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Post by Tech097 on Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:15 am

HELLO ALL, Tech's here and back with some PCL3 related news.

My dearest PCL3 members, I apologize for a lack of any public announcements regarding the finale of PCL3 "Season 1" (I forget what we agreed on at the moment for the different segmented parts of PCL3's name, sorry ^-^") BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU, it's happening.

With Summer soon coming to a close and ZB opening I feel it's about time we get started on wrapping up what this whole game's been leading up to.

OF COURSE HOWEVER I have a few questions, for you, the players. Basically, I want to know if all of you players are just ready to for participating for the finale, and if so, how much you are. Optimally I'm hoping to hear all of you are ready to post whenever and wherever you are so we can get through this and experience all of the plans we have so far for this.

SO here are my questions for you, feel free to reply via PM, Steam, or even posting a reply in this topic!

1. How often do you think you can reply? Basically the same as last time but just wondering to see how much has changed for you guys, and to see how much we can move through this.

2. Do you want to skip the finale? If you skip the finale cuz you're too busy and don't wanna delay it for everyone you can just as freely watch what happens cuz I'm sure you're all gonna enjoy what happens in it!

3. Any last minute character requests? Basically if you want to do a specific something in the game that involves another player (or maybe your own character by themself?), you should bring it to my attention now so I can decide whether or not it's OK, or if it's too distracting atm cuz of the finale.

4. Do you have suggestions? IE, anything you'd like to see IN the finale? I know that there is nothing in particular that anyone KNOWS about it but I worry that the fact that there IS scripted story to it that it will feel extremely linear. SO if you have suggestions who knows, maybe Sam and I can put it in if it fits in well enough!

5. Are you still gonna be in the game? Basically the finale is the perfect point to leave PCL3 if you're too busy to play. Whether you leave before the finale starts or after it is, it'd be very nice to have a heads up notice.


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