It's XD Face!

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It's XD Face!

Post by ZommyO on Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:23 am

You know, ZommyO! It's been months since my last visit on The3Eds and when I finally returned and heard of the sister site, of course I had to join. It's been crazy these last few months, having to finish a documentary for my school's 100th anniversary, finishing up my Junior Year of high school as well, (seriously, though, SENIOR YEAR BABY!), becoming part of my school's Thespians, going on a vacation in the mountains of Georgia and in sunny California! It's my dream to be a filmmaker so that trip in Los Angeles meant a lot to me. I may not promise but I will try to visit on a regular basis, like back in the old days of T3E. The site holds a lot of nostalgia and the fact that it's still up and running after seven years amazes me. My account over there turned five years old back in January and I wish I was online at the time to get that experience, but alas for I was in the middle of working on my biggest video project so far. It's been fun these last couple of months and this summer has to be my best! I hope to see everyone around here post some new and old threads.

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Re: It's XD Face!

Post by SkullDevil on Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:42 am


*runs towards Zommy and hugs him tight*

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