the world to stop him.
If you're smart,
you'll save your own ass.
Gen. Bison,
he's a bad guy?
If you know this,
then why do you serve him?
Because he paid me
a freakin' fortune, you moron!
You got... paid?
- [Computer] Warning! Warning!
- Charlie!
- Backup superconductor
suppressors have failed.
- Charlie!
Superconductor field meltdown
will occur in 60 seconds.
Evacuate at once.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Keep moving out towards the daylight.
- This way!
Don't panic.
- Pigtails?
- Look who's talking!
Come on!
This way!
Sealing blast doors now.
Hey, this way!
Fifty seconds until
superconductor field meltdown.
Evacuate at once.
Jamaica, here I come.
Here we come.
Forty seconds
until total meltdown.
Come on!
Get goin'! Get goin'!
Evacuate at once.
We have to go.
This whole place is gonna go up.
I can't go back, my friend.
Not like this.
Don't worry.
He will not be alone.
I must atone for my part
in this evil.
- You said you did nothing.
- If good men do nothing,
that is evil enough.
Ten seconds
to superconductor...
Ten, nine,
eight, seven, six,
five, four, three,
two, one.
Where's Guile?
Guile didn't make it.
Hey, easy man.
That's me severance pay.
Severance pay!
Come on.
I can help you out here.
He was a brave man.
A true warrior.
He told us to leave.
We did the right thing.
Well, it still feels
pretty wrong to me.
Lieutenant, make a note.
- I need a vacation.
- Yes, sir.
Uh, tear gas, sir...
on the way out.
[Laughing, Cheering]
- I guess you've earned
your passports back.
- You can hang onto them.
Somebody's gonna have to help
put this country back together.
Maybe a couple of hustlers
can help.
- Ever think of, uh, enlisting?
- No, no, no, no.
[Sagat Laughing]
Col. Guile?
How 'bout that interview...
for my network?
But only if you...
wear that dress.
[Chun-Li Laughs]
Good morning, Shadaloo!
Bonjour, guten Tag!
Now, it's time once again for
the "Good Morning, Shadaloo" pop quiz.
Do you know what it says on the bottom
of bottles in Bison's army?
Angh! Answer:
It says open other end.
I'm so alone
And I cry and cry
Too many tears
Just like a child who's born
But became
a prisoner of my fears
People come, people go
They are hiding in shadows
Hiding in dreams
Moving in, moving out
They are nothing but strangers
Strangers who see it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
My broken heart is soggy
again and again
I never know what
the reason may be
It just doesn't end
There's a sound in the air
while the time goes on slipping
Slipping away
In the air it is everywhere
Nowhere, somewhere
So I'm gonna have to say
Why, tell me why
I don't ever
wanna say good-bye
[D.J.] How do you know
in this man's, uh, pardon me,
in this person's international army,
if you're in a good unit? It's simple!
The C.O. is English, the cook is French,
the mechanic is German,
the paymaster is Swiss, and the cute
nurse in the infirmary is Swedish.
And how do you know
if you're in a bad unit?
Well, the C.O. is German, the cook
is English, the mechanic is Italian,
the paymaster is French, and
the cute nurse in the infirmary
is a Bulgarian named Boris.
Whatever country slapped
those blue pants on your butt,
this next one was a hit
wherever you're from!
Straight to my feet
To my feet, yeah
Straight to my feet
Straight to my feet
To my feet, yeah
Straight to my feet
The music makes me wanna jump
Straight to my feet
To my feet
Everybody get ready
We gotta take this thing
to another level
That other level
Get your hands in the air
Now let's count it down
Y'all get ready
And be smooth with it
All right, here we go
Three, two, one now sing
Give the girl that phone
Get off that phone
Give the girl that phone
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh yeah
But it's the type of phone
you kick all the time
Prime to the Hammer
Give my tube a prime
Oh, my, I get the feelin' that
All night long
Then I hit it
Dancin' up a storm
I swore then the party's on
The party keeps kickin'
'til the break of dawn
Party's on the easy
Say what, say what
We're taking it
Straight to my feet
Yeah, sing that, G-man
Straight to my feet
When you feel the beat
you've got to move your feet
Dancin' all night long
Straight to my feet
Straight to my feet
Just dip to the beat
Straight to my feet
Just dip to the beat
I'm dipping
Dipping, dipping
Straight to my feet
Just dip to the beat
Straight to my feet
[D.J.] How many Bison troopers
does it take to change a light bulb?
Angh! Fifty-one.
One to change the bulb...
the other fifty to steal it
from a 7-Eleven!
Got a million of them!
See that
Catch a vision
Feel me in the eyes of venicky
High above the plains
but still remains icky
Livin' now no matter
how fly there is no scene
I am not a supreme being
Free me
'Cause many minds to satisfy
is why they never rest
Fightin' for their life and
fightin' holes in their chest
Merely scavengers
But no one who'll confess
But in time
They will all undress
Livin' in the lowest
and trapped without sex
Trappin' as a bell means
it's way underground
No calculating
'cause it's all round
Round like a bigot
An old school calligra-phy
So figure that's a joke
for to see
Far greater than the eye
so can fly high
He used to have his act all clean
now they got a tax on me
But that's if you can find me
We'll be trippin' with
the scene with the bad "D"
He being cause of calamities
and even Amity...
Ville Horror
Ville Horror
warning cliffhanger:
[Computer Voice Droning Slowly]
Solar batteries recharging.
Solar batteries recharging.
One solar battery on line.
[Computer Voice At Normal Speed]
One solar battery on line.
Attempting to activate system.
System activated.
Good morning, Gen. Bison.
What is your menu choice for today?

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This reminds me of the time you copy and pasted the Star Wars script and replaced the characters' names with ZB members lol.
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